Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Office du tourisme Suisse “The snow arrived”

This car covered with lots of artificial snow drove around the streets of Paris to announce the early opening of the winter season. The agency did the same promotion for the opening of the winter season at Flims Laax Falera in 2006.

Agency: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Switzerland.

Quiet Glover

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Liga Contra el Cáncer "15,000"

The Peruvian League of fight against cancer, ask us to create a campaign for the no-smoker day in which they had to emphasis the damage that a person who smokes causes on his family, friends and all the people around him. Using 15,000 cigarettes butts, glued together one by one in an outdoor panel, level to the sidewalk, they dramatized the treat that cigarettes represent for a non-smoking person, in this case, a little girl. A month and half before the campaign, with the help of many volunteers, they were able to gather 15,000 cigarettes butts. An artist was in charge of pasting them together and to maintain the essence of the original idea, he painted the little girl in oil painting.

Agency: Ogilvy, Perú.

HSBC "Origamy"

A marketing stunt for HSBC Bank in Australia wasn't only cute but also gave people more information about the various banking services. They basically printed 5 original Origami instructions on the back of ATM receipts, something their customers may keep and talk about to their friends.

Guerrilla Communication

Friday, November 21, 2008

Endangered Wildlife Trust "Daily Extinction"

To dramatise the daily rate of species extinction and generate donations for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, we ran a series of strip ads in The Times newspaper. As the readers paged through the day’s events, the species continued to add up, ending with a sobering statistic and a call to action on the last page.

Agency: Lowe Bull Cape Town, South Africa.

Alzheimer's New Zealand "Blank Photos"

Playing off Alzheimer's main early indicator, memory loss, they used photographs to communicate the importance of detecting the symptoms. When people pick up their pictures from all major developing stores across New Zealand they would receive their pack of photographs but with an additional 10 blank photos put at the front to cause some momentary panic. After thumbing through these they would come to a print that has the message: the first thing you lose are your memories. For more information & support visit alzheimers.org.nz.

Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand.

V Lemon "Screensaver"

Some people like the taste of regular V. While others prefer the taste of V Berry. There are some who love Sugar Free V. And others who'd rather drink V Black. And then there are some people who don't really like the taste of any of these flavours. So that's why V introduced new V lemon. Because we all have different tastes. And that's exactly what this flavour variant campaign celebrated... The fact that we are all different people, with a diverse range of tastes. As a part of the campaign this screensaver was created, wich they believed would appeal to their target market: 18 to 24 years olds males. It was a classic shot of a hot blond girl, in a bikini, posing on the hood of a hotted-up lemon sports car. Now who wouldn't like that? Well, funny enough some people don't. But that's ok. Because after 7 seconds, this hot blonde morphed into a leggy brunette. And for those who don't like leggy brunettes... well, you only have to wait another 7 seconds to see what would come next.

Check the screensaver here:
V Lemon Screensaver

Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Accenture India "Biplane Model"

Accenture wanted to leverage the 2-day NASSCOM HR Summit 2007, Mumbai showcasing Accenture's innovative HR practices. The agency was asked to design a communication piece that would drive footballs to Accenture's stall at venue, engage the delgates and deliver on Accenture's "Innovation in everything we do" promise. A biplane model made out of waste materials like discarded auto spark plug, ice cream sticks, nut-bolts, etc. was given away to delegates at the time of registration. The communication encouraged the recipients to participate in the "Spark Your Imagination" contest at the Accenture stall. A moderator at the stall handed out boxes containing waste materilas to the participants and helped them create their own models based on their imagination. The core message was " When you look beyond the obvious and innovate, the results can be amazing".

Agency: Wunderman Bangalore, India.

HSBC "Swimming Pool"

As the world's first carbon neutral bank, HSBC pursues environmental initiatives throughout its organization. The task at hand was to increase awareness of their website, www.globalwarmingsolutions.co.in, thus educating people on minimizing climate change in a less theoretical manner. They glued an arial view of a city to the base of a swimming pool. Consequently, shocked swimmers and onlookers witnessed how global warming could destroy our world someday. www.globalwarmingsolutions.co.in received 300% more hits in the subsequent days of the activity. They also observed increased registrations pledging support for the cause. The idea received widespread media coverage and word of mouth publicity.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai, India.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quaker Oats "Food list"

Quaker Oats is a whole grain food, low in saturated fat and cholestorol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. The campaign target audience are housewives that shop and prepare their family meals. In Indonesia, the promotion tools closest to them are flyers and brochures containing pictures of products with their respective prices, commonly distributed by supermarkets and mini markets. These mailers are sent to neighborhoods and placed in mail boxes or clipped fences. The strategy is to use the conventional format of flyers to present information about cholestorol levels of various food normally found in a shopping list. The amounts of cholestorol content (presented in mg/100g of food serving) are camouflaged as food prices. A number of people are still unaware of the dangers of bad cholestorol accumulation in our bloodstream. Hence, this campaign is aimed at educating consumers about the cholestorol in various foods, and at the same time, promotion consumption of Quaker Oats to help lower cholestorol levels. At first, the housewives thought the mailers were the regular flyers from their mini market. As they read further, they were surprised to learn about the prices actually representing cholestorol content in various foods. They are now much more aware of wich foods are heart-healthy and wich are not and that might influence their food preferences in the future.

