Monday, July 16, 2007

Sony Playstation "God of War II"

Sony Playstation introduces God of War II, an action-adventure game that focus heavily on combat and puzzle-solving. The story is based on Greek mythology. Kratos, the protagonist, is a destructive, arnoral, self-centred, and spitful chararcter, driven constantly by his rage and pride. He seeks revenge on the gods for deceiving him and the deaths of his family. They introduces the Pandora's Box, a mythical object salvaged from the sea. A spell has been cast over the box to keep all evils of mankind and the fury of Kratos from ever seeing the light of day. To discover the utmost secret, the destined one must pay close attention to the clues that are left behind the gods. The only way to open the box is to blind the Cyclops. Penetrate the eye-shaped hole to pull the top off. Strangely enough, there is nothing inside apart from a scroll that promises a godly gift for those who pray to Poseidon, the god who quards his secrets with water. Wet the scroll and the second hint, look to the gods and you will find your treasure buried under mount Olympus, reveals itself. Remove the faux bottem decorated with Mount Olympus to find the demo CD of God of War II.

Agency: 20:20 London, United Kingdom.

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