Sunday, September 28, 2008

Adidas "Double-Sided Olympic Flip-Book"

Adidas was an Official Partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and their brand positioning was – ‘When 1.3 billion people get behind their athletes Impossible is Nothing.’ The agency in Hong Kong was briefed to create an original print campaign to extend the adidas China Olympic corporate campaign; one that would specifically reflect and support local Hong Kong athletes. Hong Kong's greatest medal hopes were tabled tennis dua, Ko Lai Chak and Li Ching, they won silver at the Anthens Olympics. Through the adidas website they invited the public to be photographed playing table tennis shots like their heroes. All the best poses were then bound to make a flip-book and mounted against a stadium background on youth magazine, Milk. The double-sided flip-book perfectrly captured the essence of the brand idea, that athletes are made greater by the people's support.

Agency: TEQUILA\ Hong Kong, China.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carling "iPint"

Really nice work for Carling. The iPint is an iPhone application that turns your iPhone into a virtual pint of ice cool Carling. The application takes advantage of the iPhones techincal wizardry so that when you tip the iPhone you lose some of your virtual lager. You can sip, sup or down the pint.

Agency: Beattie McGuiness Bungay Londen, United Kingdom.

TV6 "The cheering and photo taking billboard"

Big in Japan is a Swedish reality show featuring two ordinary Swedes that have one month to make it big in Japan. These billboards are equipped with motion detectors and speakers. As people went by they set off craze Japanese fans, cheering and taking pictures of them.

Agency: Le Bureau Stockholm, Sweden.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Belgian Burn Wound Foundation "Burning Man"

Belgian burn wound centers got an alarming increase of patients during the summer, all of them victims of barbeque accidents. These accidents are caused by exploding gas canisters or alchohol thrown on the fire. Refill bottles or flammable gel pots are also a cause for concern. Between June and August, almost every day a cosy garden party ends up in tragedy. To prevent more casualties, the Belgian Burn Wound Foundation wanted to create awareness for the luring dangers of barbequeing. Saturday 14th September the World Championship Barbeque was held in Belgium. While expecting 20.000 visitors, more than 30.000 barbeque fanatics showed up. On that day the Belgian Burn Wound Foundation presented "The Burning Man", a real man on fire walked around. He handed out flyers informing on how to prevent barbeque accidents as well as how to perform first aid. The stunt result in mass coverage in press and media, carrying on their work by further informing people about the dangers in barbequeing. Their website got a gigantic boost in intrested visitors and financial donations have also risen since their stunt.

Agency: Happiness Brussels, Belgium.

Boomerang Visual Production "CD Packaging"

Boomerang Visual Production is a photography studio. Traditionally, Boomerang has always delivered photography shots to their clients using a plain CD without branding. They were tasked to strengthen their brand image through these CDs. Bringing the company's name to life, their solution was to create a simple yet fun visual device through the use of a CD sleeve and sticker label. They printed a hand on the CD sleeve where the CD slips in, and placed the image of a boomerang on the sticker label to give the illusion of a boomerang spinning out from a hand. In addition, rather than opt for the usual written list of contents for labeling, a selected shot from the content of the CD is printed on the boomerang to serve as a reminder.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Asia-Pacific, Singapore.

Dollz Inc "Doll House Paperbag"

Dollz Inc is a retail shop specializing in dolls. With increasing competition, they wanted a new brand personality that encapsulated their business as wel as help them stand out from the crowd. Recognizing an opportunity to address their objectives through packaging. They transformed their existing, nondescript carrier bag into an enchanting take-away experience. When consumers buy a doll at Dollz Inc, they take home, literally, a doll in its house. The bag doubles up not only as a novel, feel-good impression for customers, but also serves as an effective marketing tool for the company.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Asia-Pacific, Singapore.


To demonstrate the impact global warming will have on our cities, they suspended lifeboats high above downtown streets. Printed on the bottom of the boats was the line "Stop Global Warming" and their client's website, Other elements in the stunt included a lifequard blocks up from the water and bus benches with life preservers underneath. Offsetters helps companies and individuals offset their carbon dioxide emissions.

Agency: Rethink Vancouver, Canada.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hogar de Cristo "Box"

Hogar de Cristo is a foundation that operates in the Guayaquil poor suburban areas, with the mission of helping people in extreme poverty to have a house where to live. A second goal is to relocate these people to rural areas, where they have more opportunity for development. Many of these needy people are homeless, living on the street, sleeping in a piece of cardboard. The purpose of this mailing is to request the cooperation of private companies to donate material or money contributions to this noble cause. The mailing consists of a closed cardboard box with no visible impression on the outside. When opened, you can see the blueprints printed on the inside. It's accompanied with an explanation that invites active participation against the problem: "For you is a simple cardboard box. For others, a place to live".

