Monday, March 26, 2007

Bridgestone "Tyre Swing"

Bridgestone wanted to herald the production of their 35 millionth tyre and talk about the success of the factory and its commitment to New Zealand. Rather than focusing on the massive contribution to industry and employment that this milestone signalled, They instead decided to highlight the special place that tyres have in New Zealanders' memories and lives. Pretty much everyone in New Zealand has a fond recollection of swinging on a tyre swing, strung up in a field. To announce that the Firestone factory in New Zealand had manufactured its 35 millionth tyre, they sent out a 'limited edition' tyre swing to 40 editors, radio DJs and other media types who generally have plenty of other things to talk about than the success of Firestone and their 35 million tyres.

Agency: TEQUILA\Auckland, New Zealand.