Monday, August 04, 2008

Classic&New Recording Studio "Rain"

The sending of direct marketing was adressed to those firms which can get profit from the services of an audio postproduction studio: advertising agencies, advertising and television producers, design studios, etc. The addressee received a closed box with his/her name and the Classic&New logo on. When opening it, he/she found a sound hall in miniature, with an opaque, crumpled piece of onionskin paper. As the addressee unfolded the piece of paper, it produced a very peculiar sound, he/she would later relate. Once completely unfolded, one could see the word "rain" and the Classic&New logo on the paper. The addressee realized the sound he/she heard when unfolding the paer is the sound of falling rain. On the other side of the paper, the web address for contacts was printed.

Agency: CIA Communication Barcelona, Spain.