Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lion "Streetball"

Lion was the sponsor of several basketball tournaments, and research showed a growth in obesity. So Nestle wanted a promotion that would link confectionery with sport. Sales rose by 4.1% and the volume per month of the 3 month campaign rose by 54%. The concept had been successfully matched with the target audience and even led to requests to purchase the LION streetball. In turn, the ball manufacturer Spalding was extremely satisfied with the exposure of their brand. With an investment of 45,000 Euro Nestle LION streetball was a fully integrated brand activation success.

Agency: Punta Linea Communications, Belgium.

Nokia-Vodafone "Bola del Mundo"

This high-impact Nokia 9300 Terminal promotion was to encourage real-time mobile mail on any Vodafone telephone or device by senior members of large companies. A personalised kit was delivered to them with an exclusive invitation to try the latest technology & service across five continents. 93% remembered the promotion and 21% took up the contract. 56% were interested in the service and this was achieved with a budget of less than 90,000 Euro.

Agency: Euro RSCG 4D - Barcelona, Spain.

KLM "The Flight of the Golden Container"

The task was to find the route of the Golden Container as it flew around the world by answering 20 multiple choice questions from direct mailings, SMS, email or trade journals. Each question provided a coordinate for the world map. Once the route was completed, prizes could be won, by guessing the weight. Over 12,500 people participated and the overall response rate was 47.2%. By December turnover for AF KLM Air Cargo had risen by 7%. This success was achieved with a budget of just over 200,000 Euro and enormous enthusiasm in the cargo business was generated by getting clients to play a game.

Agency: Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Adidas "Boost your jump"

To illustrate the added boost new Adidas A3 basketball shoes give you, trashcans in the street of Paris were hung several meters off the ground - at the height of basketball rims.

Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France.

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  • Furby "Reserve your Furby"

    Following the introduction of many electronic games into the competitive Spanish market during 2005, the aim was to re-launch Furby through a variety of mediums during the months preceding Christmas, to make it the most popular toy of the year.

    Agency: Grupo Tumaco, Spain.

    Pampero "Go Do Pampero Toolkit"

    Pampero, a Venezuelan brand of rum only had active markets in Belgium, Italy, Spain & Venezuela, so the campaign was to persuade Diageo Rum Brand Managers globally to launch Pampero in their market.

    Agency: Strategem Integrated Communications, Ireland.

    Novib "Bag + Catalogue"

    The postcard read: I bought you a goat. But I gave it to someone who needs it more than you. By giving a goat to someone in a developing country instead of a Christmas present to a friend or family, Novib Unwrapped unveiled a new way of a fundraising 9,600 addresses obtained from people who had both sent and received post cards and together with substantial free radio, newspaper, magazine and internet advertising the campaign was a huge success, exceeding the targets in several areas.

    Agency: Junior Advertising, The Netherlands.

    Guinness Regional Sponsorship mailing Jazz.

    Guinness had traditionally been the major sponsor of regional festivals and events throughout Ireland, however over-time, the sponsorships had become fragmented and lacking in any sense of uniformity or support for the Key Brand Benefit of Knowing What Matters. With competition from other beer brands, a unified sponsorship strategy based on the relevant festival had to be developed that would offer consumers the opportunity to win prizes of tickets and trips to specific Guinness sponsored events.

    Agency: Proximity, Dublin.

    McCann-Erickson "The ideas wrapped in the white wrap"

    Since Greeks enjoy at least 3 coffees a day, the concept of Ideacookies was that ideas wrapped in individually packed cookies would make their day. McCann Erickson Athens wanted to outdo itself in creativity and innovation by getting marketing personnel to sample a cookie then phone or visit the website to see what the agency could do for them.

    Agency: McCann-Erickson Athens, Greece.

    Burger King.

    These are actual Xbox games made for Burger King: Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin and Sneak King.

    Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA.

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  • Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    Its my party.

    How better to advertise a party suply store than with a suprise? With the help of a subway exhaust vent and some streamers, they gave passerby's a unique gift (Timing the subway schedule to run only when pedestrians walked by proved to be a much lager challenge).

    Agency: GJP Advertising + Design, Canada.

    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    Flooded City Info Maps.

    In order to show the potential effects of global warming they invented a new medium: In international coastal cities they took the city maps that show the city immersed in the sea. The arrows point to where you"ll stand when the ice caps have melted.

    Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg, Germany.

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    Crumpled mailer.

    Crumpled mailing for a ironing service.

    Agency: BJL Manchester, United Kingdom.

    Greek restaurant.

    A nice calling card for a Greek restaurant.