Agency: Maruri Grey, Ecuador.

Styx Underwear "We are not getting into your ass"

Styx Underwear for men has a special character – offers a unique design that ensures that no part of the cloth will get entangled, in the middle of a manґs rear end (buttocks). They use double sided page with just one big simple close-up image: mann's bottom. When you open the magazine, youґll just pull out (from the middle of the ass) the ordinary business card with headline: This is the only time we are getting into your ass.

Agency: Styx, Czech Republic.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anti-Litter awareness "Rubbish"

Everyday the rubbished found around the bus shelters was picked up and placed inside the bus shelter.

Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand.

Germanwings "wi-fi advertising"

At airport Wi-Fi-Spots passengers will be supplied with the latest Germanwings flight offers for that particular airport. The offers will appear on the laptop computers, even before the passengers are online. And how does that work? By using the possibility to name open wireless networks individually, they open up several networks at each spot. When a passenger activates his "airport"... he will find a list of open networks named after Germanwings flight offers (e.g. Ibiza from 19,99 Euro). Choosing one of these networks will not only get him a free internet connection, it will lead him directly to the offer network was namend after, so he can book his next flight.

Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Hamburg, Germany.

Meister Camera "Pixel"

To create a novel piece of advertising which demonstrates that you can take much more detailed shots with the Leica D-Lux 3 from Meister Camera than other digital cameras. They demonstrated how ill-defined objects can look when you don't use a high-definition camera like the Leica D-Lux 3. To do this, they put 3-D objects in the surroundings. The key was that each of these objects was completely made up of thousands of little wooden pixels. For example, a life-sized, pixellated dog was tied up outside a Meister Camera shop. There was a display next to it with the headline: See it in more detail. Leica D-Lux 3.

Agency: Philipp und Keuntje Hamburg, Germany.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HyaVita "Wrinkles"

First interactive advertising system premiere in Bulgaria amused its viewers in may at one of the most crowded places of the capital - the Mall of Sofia. The system is an extension of an advertising campaign for an anti-wrinkle beauty product by the Actavis pharmacy company. Special software and cameras recognizing the movement of your hand smoothing woman's skin on the screen as easy as a child game. Added value of the interactive performance were the children who attracted by the system drew in their mothers as well.

Agency: Reforma Sofia, Bulgaria.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fox "Chucky"

Guerrilla DVD promotion, for Chucky movie, where Chucky lookalikes wander among the crowds in New York City.

Check the video here:

Agency: Unknown.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hatfield Quality Meats.

This foosball table will be used at live events and sponsorships. The ultimate goal of the foosball table is to add to the Hatfield brand experience at events and create a fun, engaging environment for consumers to familiarize themselves with the brand and the products themselves.

Agency: DiGennaro Communications New York, USA.

Safari Park Beekse Bergen "Butcher's paper"

Safari Park Beekse Bergen. Dangerously closed.

Agency: Troy Brussels, Belgium.

401(k) Squared "Fish Bowl"

401(k) Squared, a small company that specializes full-time in 401k plan development, asked them to get a big bang out of their modest direct mail budget. On the whole, the marketing done by companies in the financial services industry is safe, corporate and forgettable. They went in the opposite direction — developing a direct mail piece that featured a live fish inside a box adorned with messaging. The concept? "If someone's not watching over your 401(k), it won't thrive either." Considering their precious, live cargo – and their need to get it in front of the CFO's, CEO's and owners of their target companies – all pieces were delivered via courier. Additionally, this allowed them to avoid the gatekeeper who could have reacted in any number of ways. Within weeks, 401(k) Squared had secured a $10M account and was in discussions with a number of large companies to manage their 401(k) accounts, ranging in size from $500k to $20M. Always nice setting the fish on the hook.

Agency: LeeReedy Denver, USA.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Urban interventions by Brad Downey.

Invisible red

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue Shield of California "Uncovered"

Life-size statues stand for California resident's lack of healthcare coverage. Website: The outdoor display, "Uncovered," is meant to bring attention to California’s 6.7 million uninsured residents. Life-size statues depict naked humans in vulnerable positions to illustrate the individuals lacking healthcare coverage. Up to 40 statues were on display at an event advocating universal healthcare coverage in Los Angeles with Blue Shield of California CEO Bruce Bodaken and former Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Janet Evans.

