Thursday, May 10, 2007

Premiere "HDTV"

The pay-tv channel Premiere wanted to promote their innovative HDTV-Technology on a small budget. The example: the high-glass wildlife documentations. The significantly higher resolution gives the viewer a feeling of being extremly close to the action. They started in the biggest zoos and aquariums with a suprising guerilla campaign. The attached and adhesive film at the glazed enclosures, wich visualized the tv-format 16:9 using the design of Premiere. Behind it were the animals - close enough to grab - live and in colour. As real as the wildlife documentations in HDTV on Premiere. In the biggest zoos alone almost 10.000 visitors per day got a picture of how real wildlife documentations can be on the Premiere with HDTV. Information flyers of Premiere were waiting at the exit. The flyers generated a responce of 16%.

Agency: DDB Dusseldorf, Germany.