Monday, January 07, 2008

Die Tageszeuitung "Airtime hi-jacking"

More and more cameras observe pedestrians in public. Supposed to use only for security reasons, the material could be all-purpose. Bringing out the critical position on public monitoring of the newspaper. Giving information: walkers will be recorded in many unexpected places. An invasion of personal privacy. THE CONSIDERATION. How to reach this goal with a small media budget? How to get the attention of the target group and how to awaken a critical public opinion? Media became an important part of the creative idea. To specify: the media solution constituted the idea. Hi-jacking airtime on tv to spread the sustainable message and to break in on the target group. THE IMPLEMENTATION. How is this marketable? The way is to hi-jack features famous places and cities across five continents with a daily view of 60 broadcast cameras on more than 40 tv-channels. But how to hi-jack Look via google maps for the locations of the cameras. Choose one or more. Find this camera. A street promotion team with a banner arranged in front of it. Staying there for a period, being recorded and later broadcasted on tv. Just as well on the internet! More than 30 million contacts in Germany on tv and a multiply of contacts on the internet with a media budget of 0,- Euro! Selective tv channels in more than 200 countries spread the message for free and hit more than 2 billion viewers. THE ADDENDUM. Big brother is watching. Some of the street promotion teams were arrested-and set freet after a short time.

Watch the video here:
  • Airtime hi-jacking

  • Agency: What is that!?, Germany.