Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sony “24 the game”

The '24' TV series, starring Keifer Sutherland is the biggest show in Fox's history. Adrenaline, intrigue, and plot twists make it compelling viewing. They needed to launch the computer game spin-off, '24: The Game' by staying true to the Show's values. However, the game goes one step further, allowing YOU to take on the role of a Counter Terrorist Agent. They needed a marketing strategy that placed YOU at the centre and gave lots of reasons to believe YOU were on a secret mission. A truly integrated plotline (email, SMS, personalised internet films and DM) where Jack Bauer requests YOUR help in finding clues to locate Kim Bauer, Jack's kidnapped daughter. They created multiple touchpoints which placed you in the action and only through your efforts, did you progress to the next stage of the campaign. Genuine consumer interaction and 24-style problem-solving resulted in a personalised mission with a hidden reward when you completed the campaign mission - a free playable demo of the game.

Agency: 20:20 London, United Kingdom.