Friday, September 29, 2006

ORKIN "Pest control services"

To prompt a call to ORKIN (pest control services), miniature police tape was placed at locations where pests enter buildings.


HeartCare Dominicana “Turn to live”

The brief was to raise money for a program that brings doctors from abroad to perform heart surgery on poor childeren. In 2004, only 70 out of the 600 childeren in the wait list were able to have it done. The budget was USD$ 600. 2x2 inch picture of the wait listed childeren were inserted in banking statements, a turn ticket was stapled to the upper part of the picture. In the backside, you would find a message from the child’s parent. Only 4 days after implementation more than USD$ 62,00,500 were raised. In 2005 more than twice the amount of childeren were able to recieve the operation.

Agency: Pagés BBDO, Dominican Republic.

Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer can be hereditary. If you have any family history make sure that you go for regular check-ups.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, India.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Broadway Tech Centre.

A promotional piece for a high tech office development packaged like a piece of computer hardware. The circuit board and chips are actually a scale model of the site and buildings. The brochure is designed like a users guide.

Agency: Rethink, Canada.

Alteco "Sticky"

Alteco 110 ia relatively unknown brand of quick-drying adhesie in the market, with low consumer confidence in its bonding properties. Thus in order to increase awareness of this brand, a life-sized sticker of the product was produced, wich was then placed on various doors at different strategic occasions that had high human traffic. The accompanying sticker was a modification of the usual “PULL” signage, wich instead now said “PULL HARDER”.

Agency: Ad Planet Group, Signapore.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trees “Stick and save”

Finance/HR Directors were sent a direct mailer containing stickers that have the message “please use both sides and recycle after” When placed on a photocopier, the message is inprinted on every paper that passed through the machine. Included in the mailer was a letter that explains how recycling can cut company costs and an invitation for a recycling workshop.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur.

Toronto hemp company.

Nice namecard for Toronto hemp company. Cannabis lifestyle store.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Head & Shoulders "Duster"

A guerilla campaign for Head & Shoulders Shampoo in Educational Institutions.


Valentine's Day.

A Guerilla Idea at the Unicenter Shopping Mall in Buenos Aires, to remember Valentine's Day.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Anlene “For strong bones”

A chair’s buffer was painted with white color, to make it looks more like human pakbons. The Anlene logo and tagline were putted on the top of the bone.

Agency: FCB, Indonesia.


A completly burned car appeared in the centre of Milan. The sound was still on in a high volume. Near the car were being distributed Kenwood flyers. Stickers with the text: " Cant stop me" were all around the city of Milan.

Agency: G-Com, Italy.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gold’s Gym.

Grocery divider weighted with lead.

Agency: Rethink, Canada.

Guinness "Dartboard"

The best in-bar advertising ever. Cheers!

Agency: BBDO, New York.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vivianne's Studio "Ballet classes"

Self promotional poster for ballet lessons.


Yamaha Motorcycles.

Does it feel good? Continue to one of our retailers.


Monday, September 18, 2006

World First Aid Day.

To raise awareness around World First Aid Day,was placed a life size realistic decals of a person at the bottom stairwells in Cineplex Odeon Theatres in Toronto. At first, the decal generates the impression that someone is lying down unconscious and needs help, but as you get closer, you'll realize it's just a picture on the floor with a call to visit for a first aid training course.

Agency: Downtown Partners Toronto, Canada.


Tandoo is a training company which supports people to start and maintaine succesfilm relationship. Using matchbooks as their medium (give away) they would target people at bars and nightclubs. Tagline: Making relationships work.

Agency: Lemon Scented Tea Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Chase responce “Fire Box”

In case of burning deadlines, break glass. Direct mail consist a fire box with a visiting card.

Agency: ICLP, Dubai.

Eatalica “Caution wet floor”

An ambient media exercise to promote Eatalica burgers. The copy on the board says: ” Ogling at the burger may involuntarily cause drooling which may in turn lead to a wet floor. Issued for your safety by the management of Eatalica burgers.


Fitness company.

This shopping bag shows a 20 kilo handweigt (printed on both sides). They're given away to customers when purchasing fitness accessories or nutritional supplements at the Fitness Company fitness centres.

Agency: Publicis, Germany.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Jingle Mingle.

They create a direct mail piece to draw attention of ad agencies and production firms producers to jingle producer “Jingle Mingle”. A child keyboard was used to symbolize the poor qualified jingles. A card was attached on the handle of the keyboard that says “if you only want to have fun “making music is a childs game”. If you want a better sound than this, call us!” The dimensional mailing were sent to 45 advertising agencies and production firms producers.

Agency: TEQUILA\Instanbul.

Gun Control Alliance.

This is how easy it is to get hold of a gun in South Africa. Insert coin below. Your donation will go to the Gun Control Alliance, for a gun-free South Africa.

Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa.

Please don’t speed near schools.

Simple white flyers were placed on cars near schools with this image printed on the reverse.


Kevins tattoos.

They designed a stamp of the logo in a way that mimics a desirable Celtic tattoo with a phone number for the nearest branch. They then passed it over to the area’s trendiest nightclub where a stamp is compulsory for entry. Before the end of the evening the target market were not only aware of where to go, but they were branded - literally.

