Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mini "Splash Diving World Champion"

A few years ago a 300-year-old traditional sport from Hawaii established itself in Europe as the "Splash Diving World Championship" The reigning World Champion has created a jump known as the "Open L-Vis". Good enough reason to get him together with the Mini Cabrio Always Open. Mini Switserland invited the reigning World Champion to jump into the Mini cabrio using the splash-dive style that he is best at: from a height of 10 meters. The stunt was captured on video and photos, and distributed virally. Onlookers at the event each received a card inviting them to try the splash-dive themeselves or take a test spin in the Mini Cabrio. An emerging cult was integrated into the world of the Mini and laid claim to before any other automaker could get a look in. The claim was demonstrated in a unique manner.

Agency: Lowe Zurich, Switzerland.