Agency: TAXI New York, USA.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Doctors of the World "Queue"

A long wait? Waiting for a doctor in Liberia or Burma. That takes a long time. Too long. Doktors of the World. Giro 4946.

Agency: Euro RSCG Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

MINI Clubman "False Mirror"

To launch the "Worlds Biggest MINI" - the MINI Clubman, they created a teaser campaign playing on the idea of making stuff bigger by tricking up road side and foot traffic street posters.

Agency: DraftFCB Auckland, New Zealand.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Stella Aromatherapy "Extinguisher"

Often, an argument inside a meeting room can turn into a conflict. Enter the Stella Aromatherapy "Extinguisher" - a real fire extinguisher box now containing Stella Air Freshener, with explicit directions on usage. The Stella "Extinguisher" was installed in meeting rooms in various office establishments. Quite apart from its humourous "talking point" value, it also serves as an extremely memorable tool when it comes to the benefits of Stella Aromatherapy Air Freshener.

Agency: Advantage Jakarta, India.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Five Black Bins brings together five design agencies from all over Cape Town to design a wrapable skin for 5 bins, chosen completely at random from the Cape Town suburb of Woodstock, in the context of its surroundings. The current black wheelie bin dates back to the late 70s and was introduced to South Africa in the late 80s. Whether you think the product design is ugly or beautiful, it has become part of a weekly routine and we often find that homeowners will decorate their bins and paint their street name & number on the sides. In addition to Cow, the agencies that got involved in the project were Room 13, Am I Collective, The President and Kronk.

Check the video here:
Five Black Bins

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sky "Fishtank"

DDB New Zealand went all out when promoting the film “knocked up” to air on Sky. First, they collected tadpoles, lots and lots of them. Then they converted a poster-stand into a fish tank. They put a model of an unfertilized egg in the center of the tank, and filled it with fish food that the tadpoles would naturally want. They hung the complete installation in a shopping mall. Super adgrunts can also see a film of the fish-tank build and end result inside.

Check the video here:

Agency: DDB New Zealand.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dutch customs regulations "Something to declare?"

To communicate Dutch customs regulations to passengers arriving at Schiphol airport and remind incoming travellers to consider the contents of their luggage before choosing between the red or the green lane, they came up with this guerilla campaign. Amongst traveller’s real luggage on the reclaim belts they planted ‘dummy’ suitcases with a crocodiles tail sticking out. With the additional message “Something to declare? Please go to the red channel.” They created a funny and important reminder to all travellers to think about the contents of their luggage and consider what may or may not need declaring.

Agency: S-W-H Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Pruhealth "Orange Dispenser"

Pruhealth, a UK health insurance provider, turned London bus stops into fruit dispensers. A piece of fruit is delivered to onlookers each minute while stock lasts. The bus stops have been converted to clear plastic hoppers which display and vend oranges. The instruction is “help yourself”. Each piece of fruit is labeled with the brand and a link to a microsite containing a DIY health check.

Agency: Pruhealth, United Kingdom.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Allan Gray Graduate Recruitment "Tie"

Get Ready. We’re Recruiting. Every year Allan Gray hosts a graduate recruitment campaign on campuses around South Africa. They handed out flyers which doubled as ties that students could wear. All the relevant information regarding the recruitment drive was printed on the reverse of the tie.

Advertising Agency: King James Cape Town, South Africa.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008 "Dog"

As its name suggests, is an online service that makes connections between people who have lost or found a pet dog or cat. To advertise the service, they produced lifesize cutouts of a dog, which we leave in places where large numbers of people pass by on foot - bus stops, shopping streets, parks, residential green areas where people walk their dogs. They even placed them on people's porches overnight. The dog's mournful eyes and expression make people stop, do a double take and absorb the simple message on the back of the cutout.

Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, UAE.

KNGF Guidedogs "Sunglasses / No Vision"

KNGF Guidedogs and sponsor SpecSavers created a special pair of sunglasses. They "hid" this trendy model in the racks with normal glasses. When somebody try's one of the models, they'll be in for a big suprise. The glasses are completely dark, so you can't see anything. An experience that makes you feel how it is to be visually handicaped. The "pricetag" explains SpecSavers' sponsorship of KNGF Guidedogs. This gives everybody the chance to be a sponsor too. This promo will run in all 80 SpecSaver stores in the country.

Agency: UbachsWisbrun JWT Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Sleeveface. One or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion.

Check the site here: