Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tuco and Manuco "The Last Party"

Tuco and Manuco, famous comic characters of the ecuadorean theatre were having their goodbye show named "La Ultima Farra" (The Last Party). Tuco and Manuco are two elders that enjoy making funny remarks about the country's situation from their unique perspective as dirty old men. The show uses the concept of a party as an excuse to involve the audience. The request was to create an invitation for the show's opening addressed to important opinion leaders in the community. In order to involve the audience they used a bottle that's commonly used for strong sugar cane liquor, the traditional drink in ecuadorean parties. In the label they put a humorous copy and the sinopsis of the play. But the special detail was inside the bottle. There, they put a picture of Tuco and Manuco printed in a transparant paper, that showed them swimming in alchohol, wich as the play states, keeps the body well preserved. In the opening the teatre was completely sold out.

Agency: Norlop JWT Guayaquil, Ecuador.