Agency: BBDO Jakarta, Indonesia.


Throughout the ages, in the West, as well as in various other cultures around the world, women have always been encouraged to achieve an unrealistic state of 'ideal' beauty even in cases where it has been detrimental to their health. This is apparent in more extreme examples like the Victorian corset and Chinese foot binding. Women, it seems, are willing to suffer for the sake of beauty. Ninette van Kamp is interested in conveying this relationship through textiles, looking at seams and mark makings on the body in particular.

Check the site here:
Ninette van Kamp

Invisible Red

Golden Holidays "on-board cross-selling"

Golden Holidays consist of Malaysia Airlines packages that target the domestic market with attractive prices (flight + accomodation). The task was to cross-sell the packages to current passengers debunking the perception that traveling with Malaysia Airlines is expensive. Stickers were placed onto the pull-down meal tray on-board selected Malaysia Airlines domestic flights making the captive audience "feel" their next holiday.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Santa Casa de Curitiba "Magnetic Billboard"

The preservation and vitalization program of the "Hospital Santa Casa de Curitiba" aims to implement a set of projects in order to preserve the historical and cultural patrimony, recuperate the buildings and improve the hospital equipment technology. With the purpose of concentrating donations and support to the hospital. It was developed a magnetic billboard that, besides asking for donations, functions as a collection place.

Agency: Bronx, Brazil.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coke Zero "3-sided Table Football"

Coke Zero. Real Coca-Cola taste with zero sugar. If Coke Zero is possible anything is possible. Zero Table Football the 3-sided impossible version of the traditional game.

Agency: Leo Burnett Budapest, Hungary.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Neosaldina "Is Rio happy?"

Santa Clare Nitro do believe so and placed a giant panel in one of the most important avenues of Rio de Janeiro with the question "Is Rio Happy?" People can participate and send their votes - Yes or No - by SMS or web (www.orioestafeliz.com.br). The action is part of a croos media plan to Neosaldina, a brand of headache pills. According to the people's answers, the smile in brand symbol gets bigger or smaller every day. They launched the plan in october 1st and untill now it has an everage of 2.500 votes per day.

Agency: SantaClaraNitro São Paulo, Brazil.

WWF "Turtle Soup Bowls"

Indonesia is home to 6 out of 7 of the world's turtle species. Today however, less than 20% of the turtle populations remains. Every day, turtle eggs are stolen end eaten, turtles are killed and made into soup or satay, and turtle meat and shells are illegally exported to other countries. To attract attention to the issue of turtle conservation, WWF Indonesia staged a dramatic event in Kuta, Bali, during the Rip Curl Surf and Music Festival. Empty soup bowls were placed on the beach leading to the water, like turtle hatchlings making their way to the sea. Banners and other literature carrying simple facts regarding the treats faced by turtles were also available at the nearby WWF booth. The soup bowls attracted and extraordinary amount of interest. Spectators, both locals and foreigners, were literally stopped in their tracks by the innovative display. Questions were asked, photographs were taken, and news of the event has appeared on various blogs and websites. The success of this inexpensive display also means that WWF plans to replace it at various other such events in the future.

Agency: Advantage Advertising, Indonesia.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pedigree "Puppy"

As the winner of JCDecaux’s innovate competition, Whybin\TBWA\TEQUILA, won $100,000 worth of media and production from JCDecaux for their client Pedigree. The winning entry created by Kara Grey at TEQUILA\, allows passers-by to play with and teach a ‘virtual puppy’. At these panels, the public are able to interact with the puppy and teach it new tricks such as throwing a Pedigree Dentabone and playing ball. The campaign then prompts people to visit puppy.com.au to obtain information including puppy training and advice.

Agency: Whybin\TBWA\TEQUILA, New Zealand.

