Saturday, September 29, 2007

Axe "Sticky Lingerie"

Only Axe could make pretty young ladies forget their intimate clothes in men bathrooms.

Agency: Lowe Ginkgo, Uruguay.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bayer Healthcare/União Zoofila, Dog abandonment.

This Summer Don't Leave Your Best Friend Behind.

Agency: JWT Lisbon, Portugal.

Greenfamily Youth Association of Envionment protection.

Maybe you do not aware that the polluted air in big city with flowing dust had already causes damage to your lungs. To attract people's aqttention, they print the picture of lungs on the hoover bags to simulate the damge wich polluted air bring to people's lungs. This is a warning to wake people's environmental protection sense. They will give away those hoover bags to the public on the street. People who get that bag would feel interesting first, and then will understand that: Bags are disposable, but your lungs are not! So everyone should pay attention to the quality of air and protect the environment.

Agency: Guangdong, Beijing, China.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Walhi "Fan Trees"

Most global warming campaigns tend to show horrifying impacts rather than to give a clue on how ordinary people can take part in fighting global warming. Trough this campaign they remind people of importance of trees in reducing global warming effect and instead of asking them to join a massive action in saving rain forests, they are simply encouraging them to plant tree. An action that is doable for most of the people and also help to suck up carbon dioxide. Each tree is printed on recycled paper.

Agency: Publicis, Indonesia.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CTC "USB Drop"

This execution was created to allow young Americans to experience what a trip to Canada would be like through the eyes of their peers. To create the content, they sent a young couple to three major Canadian cities: Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. They then told them to pose as tourists and have as much fun as they could while capturing it all on their digital camera and camcorder. The images and video footage were loaded on to 1000 USB keys, along with MP3s of Canadian indie bands and an authentic travel itinerary outlining the details of their trip. The keys were then scattered throughout selected neighbourhoods in the key market of Chicago. This was done in such a way as to make it appear as though their owners had lost them. In order to maintain authenticity, no Canadian Tourism branding was included either on or in the keys. Instead, imbedded links would appear when playing MP3s and, when clicked, would take a viewer to a Canadian Tourism Commission landing page (, which gave other target-specific options for things going on in Canada and also allowed them to track the success of the drop.

Agency: TribalDDB, Toronto.

Nicorette "Kick the Habit"

Nicorette wanted to capitalise on the July 1 2007 ban on smoking in NSW and Victorian pubs and clubs. They created a game of finger football called "Kick the Habit" using coasters that could be turned into miniature goal posts. This gave smokers something to do with their hands and distract them from cravings.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Australia.

Hawlett packard "Mirror"

Most of consumers don't realize color superiority of HP printer and ink. Since color quality is considered parity, they are more price driven in deciding which printer or ink they want to buy. This campaign is aimed to show that there's actually a big difference in term of color quality, because unlike other printers and ink HP printer and ink offers a wide range of true to life colors.

Agency: Publicis, Indonesia.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lush Lawn and Property Enhancement.

The business cards were letter pressed by hand and stuffed with grass seed. The best thing about them is when you hand one out, the seeds shake and instantly pay off the idea.

Agency: Struck, USA.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Patrimonio "A story to tell"

The Cultural and History Institute of Bogotá wanted to show the relevance of La Candelaria's Neighboorhood in Colombian history by showing that in those colonial houses and streets there is more than one story to tell; this was developed in an interactive mood away from the traditional standards used to promote national museums. They used La Candelaria's houses and streets as media; they simulated a time travel tunnel where people could take a quick view on real size history events that occurred where posted. By doing this, they generated an exceptional impact on pedestrians while preserving cultural value.

Agency: DraftFCB, Colombia.

Star Movies "For Your Eyes Only"

To promote this classic Bond movie, a special ‘peephole’ installation was placed in a busy city district – bearing the teaser, “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY”. People who were curious enough to look through the peephole saw the iconic 007 title sequence promoting the forthcoming show time.

