Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Goodyear "RunOnFlat"

People don't have so much knowledge about "run on flat tyres" in Turkey. Drivers need to be aware that "run on flat tyres" resist the effects of deflation. It's always easier to gain the attention of current customers than the others. That's why they wanted to place special dart boards in the waiting rooms of Good Year shops where customers spend sometime. They produced a dart board with "run on flat tyre" surface. Many customers throw darts to the board, then see the logo and read their claim at the bottom of the board when they pick the darts up: "The first tyre to keep going after a puncture". The board is not damaged. It's just like "run on flat tyres". Customers were curious about it. The dart board attracted their attention. many of them played dart game and found out the USP of the product while having fun.

Agency: Grey Istanbul, Turkey.