Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Belgian Burn Wound Foundation "Burning Man"

Belgian burn wound centers got an alarming increase of patients during the summer, all of them victims of barbeque accidents. These accidents are caused by exploding gas canisters or alchohol thrown on the fire. Refill bottles or flammable gel pots are also a cause for concern. Between June and August, almost every day a cosy garden party ends up in tragedy. To prevent more casualties, the Belgian Burn Wound Foundation wanted to create awareness for the luring dangers of barbequeing. Saturday 14th September the World Championship Barbeque was held in Belgium. While expecting 20.000 visitors, more than 30.000 barbeque fanatics showed up. On that day the Belgian Burn Wound Foundation presented "The Burning Man", a real man on fire walked around. He handed out flyers informing on how to prevent barbeque accidents as well as how to perform first aid. The stunt result in mass coverage in press and media, carrying on their work by further informing people about the dangers in barbequeing. Their website got a gigantic boost in intrested visitors and financial donations have also risen since their stunt.

Agency: Happiness Brussels, Belgium.