Monday, March 31, 2008

The Father Bob Maguire Foundation "Bins"

To raise awareness Father Bob's Foundation and their service of providing food for the homeless, they created three stickers. A knife, a fork and a call to action.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Australia.

Calgary Farmers' Market "Apples"

Shortly after the first snowfall of the season, fresh apples were hung from bare trees in high traffic pedestrian areas demonstrating the availability of fresh produce throughout the winter at Galgary Farmers' Market.

Agency: Wax Calgary, Canada.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Könecke "The delightful German sausage calender"

Increasing the sales of Koenecke (a famous German meat and sausage producer) in the wintertime. Creating a special advent calender for premium customers made of a salami sausage that has 24 indications on it. to cut off a delicious slice every day.

Agency: BUTTER Berlin, Germany.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Schick Quattro "Zamboni"

The superior quality of Schick Quattro blades ensures exeptional smoothness. To demonstrate this, they fitted a Zamboni machine (ice resurfacer) at Sydney's largest ice arena with a giant Schick Quattro razor.

Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

La Cambre Architecture "Business card"

La Cambre Architecture founded in 1927, La Cambre is the best-known architecture school in belgium. It offers its students courses based on "creation" and "practice". They prposed a new business card that best defines this school in the most unique way. The new business card of this school now takes the form of a Lego brick. This new business card perfectly represents La Chambre- Architecture where the "imagination" and "construction" are at the base of the formation of the young architects.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Belgium.

Glad "Newspaper"

From July 28th to August 11th 2007, the newspaper New Express Daily, one of the local newspapers with the largest circulation, was put in Glad Zipper bag and sold at news stalls. Headline. Glad, fresh everyday.

Agency: Invisible, China.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Uprising Breads Bakery "Business card"

Really nice business card for Uprising Breads Bakery.

Agency: Rethink Communications, Canada.

Lexus GS Series "Hideaways"

A direct mailer to Lexus prospects in the style of a 1950s adventure book. A Compendium Of Dens, Hideaways And Other Thinking to connect with its audience of men in their 50s on an emotional level and underpin the GS’ positioning as "the antidote to the modern chaotic world".

Agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge, United Kingdom.

Millets "Pop−Up Tents"

An insert that pops up when the page is opened to draw people's attention to Millets' range of tents.

Agency: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, United Kingdom.

K-fee "Speed bumps"

To not just talk about how awake k-fee makes you feel, but convince people of it in a direct, straightforward way. The concept was to make speed bumps as if they were k-fee cans left in the street. To do this, some speed bumps were decorated with stickers to give the impression that they were k-fee cans jutting out of the road. Everyone who's ever driven over a speed bump to fast knows what it feels like: it really shakes you and then you are more wide awake and pay more attention to the road. This is also the effect you get after drinking k-fee: you'll be wide awake within seconds.

Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany.

Weider-Tera Fitness Club "Expander"

The expander was sent to members with a message 'don't give up halfway.'

Agency: Guangdong Advertising Beijing, China.

EnBW "Earth plug"

EnWB is building the first geothermal power station in Baden-Württernberg, making the company a pioneer in this field. This unsual idea aims at making people aware of EnWB commitment. The concept is simple: Silvery grey traffic bollards were combined with stickers on the ground. This gave the impression of a giant, highly realistic, three-dimensional plugs, wich locked as if they were growing out of the ground.

Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany.

Boecker Public Health "Coffins"

Boecker's presence in the hotel, restaurant and café market was low. They asked them to create a direct mailer to be sent to this specific target group. Their solution had to reflect the attitude of Boecker towards pests - the ruthlessness with which they go about doing their job. They started sending coffins, for the pests that will soon need a burial. The number of calls that Boecker received went up by 37% in a fortnight's time. Many even called for additional coffins. (They never really figured why, but they did oblige.) As for the pasts, they never remained.

Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE.
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  • Aseema Charitable Trust "Bookmark"

    Aseema is an NGO that runs an education centre for underprivileged children. The task was to encourage people to donate books for Aseema's education centre. The "Reading Boy" Bookmark was placed in numerous books at the Strand Bookstore - a leading bookstore in Mumbai. The bookmark featured a child lying down and apparently reading the very book held by a person at the bookstore. When anyone flipped through a book, at the bookstore, they were reminded that underprivileged children love to read too.

    Agency: TBWA\ Mumbai, India.

    Amnesty International "Doors"

    Volunteers stand up for prisoners of conscience by writing letters with appeals to stop persecutions. The goal was to convince that letters will be delivered directly to regime authorities. The placed the door by the postbox. When someone was sending a letter, it looked like one was throwing it directly at the door of regime authority representative. Over 41,000 letters were written in Poland. The doubled the results from the previous year. The doors had a free media presence in Poland's most popular TV news programme and were used as a background of photos of clebrities.

    Agency: DDB Warsaw, Poland.
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  • Varta "Key card"

    Once the key card, wich has a sticker of two #4 Varta Batteries on it, is inserted, the entire room's electricity power will be turned on, creating this magical effect as if the whole room's electricity came from those two little but powerful batteries.

