Friday, January 04, 2008

Clearasil "The cover pimple!"

Young people are getting more and more skeptical when it comes to classical advertising. Unfortunately, especially in this target group Clearasil faces a decrease in likeability. With the help of their specially created pimple sticker, they turn the front page of a hip youth magazine into a Clearasil ad. Possibly the smallest tag-on ad ever done. The branding and the web address can only be seen on the reverse side of the sticker to create the teaser reveal effect. Added value: Kids get a little sticker as a gimmick that they can put on their own pictures to create even more buzz. The traffic on the Clearasil website increased significantly. Because of strong demand and succes they will produce little bags with extra pimple stickers. They are planned to be used as promotional giveaways or on product promotions.

Agency: Euro RSCG Düsseldorf Germany.