Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scream TV "Get scared more often"

There are more television channels than ever in Canada. And new ones are emerging faster than ever before, Scream TV offers thrills. But unfortunately, they don't have anything close to the advertising dollars that the big networks have. The weeks approaching Halloween seemed ideal to create a city wide phenomenon for 50,000 dollar. For three weeks in September, they had a ghost "haunt" an old Victorian house in Toronto Thousands of onlookers saw her appear at various times throughout the night. She was illuminated by a holographic projector and programmed to perform forty different actions such as walking, looking down or skipping from window to window. The buzz crew further after they: Released online videos of the ghost from both inside and outside the house. Laked the house's adress. Started online discussions revolving around the ghost's background. In early October, the ghost revealed a message: "Get scared more often, Scream TV". People saw her raise this sign at the house, in a television spot, and online. For only 50,000 dollar, over 2,1 million people discovered the campaign online, while millions more read about it in major Canadian publications like the National Post and thousands saw her first-hand at the house. For a station that had a hard time getting subscribers, Scream TV saw an immediate subscription increase of 29%.

Agency: ZIG Toronto, Canada.