Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rumah Siput Foundation "Clap activated light Box"

To mark world deaf awareness day the Rumah Siput Foundation (An NGO that works with hearing impaired) wanted to invite people to a musical and spread the message that the most important thing that deaf children really need is a little encouragement and apprecation. To make people connect emotionally and demonstrate the power of their appreciation they wanted the idea to revolve around what is missing from the lives of these children - sound. They took a regular light box and made it sound sensitive. The sound of clapping has the power to light up the box and the children's faces. This simple innovative use of media across top malls in Jakarta helped the small NGO reach thousands of upper middle class urbanites and caught them by surprise in a location where they least expected a public service message. Return on investment was very high. It's a huge achievement for a deaf child to play music but at tenth of the cost of a single print insertion, they had a venue overflowing with an applauding audience.

Agency: JWT Jakarta, Indonesia.