TV2 Mission "Impossible III"

Mission Impossible 3 was coming to Blockbuster Tuesdays on TV2. So Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand decided to take 'mission impossible' literally and give themselves impossible missions to promote it. This was one of those missions. Mission: 3:00pm Install advertisement in lion enclosure. Mission Log: Were informed that they hadn't been fed yet which explained roaring, growling and salivating. Putting the sign in enclosure was truly frightening.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand.

J&J Clean & Clear Morning Energy "Running Beds"

For the launch of the new J&J Clean & Clear Morning Energy in Brazil, five beds, each with a girl sleeping, running in several streets of Brazilian cities. Then the beds, with the phrase “Wake up your skin and awakens your beauty”, stop in front of different schools and colleges, where the teenagers wearing pijamas wake up.

Check the video here:
Running Beds

Agency: SantaClaraNitro São Paulo, Brazil.

Ultra Grocery Store "Fire"

Promote the opening of a brand new grocery store in Drammen, Norway's 6th biggest city. Make sure that the people of Drammen talks about Ultra. After the client approved the stunt, 5 meter tall letterswere constucted using industrial isopor. These letters were carefully installed on a 17 meter long barge. Strong light spots and a diesel aggregate made sure that the letters were lit up at night. The barge was sailed up and down the Drammen river, wich divedes the city center in two, at peak hours. On the evening of the opening a big pyro show emerged from the barge, lighting up the night sky of Drammen. At no time during the campaign week, the stunt was explained or adressed from Ultra's side. The convention in Norway when it comes to advertising a grocery store opening, is the countdown in the newspaper. 5 days left! 4 days left! Drammen is full of big grocery stores, competition is hard. Ultra wanted to make sure - 1. that not one single person in Drammen was unaware of its opening and - 2. position Ultra as different and more sophisticated. Therefore an unconventional promotion idea was needed. The people of Drammen love their river, it was never before been used as media. Ultra was quite confident that this promo would gain the necessary word of mouth value.

Agency: TBWA\Oslo, Norway.

Modern Shoe Hospital "Band Aid"

For 60 years, the Modern Shoe Hospital has been bringing weary footwear back to life. To remind people of their services, they placed sticky camouflaged band-aids on sidewalks in front of their store and outside local shoe shops. The band-aids conveniently stuck to the soles of pedestrians, reminding them there's a place to bring your "sick" shoes.

Agency: Target St. John's, Canada.

Playboy "Hot"

The Hot Ana Paula Tabalipa this October in Playboy.

Agency: Neogama/BBH São Paulo, Brazil.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Acid Survivors Trust International "Scarred"

Don’t let acid attack claim another victim. Acid attacks are a common form of violence that occurs in many South East Asian and African countries. This scary act leaves thousands of women scarred for life every year. We can’t heal their wounds, but we can definitely put a stop to acid violence. To find out how, visit www.asti.org.uk

Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE.

Nivea "Detour"

Promote the new shower gel Nivea Lemongrass & Oil, wich both refreshes and nourishes, to woman who are active in sports. With 13,000 participants, the Woman's Run in Switserland is by far the largest woman's sporting event in Europe. During this race, they positioned theirselves with detour signs just before different curves in the route, so as to give the runners and spectators the impression that thousands of sportswomen were running for the Nivea shower gel. A highly effective increase in publicity and a lot of sympathy gained from the target audience in just one only day. Nivea by far exceeded the sales targets for the first month.

Agency: DraftFCB Zurich, Switzerland.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

FOX Crime "Sopranos"

Guerrilla stunt seen in the streets of Lisbon in order to communicate the Sopranos show, on FOX Crime. Violinists played tracks from the show to drivers sttoped in traffic lights, while italian gangsters (Soprano's style) placed "gun shots marks" in cars with the info of the new season.

Agency: Torke Lisbon, Portugal.

Meijer "Headless"

The Headless Horseman from "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" was projected from a moving van onto buildings and structures throughout Chicago neighborhoods for four hours. From the Loop to Wrigleyville, a giant galloping horse made itself known to passers-by, drivers and office workers. Whenever the van came to a stop or idled in traffic, the digital horse reared back onto its hind legs, which then revealed copy inviting people to text Meijer that they had just seen the Headless Horseman. Several hundred text messages came in to Meijer during the four-hour run.

Check the video here:
Meijer Headless

Agency: Devito/Verdi, USA.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

MTV Switch "Global warming"

Switch is MTV Networks International's Global Climate Change Campaign. They are always looking for ways to get people involved in the global warming issue and drive them to the the MTV Switch website, without necessarily using expensive media. To make people aware of the rising sea level because of global warming, they confronted them in an amusing way with a serious message using a floating board in the Amsterdam canals. This board seemed to be held by a submerged man with just his hands sticking out of the water. In reality it was two arms mounted on a small remote control submarine. The copy said: Global Warming. What's all the fuss about? Find out for yourself www.mtvswitch.org. Because of the massive positive feedback. MTV is not only looking to extend the promotion to other Dutch cities, but also to air it on TV.

