Friday, August 24, 2007

The Stella Artois "Gold Room"

The brief was to create an innovative brand experience for the screening of a classic film, and its audience recruitment. With the brand playing an integral role, the communication had to maintain Stella Artois Screen's global strategy- "Fanatical about film." Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" was chosen with to weeks to recruit the core target in a cool and original way. The creative idea was to take the famous bar scene from the film and recreate it exactly, with the consumer stepping into the role played by Jack nicholson in the film. Both recruiters on the street, and the characters inside, were presented in formal dress and spoke in a manner that was true to the scary film. The experience was very disconcerting for the passers-by, whom on entering the bar, were confronted by an actor who maintained the role of Lloyd, the bartender from the film. Lloyd acted as if he was from 1920's and served Stella Artois, where Jack Nicholson's character had been served Bourbon. The small groups of quest would drink a beer at the bar while Lloyd would purposely try to make them uneasy. A 1929's waltz played in the background to up the sinister feel inside the bar. To get their invitation to the screening, quest had to follow precisely planned steps: Follow Lloyd's directions to room 237, leave their contact details with an attendant, then register online in their own time, at witch point they would finally discover what the invitation was for and the details. The screening took place shortly after at brisbane's old museum wich was also refitted to look like film's Outlook Hotel. The event was a succes with a 205% over-subscription for the screening. Huge talkability was generated in the area, attracting attention from local press. The free PR of the first day contributed to a surge on the second night. After two busy nights, the bar was closed as miysteriously as it had opened.

Agency: Lowe Hunt Sydney, Australia.