Thursday, March 29, 2007

Koo Strawberry Jam.

What goes great with bread? Koo Strawberry Jam. They needed to find a new way to communicate this to consumers at point-of-purchase. Research identified that consumers are most likely to buy a spread for their bread when they are in-store. They touch the fresh, soft bread and imagine how good it’s going to taste with loads of butter and jam. They brought that thought to life by using the bread tag that was previously colourless and boring. By turning it into a slice of bread, spread thick with Koo Strawberry Jam, and adding the Koo brand logo on the back. Consumers were prompted to make their jam purchase there and then. They also took their bread tags home with them, which served as a further reminder of of Koo Jams.

Agency: FCB Impact, Johannesburg, South Africa.