Monday, August 31, 2009

GAM3 "Traffic signs"

CAM3 is an international non-profit organization that arranges street basket tournaments and urban cultural events for kids in Denmark and the Middle East in order to integrate minority youth in the community. In 2007 GAM3 became official NBA Cares Community Partner. GAM3 wanted to promote the annual GAM3 basket finals in Copenhagen to a target group of 12+ street ballers without a media budget. GAM3's tag line is "Take it to the streets" and so they did. In order to gain awareness, they temporarily turned pedestrians on Copenhagen traffic signs into basketball players. This way, they quitte literally reached the target group on the street level and helped promote street basket as basketball's more adventurous offspring.

Agency: Plant Copenhagen, Denmark.

Elmex "Bus Ticket"

Elmex wanted to promote their anti-cavities toothpaste, under the tagline "Helps prevent cavities" and asked them to find a surprising way to expose it. They collaborated with the leading bus company in Israel, and printed over 600,000 season tickets (an entire year's supply). One side of the ticket was a regular season ticket, while the other side looked like human teeth. Whenever a passenger got on the bus, the driver punched the ticket thus creating a hole in the "tooth". Over 600,000 people were exposed to the creation of the hole and to the message: "Elmex - Helps prevent cavities".

Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel.

Faber Castell "Graffitti"

Faber Castell use the street walls to communicate color's variety.

Agency: Unitas/RNL Santiago, Chile.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Sydney Morning Herald "Cymbals"

They promote the CD give away in The Sydney Morning Herald of performances by The Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Agency: Whybin\TBWA\TEQUILA Sydney, Australia.

Women’s room "Bring the problem to the light of day"

Most people do not realize that non-physical violence is also a form of abuse. Even if the recognize it, they do nothing about it. Unwanted verbal or physical behavior of sexual nature often leaves invisible consequenses. To prevent the violence and alarm the audience people need to speak about the problem - Bring it to the light of day. The transparency of newspaper material was used to illustrate the idea. In order to see the message readers had to take action and lift the print ad towards a light. The front side and the back side combined reveal the invisible and highlight the problem (black eye is formed from terms describing consequences of violence).

Agency: Imago reklamna agencija Zagreb, Croatia.

Minigolf World Championships 2009 "Drainpipe"

The challenge was to promoto the Minigolf World Championships 2009 with a non-existent budget. In the city of Odense they used drainpipes, wich were connected to gutters, to create extremely difficult minigolf courses. A head-turning event, wich was also mentioned in several Danish newspapers.

Agency: Bach+Andersen Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Foundation of Education for Life and Society "Poor child"

The brief was to create a donation box which calls out to the society the very problem this country is unknowingly facing. The challenge and objective was to get attention from the target consumer. Using the display of a boy making a donation box, placing the display on a pedestrian in front of the school. What is currently going on in this society which few people acknowledge is that over 100.000 youngsters in Thailand have no access to schooling education. Many of them are homeless, risking their youths on the streets. Even the cheapest government school is unaffordable. What prevents these poor children from their opportunity to go to school... is not the school fence, but the unimaginable gap of the country economy, wich dead locks them from their promising future. If every bath donated into the box means a key to unlock the door to their education, a social-wide acknowledgement may help these less-opportunity young from their unpromising future.

Agency: High Advertising Bangkok, Thailand.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The RoyalTea Tea bags designed by German design company Donkey Products. You can have a “TeaParty” with you favorite characters or strippers with the RoyalTea, DemocraTea and StripTea sets. Each one has five tea bag sachets. "Chalk blog"

They created a “chalk blog” in Chicago’s busy Pioneer Court using 40 eight-foot boards spread throughout the courtyard. They posed some of the provocative questions that spark debate on ChicagoNow blogs every day, such as “What would you do to improve the CTA?” and “What will the Olympics do for this city?” The chalk blog drew thousands of visitors with just as many opinions, giving them the opportunity to experience ChicagoNow offline. One of the most important strategic considerations was that people who read blogs don’t just care about the posts from the bloggers – they also care about what other readers have to say in the comments. This was their way of capturing that.

Agency: Zig, USA.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

John Caples Awards entries now open.

The only direct marketing awards show judged solely on creativity. The only direct marketing awards show judged solely by more than 80 top-level creative directors. The only direct marketing awards show to enter if you're only going to enter one.

Entry deadline: Monday, september 28.

Download your entry kit here:
Caples Awards

Monday, August 24, 2009

Basheer Graphic Book "Rainbow by Pantone"

Basheer graphic bookstore would like to promote Pantone color guide book to art college students and faculty, and to convince them that Pantone has the most color selection for their printing guidance.

Agency: Bates 141 Jakarta, Indonesia.

Friday, August 21, 2009

IKEA "Staircase"

Ikea's storage products are about innovative ways to save space. To bring to life the fact that being organised means saving space. To utilize the store's main staircase in a creative way by presenting it as a chest of drawers, with everything inside neatly organised, highlighting the efficient use of space in an impactful way.

Agency: Lowe & Partners Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Microsoft "Concrete Envelope"

They wanted to show software sales staff that Windows breaks down the walls in customers’ lives. So they showed them what that felt like by putting the letter in a concrete envelope, complete with a hammer to smash it open.

Agency: Y&R Auckland, New Zealand.

Suzuki Hayabusa "L Plates"

In Australia for the first 12 months newly licensed riders are restricted to embarrassingly low-powered motorcycles (250cc) and must display a bright yellow L-plate at all times. So when the owners of extremely high-powered bikes (650-1000cc) returned to their vehicles to find an L-plate, they immediately felt the embarrassment of being a learner again. On removing the offending material they discovered a message implying they lacked the experience and nerve to take on the world's fastest street bike, the Suzuki Hayabusa.

Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne, Australia.

Parissa Wax Strips "Backvertising"

Rethink Communications recently launched an innovative new form of media: backvertising. Waxed out of a man’s excessively hairy back were the words Parissa Wax Strips. The man paraded at a busy beach passing out free samples. Beach-goers laughed, received product demonstrations and lined-up to take photos. The stunt was covered extensively on radio and online media.

Agency: Rethink Vancouver, Canada.

Car Magazine "Formula 1"

In order to promote the April issue of Car Magazine, which features an in depth guide to this year's Formula One season, they gave stationary drivers a true F1 experience. F1-style lollipop men stood at traffic lights and dropped their lollipop signs in front of cars as they stopped.

Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town, South Africa.

WorkSafeBC "Raise Your Hand three"

Raise Your Hand aims to create a youth movement around workers rights, utilizing themes of '60s and '70s rock and roll, youth empowerment and social activism. The anchors for the campaign are the website and an original song that serves as the campaign's anthem. Campaign teams have been setting up Raise Your Hand tents at youth-focused events around British Columbia. Brand ambassadors play the anthem, take photos of attendees to create customized buttons, and encourage people to record karaoke versions of the song, which are used as mashup-style videos posted to YouTube.

Agency: Wasserman + Partners Vancouver, Canada.

Volkswagen "Park Assist"

They wanted to promote the launch of the new Golf 6, with Park assist, in an unexpected and cost effective way. So they hired local car guards, a very common and familiar sight in South Africa, and made special bibs that were based on their generic and highly recognised parking attendant bibs. The car guards then popped up in seemingly obscure places, such as cinemas, cafes, at the beach, etc. Then leisurely took a break as the New Golf's Park Assist feature did their job for them. For the price of a movie ticket and a car guard’s daily rate, the brand got to have a presence in a cinema.

Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town, South Africa.

Republic of Singapore Navy "Uniform"

It's not easy to become an officer in the Navy. In fact it's near impossible. Reason being, a naval officer will one day command a highly sophisticated, multi-million dollar frigate with state-of-the-art sensor and weapon systems. So every year, though thousands apply for this coveted position, only a handful demonstrating the right combination of mental aptitude, strategic thinking and physical fitness get selected. Their challenge Naval Officer's jacket, complete with medals and decorations. An awe-inspiring uniform that is revered and respected. The life-size uniform could be held up, immediately allowing the recipient to see how he would look in it. A business reply card was placed in the breast pocket. 6.000 direct mailers were mailed to graduating "A" level students in December 2008. 4,7% of them responded, considered a higher than average response rate compared to previous direct mailers sent out.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore.

Burger King "The Angry Whopper Angrrrometer"

The Angrrrometer lets you see what real anger looks like by using innovative face tracking technology. The higher the level, the closer you are to being angry enough for the Angry Whopper.

Check the site here:
Get Angry

Agency: TAXI 2, Canada.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sourcy Vitamin Water " Amphibian Invasion"

On the most beautiful day of the year the agency Natwerk brought a 200.000 kilo heavy amphibian vehicle on the beach with the best DJ of the world for a spontanious party on Woodstock Bloemendaal.

Check the video here:
Sourcy Vitamin Water Invasion

Agency: Natwerk Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Mundo do Condomínio "Sponge card"

Business card printed on a real sponge for Mundo do Condomínio cleaning products.

Agency: Fields, Brazil.

Ryan Oughtred "Healthy Christmas Gift"

Ryan Oughtred a personal Trainer delivers a non-traditional chocolate box for Christmas.

Agency: Hot Tomali Communications Vancouver, Canada.

