Sunday, July 06, 2008

China Women Development Foundation "Water"

West China has a very dry and arid land with extreme water shortage making the living conditiYuan is good enough to build a water tank, wich can help a family stop living under water shortage, there is no significant help as there is no cultural background of charity in China. So they needed to remind people of money donation to build water tanks for the people in dry regions of West China, in order to improve their living conditions. Keeping the principles of physics and impactful creativity in mind, a special donation x was designed and kept at major public areas (restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings) for the charity campaign. Every time a coin is inserted the water level increases and when sufficient number of coins inserted the water begins to flow out through the pipe and drops on the thirsty mouth of the kid (dummy). This device is an active demonstration of the ultimate benefit of the small help. It grabs the attention of public, appeals to their curiosity and gets them actively involved in donation.

Agency: Mccann HealthCare Shanghai, China.