    Agency: FCB, Cape Town.

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    7up Stand Up Comedy Tour.

    Create a unique direct mailing to invite the press at the opening of the 7up Stand Up Comedy Tour. Make the press people experience what the 7up Stand Up Comedy Tour is all about - a serious laughing session. Branded balloons were filled with helium and sent to journalists. The balloons were accompanied by a card that advised inhaling and then reading a text out loud. This instantly turned them into people to be laughted at - just like 7up's stand up comedians.

    Agency: Graffiti BBDO, Romania.

    Monday, May 21, 2007

    Thermo petition.

    Blank petitions in support of the Renewable Energy Bill were inserted into plastic wrapped magazines, complete with a red pen that served as a thermometer. The public was urged to gather more signatures, send them back to WWF and help reduce global warming.

    Agency: BBDO Guerrero Ortega, The Philippines.

    Sunday, May 20, 2007

    PSP "Killzone"

    To promote the launch of Killzone for PSP, they created an eye-catching adshel. A red laser light moved over the adshel surface, just like a sniper's rifle laser target. When people got in the way of the laser, they became "victims", literally in the Killzone.

    Agency: TBWA Whybin, Auckland.

    Salvation Army "Hangers"

    They put inside fitting rooms of brand's stores a plotter with a image of an image of a needy person that has an extended arm as if he were begging. stuck to his hand, they put a plastic finger that resembles a hanger. The idea is that when you go to the fitting room to try clothes, you hang the outfit you're wearing on this finger. In this way you are being invited to donate your old clothes to those need. optionally, you can leave your used outfit in the store wich will be handed over to the Salvation Army.

    Agency: JWT, Argentina.

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Real Hip Hop.

    Real Hip Hop. Black music all the way.

    Agency: Dentsu, São Paulo, Brazil.

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  • Al Sawy Cultural Centre "Lungs-Mat"

    Al Sawy Cultural Centre is the oasis in the middle of Cairo driving the city's cultural & social pulse. This anti-smoking doormat is sent to homes and left to the residents to convert into ambient media. Their audience received a cylindical package from sawi Cultural Wheel wich reads "Be part of our anti-smoking campaign". Inside the package is a doormat with clean lungs printed on it and a smal no smoking sign. With time the lungs get dirty.

    Agency: JWT Cairo, Egypt.

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  • Ché "Short story competition"

    Mini-flyer book to promote the Che short story competition. Write and win 1,750 Euro worth of books.

    Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp, Belgium.

    Munich Table.

    This mailing was published in addition to the Christmas campaign 2007 of the charity Munich Table. By using extraordinary pictures the campaign shows what 177.000 people in Munich really wish for during the holiday season: staple foods. In reference to the pictures of the campaign, food prepared as Christmas decoration was put into a vacumm bag and delivered to Munich's restaurant owners and publishing companies. therewith it was possible to increase the awareness of Munich's restaurant owners, respectively the press, and to acquire support and food donations.

    Agency: Serviceplan Dritte Werbeagentur Munich, Germany.

    Thursday, May 17, 2007


    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, South Africa.

    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    Benefic Treadmill.

    Under the concept TRAINING FOR THE 10K DOES NOT ONLY HELP YOU, they developed a fixed running belt that was installed in one of the corners with most traffic, both vehicles and pedertrians, of the city of Buenos Aires. The objective was to add up the miles ran by all the participants during 10 days. The total accumulated miles were later converted into a donation for the Unicef. This was a huge motivator that had everyone wanting to run. Celebrities and personalities from different sectors like sports, entertainment, music, modeling and the vice president of the nation himself showed up to make their contribution running several miles. At the end of the 10 days, 1053 kilometers had been accumulated. Nike donated 35 US dollar for each kilometer.

    Agency: BBDO Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Monday, May 14, 2007

    Panamericana School of Art and Design "Want to learn how?"

    Alternative Media for the Panamericana School of Art and Design.

    Agency: AlmapBBDO, Brasil.

    Shelf Sculpture Biennale.

    Three-Dimensional plastic posters with molded shelves were placed in high traffic areas around the city. Pessers-by were invited to place everyday objects on the shelves, creating an ever-changing sculpture installation for the Vancouver Sculpture Biennale.

    Agency: Rethink, Canada.

    Gerd George "My models"

    ...An everyday face is not an everyday face in photography. You are morelikely to find my models in a telephone book than in a modeling agency. I look for them on the streets, in the subways, shopping malls and coffee shops. Because I love authentic faces. You too? Then you will love my photographs. "Gerd George".

