Wednesday, August 09, 2006

SONY “Textual harassment”

SONY is a key player in the compact digital camera market, and aims to maintain its strong foothold with the release of the T7, an ultra-slim digital camera (the slimmest on the market) that is packed with sophistication, particularly where design is concerned. How to announce the T7's coming to distributors in French retail (FNAC, Carrefour, Auchan ...), normally informed with just a simple technical list of selling points ? They create false demands to obtain true commands. The distributors who are NEVER used to receiving letters from consumers, are suddenly much in demand and fall into the trap of an implacable communication: the textual harassment. Letters from false consumers take the place of a classical product's list of selling points and translate these consumers' expectations: they want an ideal camera. Every letter has been printed in 1000 ex. (Some of its printed in press system) Every envelope has been manually written.

Agency: Proximity BBDO, France.