Sunday, July 06, 2008

China Organization Against Domestic Violence.

This direct campaign was done for the China Organization Against Domestic Violence. Thousands of people across China recieved the thought provoking letter in the mail. But this was no ordinary letter. It calls on people to contact their helpline to uncover domestic violence. The campaign was in the form of an envelope. When opening the envelope what looks like a streak of blood is immediately visible, it seems to be leaking out the envelope. Once the envelope is open is unveils a three-dimensional image of a sitting room where an incident of domestic violence is taking place. The setting of the scene, a household, is familiar to everuyone. But the horror of the scene will hopefully shock people into uncorvering the truth to stop the violence. In the three months since the campaign has been running the "China Organization Against Domestic Violence" has received 69% more calls for help. Additionally, "China Organization Against Domestic Violence" investigated specific reports of domstic violence and stopped 76 incidents.

Agency: DDB Shanghai, China.