Monday, April 28, 2008

Adidas "The Left Right Project"

To celebrate and pay tribute to the iconic Superstar, adidas Originals produced a pair of giant, SUV-size exact replicas, down to the fire-hose shoe laces. Housed in separate studios, we invited friends and artists at Surface2Air (NYC) and Upper Playground (San Francisco) to celebrate their own originality by customizing these huge sneakers – the right shoe for the East Coast and the left shoe for the West Coast. For three days, the artists’ collectives (Surface2Air featuring Gordon Hull, Daniel Jackson and Alexia Stamatiou and Upper Playground featuring Sam Flores) went to work. Upon completion, the shoes were put on a flat bed truck and the two parties set off to meet in Venice Beach, CA. The showdown on the boardwalk drew L.A.’s finest “originals.”

Agency: 180 Los Angeles, USA.
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