Monday, August 14, 2006

Corbis “Keyword Mania”

Corbis wanted to communicate the great strides it had made in the area of conceptual keywording, which empowers their clients to search for and find imagery that actually expands their creative options. Secondary objectives were to: - Increase the visibility of Corbis' fashion-forward, progressive imagery. - Claim and defend the overall concept of keywording, thus supporting and strengthening Corbis' global advertising campaign. - Create a new "reason to call" thousands of clients and potential clients at an opportune time. Once the Keyword Mania concept was in place, mandatories were agreed upon for actually creating the game. It needed to: - Drive people to the Corbis Website. - Involve interacting with Corbis imagery. - Feature conceptual keywords. - Be simple to enter. - Include an interactive, hands-on version to entice the world's elite creatives to play. The physical and virtual versions of the game were invented - using a Universal Man the central visual. From that visual starting point flowed print ads, emails, shirts, towels, restaurant placemats, "Keyword Maniacs," and "illustrated" rickshaws and MINI Coopers.

Agency: Remerinc Seattle, U.S.A.