    Agency: Publicis, Taiwan.

    CaFée mit Herz "The Grim Reaper"

    The campaign aimed to make people aware of the life-threatening situation faced by people who live on the streets, especially in wintertime. In the winter, they dressed a mannequin as the Grim Reaper and placed it next to a road sign. The mannequin held onto the sign in such a way that the sign ended up looking like a scythe. "Death" wore a sign around his neck, saying: "Every winter, people die on the streets. Help us stop this from happening". This radical idea really grabbed people's attention and illustrated the shockingly simple correlation between the streets and death

    Agency: Philipp and Keuntje, Germany.

    Thursday, March 13, 2008


    Directdaily goes on a holiday untill 25 March.

    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    Women’s Aid Organisation "Take Back Your Words"

    A poster campaign to encourage people to speak up against female abuse. The posters, portraying women of different ages, were covered in post−it notes bearing insults, and viewers were urged to ‘take back the abusive words’ by removing the post−it notes and signing the petition on the back.

    Agency: Arc Worldwide, Malaysia.

    Mercedes−Benz "Luxury Mailer"

    A high quality mailer in the form of a leather embossed envelope with a chrome plate inner.

    Agency: Claydon Heeley, United Kingdom.

    DMAM "The Greatest Show on Earth"

    A call−for−entries for the DMAM Awards based on the theme of the Awards "The Greatest Show On Earth". The entry kit came in the form of a bright, showy circus caravan, personalised to each agency. From miniature model circus animals right down to a mini whip on the letter, the pack challenged agencies to round up their troupe, whip their entries into shape and put on their best act at the upcoming awards show.

    Agency: Arc Worldwide, Malaysia.

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    March Against the Terrorist Organization FARC "Hostages"

    February 4th is March Against the Terrorist Organization FARC. They took the bus stop posters and chained three (3) iconic characters of the Colombian conflict posing as hostages. A woman who reminisced Ingrid Betancourt (hostage for nine years now), a policeman and a farmer, all tied to the posters that held a message as follows: “Since you can do it, go out and march against FARC.”

    Agency: Sancho BBDO, Colombia.

    World Health Organization "Glass"

    A child's well-being is highly dependent on both the quality and the availability of water. But in Afro-Asian areas, the solution is not put enough attention. WHO's "drinking water project" is encouraging people to give out financial help to these areas. By doing campaign in Beijing and give out the glasses. Print a skinny child image on the glass, as the water filed the glass, by the effect of refraction, the skinny child began getting "fat" visually shows the theme of "Having water to drink, he will improve" therefore encourage people to donate money. People's attention were drawed to the drinking water issue and within one day, among all the campaign site all toegether donated RMB 153200,-

    Agency: JWT Beijing, China.

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Downtown Gyms "Hands"

    To raise awareness of Downtown Gyms, 3D plastic hands closed in a fist were placed on metal street arches as if they were bent by an exeptional strenght.

    Agency: DDB Milan, Italy.

    Lux "Strengthen your hair"

    Lux Strenght deep restoratives series hopes to plublicize its selling point of increasing hair strenght by innovated outdoor media. Hang the specially made plait from the outdoor billboards and link them to outdoor elevator as fot glass cleaning. Use the elavator with the plait. In the quarter of its publication, it attracted a lot of people to stop, watch and shoot pictures. Websites and newspapers gave very positive reports. According to the relevant research, 95,3% of the interviewers have very strong memory of the product selling points.

    Agency: JWT Beijing, China.

    Pizza Kingdom "Escalator"

    Pizza Kingdom restaurant promoted a new pizza with more chess, but didn't attract more customers to try due to low ATL publicizing. The escalator in front of the pizza restaurant is used as a new media. While the steps of the escalator is getting apart, it shows the cheese "drawn out". So the idea of "extra cheese" comes out vividily. Meanwhile, as the consumers step on the escalator, they will be sent to Pizza Kingdom, the restaurant come on, get your pizza right now! Many customers start to have interest on the escalator and try to buy new pizza. In one month, the restaurant customer increased by 70% and revenue increased 53%.

    Agency: JWT Beijing, China.

    Lux "Super smooth"

    Lux shower foam planned to use an effective creative and media plan for letting customers to accept its selling point of super smooth with a very easy mood. By projecting a woman's back onto ice, it made people feels that they're skating on her skin. Skaters expressed that it is very interesting and they have a brand new knowing of the product. Websites and newspapers gave many reports. According to the survey, up-to 98% skaters and passers-by have very strong memory of the product selling points.

    Agency: JWT Beijing, China.

    Clorets "Endless freshness"

    To communicate Clorets's refreshing effect from its unique chlorophyll. To display a huge pack of Calosene at the end of the greenery podium. This is to create the effect that the refreshly cool feeling of the greenery is coming out the Calosene. It attraccts the pedestrian and to strenghten the brand awareness as well as its sales around the same period of time.

