Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Prostate Cancer Research Foundation.

Men do not appreciate how common prostate cancer is and that it's killing one man every hour in the UK. Even worse, research clearly showed that men were reluctant to talk about their health or confront serious medical issues. Their core objectives were as follows: 1. To raise awareness of Prostate Cancer in the UK. 2. To de-stigmatise the disease and hopefully raise money for research. 3. To achieve the maximum effect with the minimum budget possible. 4. To raise the profile of the charity to generate wider interest. 5. To build the donor database for future fundraising. They created a 40" film which showed the late comedian Bob Monkhouse talking about losing his battle with prostate cancer, in his own inimitable style. This was launched through a PR campaign, generating unprecedented levels of national coverage appearing in national media continuously for a week. In addition, an extensive integrated campaign was developed, negotiating partnerships with national press, outdoor media and cinema to reach as many people as possible with their core campaign message. A retail partnership with WH Smith meant that badges were sold in every store in the UK. The campaign was supported virally and online. In addition, DM targeted high value potential donors. They created over £3million worth of media value with a budget of less than £50,000. An estimated 83% of the UK population has seen the campaign an average of 4 times. The PCRF annual income from June 2007 is forecast to show an increase of 70% year on year. Traffic to the website increased by 500%. There has been a 228% increase in the charity's donor base including a rise in the number of regularly monthly donors by 580%. Mark Emberton MD, the Charity's medical advisor, commented: "I have seen a marked increase in patients being tested and diagnosed with the disease as a consequence of having seen the Bob Campaign". Gold Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: The Communications Agency London, United Kingdom.