Agency: Jupitor Drawing Room, New Zealand.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Glitter "In the Glitter"

Glitter is a retail chain selling fashion jewellery and accessories for young girls. In a short time the chain has grown into 150 stores in four countries. The company now needs to implement its strategy among a young, relatively uninterested workforce - primarily women aged 20-25. Disguised as a fun scrapbook, The Glitter Book focuses on serious subjects such as business concept, range strategy, customer analysis, service level, theft management, competitor description and other important issues.

Agency: GOSS Gothenburg, Sweden.

Gay & Lesbian Film Festival "Closet"

There are very few people who aren’t familiar with the phrase “coming out of the closet.” This worked perfectly with achained up closet and the sign that read, “Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Opening Soon.” Another dimension was added to the idea by looping a recording of random knocking and screaming and playing it from within the closet. This created the illusion that actual people were trapped within, and were dying to come out. It also generated lots of smiles. The closet was in the foyer of the cinema complex for two weeks prior to the opening of the festival, thereby reaching cinema lovers directly.

Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa.

Thai massage.

Nice use of ambient media for this traditional thai massage place.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Malteser “One-Man stretcher”

Malteser Worldwide Relief voluntary recruitment in Frankfurt.


Sony “24 the game”

The '24' TV series, starring Keifer Sutherland is the biggest show in Fox's history. Adrenaline, intrigue, and plot twists make it compelling viewing. They needed to launch the computer game spin-off, '24: The Game' by staying true to the Show's values. However, the game goes one step further, allowing YOU to take on the role of a Counter Terrorist Agent. They needed a marketing strategy that placed YOU at the centre and gave lots of reasons to believe YOU were on a secret mission. A truly integrated plotline (email, SMS, personalised internet films and DM) where Jack Bauer requests YOUR help in finding clues to locate Kim Bauer, Jack's kidnapped daughter. They created multiple touchpoints which placed you in the action and only through your efforts, did you progress to the next stage of the campaign. Genuine consumer interaction and 24-style problem-solving resulted in a personalised mission with a hidden reward when you completed the campaign mission - a free playable demo of the game.

Agency: 20:20 London, United Kingdom.

Kao Attack “Magnet Board”

Attack. One scoop for amazing results.

Agency: Dentsu Malaysia.


Rez, a design shop in Liverpool stuck these bus ticket origami instructions on the back of bus seats. The "project is all about daily rituals and interacting with the viewer, with the intention leaving a smile on their faces by giving them something to do while they commute to work or study on the bus."


A guerilla campaign for the Instituto Nacional del Tórax, a medical institute from Chile. It's about therapy for smokers with a high degree of addiction. This kind of smokers will gather the 'cigarette' from the street, in this case it's a ad for the Tórax institute.

Agency: Perfil BTL Santiago, Chile.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

KitKat "Have a break, Have a KitKat"

Lifestrong wristband, the yellow wristband, the orange wristband, respect 2 all wristband. KitKat introduces the? Have a break, Have a KitKat wristband.

Agency: PPGH/JWT Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Sao Paulo Creative Club "Winner vs Envious"

T-shirt given to gold medal winners at the Sao Paulo Creative Club Annual Festival.



A little fabric makes a big diffrence.

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden.

Piaggio Scooter “Bounce-che-cazzo”

Agency: Jung von Matt, Zürich.

Redess Jóvenes “Test yourself”

Guerilla campaign from Redess Jóvenes, the Peruvian National Network of Education, Sexual Health and Development for Youth. Passengers got a adhesive while not knowing. Later on they would discover the adhesive with the following message “You can carry the HIV-virus without knowing. Test yourself.”

Agency: DDB, Lima.

Fox "Press-Kit "Surface"

To promote in the press the TV Premiere of the Surface series from FOX channel in Portugal, a kit was sent containing an envelope with a confidential text where the national population was alerted to the fact that something was submerging from the depths of the ocean. Inside that envelope came proof of that fact (photographs from the series), also requesting the population to gather proofs to confirm that facts by using the provided underwater camera as well as diving glasses.

Agency: Torke Lisbon, Portugal.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Piano lessons.

Self promotional poster for piano lessons.

Agency: Ogilvy Comunicacao, Brasil.

Nokia “Silence booth”

This summer Nokia was visibly and physically present at music festivals across the Netherlands and Belgium. At the selected festivals Nokia installed a silence booth, which offered festival goers a place and a moment of silence while making a phone call. In the booth, users could use their own phones or try out Nokia 3250.

Agency: Mountview, The Netherlands.

Fast photo.

Campaign well directed taking advantage of the police cameras set to catch speeding drivers. An outdoor was placed facing the camera so that when someone broke the law would receive at home a police fine with the photo of the infraction containing the outdoor saying "Cheaper photos: 0,09€"


Society for Human Rights “Stoning to death”

Ambient media action for the International Society for Human Rights in Germany. This could be your arm. If you lived in Sudan for example. And a Sharia-trial thinks you committed adultery. The ICFM fights for a global ban on stonings. Help us.
Information under

Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany.