Friday, September 19, 2008

Hogar de Cristo "Box"

Hogar de Cristo is a foundation that operates in the Guayaquil poor suburban areas, with the mission of helping people in extreme poverty to have a house where to live. A second goal is to relocate these people to rural areas, where they have more opportunity for development. Many of these needy people are homeless, living on the street, sleeping in a piece of cardboard. The purpose of this mailing is to request the cooperation of private companies to donate material or money contributions to this noble cause. The mailing consists of a closed cardboard box with no visible impression on the outside. When opened, you can see the blueprints printed on the inside. It's accompanied with an explanation that invites active participation against the problem: "For you is a simple cardboard box. For others, a place to live".

Agency: Maruri Grey, Ecuador.