Agency: OgilvyAction Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Green Korea United "Quit Cutting"

Most people know that de-forestation is serious problem. However, the felling down have always seen through documentary, article, and other kinds of media indirectly. In other words, many people are aware of the seriousness, but cannot sympathize with it. The best way to get people's attention is showing a real story right before their eyes.

Agency: Daehong Communications Seoul, South Korea.

Tramontina "Eggs"

The idea was make an advertising magazine that stands out in a new way the benefits of tramontina's fry pan. They want to give to the traditional advertising magazine an add value that makes the brand interactive with the consummer and gives it a suprise.

Agency: Reskala y Asociados México City, Mexico.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Economist "Get a world view"

The world is a tangle of issues, each one affecting another. To visually illustrate this, they to ok the familiar Twister game and inserted topical words into each colored circle. This was adhered to the floor in a busy train station. Posters of the classic Twister spinner were placed near the floor stickers to help tie it all together, helping viewers looking at the game to quickly understand the concept of one world facing a convolution of issues.

Agency: BBDO New York, USA.

Stayfree Ultra-Slim "Fax"

They made of the fax a medium in order to inform their customers of this hygenic towel's major benefit: it is ultrathin.

Agency: Sancho BBDO Bogotá, Colombia.

Beijing Red Cross Blood Center "The dirty blood"

The dirty blood and the blood which come from undefined place may infect disease, so we have to focus on the safety of using blood. In some region, the resoure of blood supply cannot be guaranteed in a safe and reliable way. Thus unclean blood resoure may easily infect healthy people with some diseases. Publicity use to blood donation field service by using the conception of Chinese traditional paper which is highly water-penetrable, adding certain interaction demonstrations, they shall show that the unclean blood can increase the risk of being infected among people in blood transfusion. Audiences shall realise the dangers of unclean blood and be aware of the safe blood issue in this simle way.

Agency: Guangdong Advertising Beijing, China.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Fox Next "Mad men"

Guerilla Stunt made by the portuguese agency Torke for the 2nd Season of the Tv Show Mad men, which illustrates the advertising world of Madison Avenues agencies in New York city 50's and 60's, broadcasted by FOX Next. In this street, stunt performers in epoch dresses walked around Lisbon in old cars and distributed the "Mad Men News" newspaper.

Agency: Torke Lisbon, Portugal.

Fight Breast Cancer "Mannequin"

Breast cancer can lead to losing your breasts. To make them aware of this dreadful possibility. They placed a mannequin with one breast at Bare Essantials, a lingerie and swimwear boutique. This was supported by breast self exam tags/stickers inside the fitting rooms as well as a website fightbreastcancer.ae.

Agency: Memac Ogilvy, Dubai.

TV6 "The Weeds Bouquet Delivery"

Bouquets of hemp plants (the kind without the thc) were sent out like a flower gram to press and media agencies to promote the premiere of the tv series weeds.

Agency: Le Bureau Stockholm, Sweden.

The Economist "Pizza Boxes"

To reach college students in the Greater Philadelphia area over 20 pizzeria, in close proximity to large college campuses, were supplied with Economist-branded pizza boxes. Each one reinforces the "Get a world view" platform with a pie chart that applies to pizza consumption.

Agency: BBDO New York, USA.

Kyiv Zoo "The last ramble of reptiles this season"

Going into the zoo and taking children there became unpopular in Kyiv. They decided to revise and try to change the situation. To urge people visiting the Kyiv Zoo Terrarium. The solution should be easy to implement without high costs and it should be something that can easily attract people's attention but not only the eyes. They chose a non-standard advertising medium that reminds the form of terrarium's native inhabitants. Also people can touch it and feel it.

Agency: Desyatka Kyiv, Ukraine.

U Magazine "Flight window"

U Magazine is the most popular travel magazine in Hong Kong. This ambient piece originates from the insight that once you start reading its attractive travel content, the journey virtually starts in your mind. To arouse interests among consumers, flight window stickers with the line "Read and let the journey begin" are pasted onto windows on mini buses, where most passengers read magazines or newspaper to kill time on their journey.

Agency: JWT Hong Kong, China.

Friends of the Earth "Inhale"

The image of the back of a car is printed on the lid, with the straw in place of the exhaust pipe. The lid is distributed and used by road-side food stalls. When consumers drink from this cup on the streets, it would be like they were inhaling toxic emissions directly from the vehicle.

Agency: JWT Hong Kong, China.