Monday, May 26, 2008

New Zealand Book Council.

New Zealand Book Council challenged them to find a fun new way to make books more accessible and to encourage people to fall in love with reading again. Because these days people spend far too much time in front of their computers working and not enough time reading books. They figured that surely people would rather read books than do work. So they decided to disquise books as every day office computer documents. And made them available to everyone on the internet. You can now read classics by Virginia Wolfe through to modern shortstories by local New Zealand authors on any computer, at any time, without anyone ever knowing. Especially at work, where your boss and co-workers will be none-the-wiser. And all these books are housed at our equally disquised online library, wich is designed to look idential to a Windows desktop. The initial responce has been overwhelming. More books are being uploaded by the day, and many authors and publication houses have expressed interest in helping the cause and reminding people of the joy and excitement that books can provide. And thankfully the backlash from bosses is yet to start. So make yourself look busy. Start reading a book.

Check the site here:
  • Read at work

  • Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand.