Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Divine Body Piercing "Stapled posters"

Local tattoo, body piercing and clothing retailer, Divine, wanted to promote their fall body piercing special. They wanted to communicate it with low budget with an impactful result. A poster series was created using the outdoor medium as part of the message. Posters were stapled along community posting areas along Calgary's trendy 17th Avenue, where the store is located. Posters featured attractive, youthful models appealing to Divine's young and trendy target market. Staples were applied onto the model's image, thus making the staples appear to be the body piercings of the ad. Copy highlighted the offer clearly and in a playful manner. A fascinating, amusing and memorable stop-you-in-your-tracks ambient campaign that generated curiosity as people stopped to figured out why these posters had been so heavily stapled and once they figured it out they would want to visit the store with a unique and quirky personality, as shown through its advertising. And maybe get a body piercing.

Agency: Watermark Advertising Design Calgary, Canada.