    Agency: JWT Beijing, China.

    Sunday, March 09, 2008

    APFR "It's easy to save somebody"

    A lot of people in Romania are witnessing scenes of domestic voilence. They strongly disapprove such behaviour, but they don't take the trouble to report the incidents to the police. They had to ask them to help us decrease the number of incidents without making them leave their comfort zone. They made a hot line where people can report the incidents and they communicated how simple and at hand is to help decrease the number of domestic violence incidents. The campaign increased dramatically the number of calls reporting incidents up to 100% (vs monthly average).

    Agency: Mccann Erickson, Romania.

    Basketball Team Düsseldorf Magics "Trashbasket"

    Guerilla-promotion for the season start of the Basketball Team Düsseldorf Magics. So everyone could be part of the magic and pratice the 3-Pointer.

    Agency: MO&O Werbeagentur Düsseldorf, Germany.

    USPS Personalized Stamps "Frames"

    The USPS offers personalized stamps, you can make a picture of just about anything into a stamp. Using this border, customized stamps will be advertised a variety of ways by placement of the white stamp border.

    Agency: Creative Circus Atlanta, USA.

    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    WWF "Target practice"

    In order to create an awareness about the animal extinction led by humans persecution over 500 years. This stunt was based in one simple question: What if it was the other way around? This resulted in transforming a subway passageway into an animal shooting range. Only, this time the animals had the guns. Each gun was equipped with an infrared sensor that triggered the sound of gunfire as someone walked by.

    Agency: Ogilvy Beijing, China.

    Koleston Hair Care Products.

    The billboard is strategically positioned on a promenade. It has an unspoiled view of the sea and skyline behind it. The woman's hair is die-cut in the billboard to capture the variations of Koleston Naturals colors through the different phase of the day and night.

    Agency: H&C-Leo Burnett Beirut, Lebanon.

    Honda "Plant this letter"

    Honda wanted to raise the green credentials of its lawn and garden equipment and to remind avid gardeners that Honsa's range of products its not only good for their garden, it's also good for the environment. Their solution was a letter that grows. They printed the direct mail piece on specially made paper containing seeds that could be planted to grow flowers. When consumers planted the letter, it became a permanent (and lovely) part of their garden. In terms of a gardening message, "Honda" literally became part of their garden. In terms of a green message, they went beyond "Carbon Neutral" and created an idea that would ultimately remove carbon from the atmosphere. Both the envelope and paper were 100% recycled, acid free and environmentally friendly. They even used green friendly inks.

    Agency: Inferno London, United Kingdom.

    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Special K "Shop Window"

    Kellogg's Cereals: Drop a jeans size.

    Agency H&C-Leo Burnett Beirut.

    Ambient Super Attak Flex Gel.

    Henkel launches new Super Attak Flex Gel: an innovative formule that unites the power of classic super Attak to elasticity, resistance to atmospheric agents and greater density. The new product thus allows one to glue flexible materials, to use it outside and to apply it in any position without dribbling. To underline the plusses of the new glue, stickers shaped like a tube of Super Attak Flex Gel will be applied in different railway stations on the ceilings and walls in correspondence to the supporting cables or stuctures of clocks, arrivals and departures boards, information boards. The heavy hanging objects will seem to be held up by the power of the new product.

    Agency: DDB Milan, Italy.

    Australia Post "Personalised stamp"

    Australia Post's online Personalised Post service via bus stop posters.

    Agency: M&C Saatchi Melbourne Australia.

    Monday, March 03, 2008

    Pedigree "powered pups"

    Pedigree wanted to create awareness of their Pedigree Puppy Formula and the nutritious energy it will give small dogs and puppies. Because the dogs are smaller, they generally use a dog-flap in the door and don't need to be let out. They placed dog-flap decals on the front door of houses around the suburbs. However, instead of placing them at the bottem of the door were dog-flaps are usually found, they were placed at the top, implying that the dog had the energy to jump through the top. They also slipped a sample of the Pedigree Puppy Formula under their doors for their dogs to try.

    Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris, South Africa.

    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    Pizza Hut "Supreme Pepper Tabasco Pizza"

    Ballot-boxes were placed in Pizza Hut restaurants inviting people who found the Tabasco Pizza too hot, to express their opinion about it. As the opinion was inserted in the box, a paper shredder, hidden inside, chopped the form. The title says: "Supreme Pepper Tabasco Pizza. Yeah, it's hot. No point complaining".

    Agency: Dim Propaganda, Brazil.
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  • MF Global "Presence"

    To announce the global presence of MF Global. A direct mailer was sent to MF Clobal customers as an inland mailer. The envelope had a dye cut of stamp size with the line "Talking about oour strong presence in" before it. When the customer pulled out the leaflet, the mailer displayed all the flags of countries where "MF Global" is present, in such a manner that the mailer "in every corner of the globe" connected with the line on the cover conveying their objective in a very interactive manner.

    Agency: Six Inches Communication Mumbai, India.