Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quaker Oats "Food list"

Quaker Oats is a whole grain food, low in saturated fat and cholestorol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. The campaign target audience are housewives that shop and prepare their family meals. In Indonesia, the promotion tools closest to them are flyers and brochures containing pictures of products with their respective prices, commonly distributed by supermarkets and mini markets. These mailers are sent to neighborhoods and placed in mail boxes or clipped fences. The strategy is to use the conventional format of flyers to present information about cholestorol levels of various food normally found in a shopping list. The amounts of cholestorol content (presented in mg/100g of food serving) are camouflaged as food prices. A number of people are still unaware of the dangers of bad cholestorol accumulation in our bloodstream. Hence, this campaign is aimed at educating consumers about the cholestorol in various foods, and at the same time, promotion consumption of Quaker Oats to help lower cholestorol levels. At first, the housewives thought the mailers were the regular flyers from their mini market. As they read further, they were surprised to learn about the prices actually representing cholestorol content in various foods. They are now much more aware of wich foods are heart-healthy and wich are not and that might influence their food preferences in the future.

Agency: BBDO Jakarta, Indonesia.