Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nando's "Flame"

To leverage the hype of the Olympic Torch Relay and reinforce the Nando's brand personality of cheekiness and irreverence, by harping on the "connection" between the Olympic Flame and its Flame-grilled chicken. Nando's introduced its own "Flame of Glory" torch and announched the "arrival" of the flame prior to the actual day. It's mascot ran with the flame on the day of the actual event along with "supporters" on, not the official route, but the route of youth hangouts and popular joints. Posters at Nando's proclaimed itself as the "Home of the flame" and even had a wall of Flame photos. Tremendous coverage in the local press, with one newspaper even starting that the "Olympic Torch" arrived at Nando's! The cockerel run was the talk of the town and photographs clicked on mobiles were shared across the city. Customers walking in days after the run also mentioned the event.

Agency: Asha Advertising & Marketing Agency LLC, Oman.