Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Previous campaigns had failed to make an impact, so they decided to really target their communications and use an idea that could not be ignored. The Conservatory excels in the creativity of their flower arrangements. They can develop entire themes and create all sorts of objects out of flowers. So Personal chose to target businesses that place a very high value on creativity. And what businesses in London could be more creative than those that excelled in one of the world's toughest creative competitions, the D&AD? Within a few days of the awards they sent the winners flowers with a congratulatory note. They went one step further than simply sending a bouquet (which would have been nice in itself). To showcase The Conservatory's skills in the best way possible, they sent them a D&AD pencil like the one they had won - only this one was made out of flowers. The accompanying letter asked the prospects whether their office reception really lived up to their high creative standards. It went on to explain how they could also tie arrangements into their creative presentations and pitches.

Agency: Personal, United Kingdom.