Elmex "Lockers"

They created a special design for lockers in 15 of the most popular fitness clubs in Israel (2.000-2.500 members per club). They used two rows of lockers to create a mouth with teeth. Opening a locker gave the ilusion that there was a hole in one of them. To complete the experience, a product sample and additional information about the touthpaste and its benefits were waiting inside the locker. In one month 35.000-40.000 people were exposed to the message.

Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

IFAW "Turtle Flip"

300 Turtles made of cardboard on the beach of Scheveningen The Netherlands last friday for IFAW. At the bottom of the guerilla campaign item a note: think twice before buying me when on holiday. We aren’t a souvenir. Turning a Turle upside down is also the thing what poachers do. Once a turtle on its back, she is powerless.

“Think twice before buying souvenirs!”

Agency: Rapp Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Skate in the shadows. Street art by Singapore artist Trase.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Israel Cancer Association "Unknown stain"

Israel is the no. 2 state in the world with people suffering from skin cancer. Skin cancer can be discovered by a simple checkup for unusual spots and stains on one's body. In order to Increase public awareness for skin cancer and get people to go and get checked, they came up with a new creative solution, using the environment as the media. They found real stains on sidewalks near the beaches of Israel, and placed framed stickers around them. Thousands of people were exposed to the framed stains, all with the same surprised and overwhelmed reaction.

Agency: GITAM/BBDO, Israel.

National Association for the blind "Donate eyes"

The ad appears on two consecutive facing pages of the magazine. The first page shows a cute smiling girl. The second page has the photograph of an old woman.National Association for the Blind (NAB) on the second page. Thus, driving home the point in a very simple, endearing and effective manner.

Agency: DDB Mudra, India.

LifeLine "Puzzle"

To develop a collection box and a direct mailer to raise awareness and funds for LifeLine - an organisation that supports victims who have suffered permanent injuries in bomb blasts that took place within Colombo and in the suburbs during the 30-year war in Sri Lanka. The campaign depicted the shattered lives of bomb victims with a jigsaw puzzle that carries the image of a person. These puzzles were attached to collection boxes and also sent out as direct mailers. Each puzzle was short of one piece. Therefore, the assembled puzzle shows an incomplete image of the bomb victim. The line read "your contribution could help him put his life together". Those who made contributions after receiving the direct mailer were sent the missing piece a week after the donation was received. In total, the LifeLine campaign succeeded in collecting a sum of Rs, 1,2 million within 4 weeks, and most importantly, offered hope to those who've suffered physical and mental injuries by being remembered not as victims but as survivors of the war.

Agency: Phoenix Ogilvy Colombo, Sri Lanka.

BC Adventure Survival Training "Business Card"

The first rule of wilderness survival is preparation. That's why BC Adventure wanted to make sure everyone who stepped through their door left at least a little more prepared for the wild. Made from organic beef jerky this laser etched card is good to eat for up to a year in case you find yourself stuck in a precarious situation.

Agency: Rethink Vancouver, Canada.

Dog Hotel Doggyday Inn "Abandoned posters"

On holiday? leave your dog here: Dog hotel

Agency: 10 Advertising Antwerp, Belgium.

Tok & Stok furniture store "Sale"

The brief's challenge was to promote the biggest sale in the year with a retail ton, taking into account the chain's characteristics: modernity and design. To arrive at the final campaign design, they took into account the store's style: minimalist, modern and clean. They did posters in the shape of products spread in uncommon places to draw the target's attention. The campaign helped to bring customers to Tok & Stok's stores. In only a few days, the products on sale were gone.

Agency: DDB Brasil.

Maximum Ride "Kids who can fly"

Maximum Ride is a series about a group of children who can fly. To launch the latest book, we created a large ground decal that showed Aucklanders what it was like to stand on the edge of a building and jump.

Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand.

Monday, August 17, 2009

AGRIE Paint Services "Business Card"

Really nice business card for AGRIE Paint Services.

Agency: Extreme Group Toronto, Canada.

PacBlue Printing "Oversize business cards"

Oversized business cards were delivered to ad agencies and design companies to promote PacBlue Printing’s high quality large format printing capabilities.

Agency: Hot Tomali Communications Vancouver, Canada.

Green Korea United "Buy 1 Get 1 Free"

Tons of A4-sized papers are consumed every day andFree" night in the office area. Unfortunately, much of them are just the results of mis-print and they are wasted directly into the garbage can. If office workers begin to realize that these papers are still a new one? Thus, they created a message to appeal to people's own self-interest by imitating a phrase of "Buy 1 Get 1 Free", wich is commonly prevailed in promotions. But, ironically, it shows the truth from a different perspective. The eco-friendly media at 0 cost, needles to say, generated more synergy.