    Agency: Serviceplan Munchen/Hamburg, Germany.

    Football "Joy for all"

    Invitation for the exhibit "Futebol - alegria de todos" (Football - Joy for all) held at Leo Burnett Sao Paulo, as part of the project Fotografia na Leo (Photography at Leo). The vernissage also had a panel composed of renowned journalists and professionals related to the sport. The invitation - a poster in the 0,66 x 0,96 cm format - was sent crumbled up, imitating a soccer ball inside a box.

    Agency: Leo Burnett, Brasil.

    Australia's biggest Toy Sale.

    To promote Australia's biggest Toy Sale, they dressed actors up as "big toys" and attached oversized hands to their costumors. Once the big toys started performing, it created the ilussion thayt the hands were actually playing with them.

    Agency: The Campaign Palace, Australia.

    Mailer Unravels A Truth.

    CrisesLine wanted to dispel the misconception that it takes a lot of effort, and training, to become volunteers and to save lives. The idea, using "string and button" envelopes, adressed the brief with a clear and powerful demonstration. By untying the string, recipients free the "neck" from a possible suicide vitim, driving home the point that saving lives is easy. And that every one has the ability to do so.

    Agency: JWT Singapore, Singapore.

    A magical gathering awaits you.

    Design an invitation card to invite doctors to a new product launch meeting whose theme was "magic". They designed a magical card with an invisible invitation message to provoke curiosity. One needs to follow the instructions at the back and heat the invitation with fire to decode the message written with milk. The writing appears on the invitation. Voilá, an interactive yet magical invitation that matched perfectly with the meeting theme and provided 100% attendance.

    Agency: Grey Worldwide, Turkey.

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  • Sunday, May 13, 2007

    AOK "Smoker's lung"

    The AOK (German largest health insurance company) wants to help smokers quit smoking. A lung made of glass, filled with cigarette stubs, demonstrates what a smokers lung looks like. Smokers who thereupon want to break their addiction can inform themeselves online on how to quit smoking succesfully. The smoker's glass lung will be installed in front of and inside public buildings such as the AOK headquarters, hospitals, swimming pools and restaurants in cities in Southern Germany. Alone in the first day, the 6th of December 2006, 6,167 people visit the link (i-will-become-a-non-smoker) on the AOK website.

    Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Dritte Werbeagentur, Germany.

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  • Academic Hospital UMC Utrecht.

    Challenge student to visit the medical recruitment site at (working in the operation room). Door stickers transformed school doors into Operating Room entrances. What's going on behind that door? The porthole windows let pupils take a peek at the most spectacular operation. Want to see how things really work in our Operation Room? Visit After the campaign, many more visitors came to the recruitment site, and the number of job applications increased.

    Agency: Steam Advertising, The Netherlands.

    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    Nando’s Chicken 4/20.

    Smak approached Nando’s with the idea of capitalizing on 4/20 (the yearly cannabis culture celebration) in downtown Vancouver. Wearing cheeky brand messages and carrying pseudo-protest signs, the smak team blitzed the scene, distributing fresh chicken burgers, thousands of vouchers and branded matchbooks to a captive audience with the munchies.

    Agency: Smak Vancouver, Canada.

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  • Stopwatch Widget.

    The standing joke in creative departments is that everyone misplaces the tool they most often need: their stopwatch. So Pirate Radio and Television knew exactly what to give out for the holidays. Creatives opened the box to find nothing inside but a message telling them to go to to get a stopwatch that would be impossible to lose. Once they downloaded the widget, creatives could use the 60, 30, and 15 second countdown modes, link to the Pirate Radio and Television website, or go to a special "tips" section packed with advice from industry veterans on improving scripts. With the stopwatch widget, Pirate Radio and Television will have a hand in assisting every script developed in creative departments.

    Agency: TAXI Toronto, Canada.

    Pedestrian Memorial "Zebra crossing"

    Create awareness for the fact that a great number of automotive victims aren't inside a car. Paint a list of dead people (like a war memorial) on the asphalt simulating the white stripes of a zebra crossing. On the sidewalks, a claim said: 1/4 of the victims of all automotive accidents are pedestrians. By using the media as the message, and the message as the media, they reached pedestrians (that in other occassions may also be driving a car), exacly on the spot where the problem exists. The iniative exceeded the initial expectations and objectives as it become the ending ceremony for the "Safe Street Week" by gaining a political dimension, having the cityhall goverment held a press-conference before national tv, at the location of one of the special zebra crossings.

    Agency: DraftFCB Lisbon, Portugal.