Monday, October 23, 2006

Liechtenstein museum “Fresco campaign”

During the last years, the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna was totally restored. Now, after the re-opening, it offers not only europes largest baroque art collection, but also wonderful baroque frescos on the ceilings. These beautiful ceiling frescos make the Museum special and different to all other museums in Vienna- Because the ceiling frescos are such an important selling argument for the museum, the advertising agency decided to bring these frescos to "public ceilings" - on places, where they could reach as many tourists as possible: At vienna airport, an overdimensional 850 squaremetres ceiling fresco was mounted on the ceiling of the arrivals hall, to welcome the incoming guests, 7 Million people in a year. In airport Taxis, the frescos were mounted on the car ceiling to give Viennese tourists already on their way to the city a good impression of these beautiful and exquisite examples of baroque craftmanship. As additional advertising medium they produced umbrellas for Viennese tourists, which show a fresco on the inside.

Agency: Wien Nord Pilz, Austria.