Agency: Daehong Communications Seoul, S.Korea.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

L'Oreal Mexico "Solmaforo"

Making an awareness campaign to prevent skin cancer. In addition to conduct the sampling of L'Oreal Mexico La Roche-Posay's sunscreen to the public and generate traffic to Through an instrument known as "solmaforo" which consists of measuring in real time the intensity of UV rays through a sensor, was drawn the attention of passersby and motorists. It was generated a considerable increase in sales and created awareness and educate consumers about the risks of sun exposure without proper protection.

Agency: Grupo Ferrer Comunicación, Mexico.

TV3 - Hitched "Stag Do"

A good stag do often ends with the groom being hand cuffed semi-naked to a street sign - which is exactly what they did to help promote the premier of the new reality TV show Hitched (wich follows kiwi couples in the lead up to the big day). The text on his chest written in lipstick reads "Hitched tonight 8PM TV3".

Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand.

StavropolPromStroyBank "Calendar-abacus"

The quantity of spokes and counting beads on them is increased 12 and 356 pieces accordingly against to ordinary abacus. The idea is simple, which is not say about the production. Manufacturing of an abacus needed 10689 wooden bones (days), 137 metres of steel spokes (months).

Agency: Gagarin KA, Stavropol, Russia.

Lay’s "Potatoes Installation"

Beginning July 27 and continuing for three weeks, passersby in Chicago’s Jackson Tunnel will be greeted with an out-of-home message, “Our potatoes are grown closer than you may think,” along with an overhead installation of potatoes breaking through the ceiling tiles. It’s part of a nationwide campaign for Lay’s potato chips that broke in May and which celebrates the local potato farmers who grow potatoes used in Lay’s potato chips. The “Lay’s Local” 360 marketing campaign was created by Lay’s U.S. agency of record, Juniper Park. Other elements of the campaign, which debuted earlier, include TV, print, online, on-pack and in-store.

Agency: Juniper Park, USA.

Clearex "Climb"

To expose the target audience, teenagers during their summer break, to Clearex acne treatment gel in a surprising and unexpexted way. A poster 5 meter tall, featuring a teenage boy, placed on a climbing wall located in the largest and most active climbing center in Israel (1,100 square meters). In order to create the acne illusion they rearranged the climbing grips, placing them where pimples usually appear on the face. Thousands of teenagers were exposed to the climbing wall (8,000 per month) during their summer vacation and met every pimple "up-close and personal".

Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel.

All-China Women's Federation "Door"

This ambient poster appeared on swinging doors in offices and shopping malls. it stopped people in their tracks. More importantly, it helped to stop domestic violence in China.

Agency: DMG Beijing, China.

Funktion Personal Training "Escape your boring gym"

Recently, commuters in Vancouver were privy to a rather unusual sight: a man riding a stationary bike. Along the bike's side were the words "Escape your boring gym." The bike was created by Rethink Communications for Funktion Personal Training, a company that specializes in outdoor fitness bootcamps.

Agency: Rethink Vancouver, Canada.

Daishin CMA Account "Penny"

In the end of 2008, global economic crisis struck the fund market, and damaged many individual investors. They wanted to transfer their money out of fund account to bank account, wich is allegedly known as a safer place for saving money. Daishin Securities couldn't be the exception. Thus Daishin introduced safer and more conservative place for investment. The CMA account was the answer, because this financial product is safe enough and more profitable than bank account. In order to draw attention to CMA account's higher interest rate, they took advantage of so-called "penny-saving-instinct". "If a penny drop out of my pocket?" One may not ignore it, Coin dropping sound controlled by motion sensor had a stronger power than any other visual impact: almost 100% of passerby reacted on the sound of CLING. 1. The money flow toward bank account turned direction to CMA account product. 2. Sales of Daishin CMA account jumped 20% quater-on-quater. 3. Consumers began to perceive Daishin Securities as an asset management company not as a stock brokerage company.

Agency: Daehong Communications Seoul, South Korea.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nika Shoe Repair "Heel"

Naturally, shoe cobblers love flimsy heels and the grates on the streets hat trap them. A broken stiletto heel was "stuck" in a street grate next to its better half in a busy tourist district a block away from Nika, a local shoe repait store. Chalked onto the sidewalk were the words NIKA SHOE REPAIR and NEXT RIGHT, directing pedestrians to the shoe repair store.

Agency: Immersion Creative, Canada.

Greenpeace "Global Warming Awareness, Naked Testimony"

The AME award winning campaign was centered around a publicity based event featuring 600 people posing naked on the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland photographed by U.S. installation artist Spencer Tunick. The event generated worldwide publicity to raise global warming awareness through art, an on-line presence and a public relations campaign.

Agency: Euro RSCG Zurich, Switzerland.