Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pedestrian Memorial "Zebra crossing"

Create awareness for the fact that a great number of automotive victims aren't inside a car. Paint a list of dead people (like a war memorial) on the asphalt simulating the white stripes of a zebra crossing. On the sidewalks, a claim said: 1/4 of the victims of all automotive accidents are pedestrians. By using the media as the message, and the message as the media, they reached pedestrians (that in other occassions may also be driving a car), exacly on the spot where the problem exists. The iniative exceeded the initial expectations and objectives as it become the ending ceremony for the "Safe Street Week" by gaining a political dimension, having the cityhall goverment held a press-conference before national tv, at the location of one of the special zebra crossings.

Agency: DraftFCB Lisbon, Portugal.