Agency: Grey Hong Kong, China.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stabilo "Non-Stop Escalator"

To capture the long-lasting ability of Stabilo highlighters, giant pens were installed at the beginning of escalators throughout Hong Kong. As the steps continually moved forwards, the pen appeared to create the bright yellow safety marks on the side of the steps – non-stop from morning to night.

Agency: Grey, Hong Kong, China.


Plermin "Save the foot mirror"

Over 50,000 Indians lose their feet to diabetic foot ulcers every year. As a patient with diabetes, you can change the statistics by checking your feet regularly.

Agency: Sudler & Hennessey, India.

The hairdresser.

“Need a top chop? Call 0161 941 6999. The Hairdresser.”

Agency: mda:creative, United Kingdom.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Topvar Beer "Bottle-trumpet"

As one of the main partners of the Lotto Cup 2007 in ice hockey, Topvar beer had in addition with logos all over the arena also special designed trumpets designed as beer bottles (and used for cheering for your team) distributed among the crowds.

Agency: Istropolitana D'Arcy, Slovakia.

Wrangler Jeans "Who's Next 2007"

Wrangler decided to be in the International fashion show Who's Next 2007 by creating a street visual performance with dummies. During the two days of the show (7-8th of September) a few hours before the opening of the gates, Wrangler was outside awaiting to surprise the visitors with 60 dummies. The Saturday 8th of September during the night we took the dummies to the most Parisian crowded areas.

Agency: TriBeCa Paris, France.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 "Lawyer letter"

Promote to young people, increasing site traffic and sales. A personalized letter sent by a fictitious law firm, identifying the recipient as the father of a child and inviting him to a hearing which will determine his financial obligations. Tagline on the backside of the letter: ", use it or get use to it". Online traffic increased by 77% within 1 week after the letters had been sent and 2600 individual online orders were placed.

Agency: Happiness Brussels, Belgium.

BMW "Art Cars"

In the 1970s and 80s BMW invited some of the worlds best artists to use Le Mans BMWs as their canvases. The result became the BMW Art Car exhibition. To promote it when it came to Auckland, they commissioned local artists to take existing BMW billboards and turn them into art. Here is the making of video:
  • BMW Art Cars

  • Agency: Colenso BBDO, New Zealand.

  • Adsoftheworld

  • Monday, September 17, 2007

    Pony Malta.

    Pony Malta is a drink for young people with a high nutritional contents and thanks to that it has been able to take hold of the concept: Only those who drink Pony Malta are better prepared. The idea was to create a promotion in which the prizes would help university young students to be better prepared for the day-to-day and nothing better than to give away personal computers and USB keys for them to transport their files. They discovered that the best way to reach them was neither the television nor the radio and much less any other conventional media. They needed something new, something that other brands would have not used, and they found a space everybody had ignored and that would rotate from hand to hand at universities: The photocopies. The idea was simple. They gave away to stationery stores entire paper blocks for photocopiers. Each of the sheets of paper they gave away had impressed on their back our promotion. For the owners of the photocopiers it was a good deal, since the sheets of paper was free. With regard to the students, as it was a photocopy on “used” paper the price per copy was lower even if they made it on a completely white sheet of paper. The results were in quick. More than 62% bottle caps were redeemed during the 3 months the promotion lasted. In addition, Pony Malta’s consumption at universities increased 34% points in relation to the previous months of this activity.

    Agency: Lowe/SSP3 Bogota, Colombia.

    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    Rolls-Royce "Work of art"

    Rolls-Royce dealers in the United States needed support in selling the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Prospects were rejecting it because they thought it was just too big, brash and overpowering. They needed them to reassess it. Focus on the craftsmanship and Englishness with a Proposition: "Hand- made in England". To demonstrate this, they sent them a work of art by the man at Rolls Royce who paints the "coachlines" along the side of the car. This came complete with a Certificate of Authenticity to prove it was an original work of art. They also included a seven page letter because we wanted to tell the full story about the craftsmanship. (The very fact that we'd taken the time and effort to craft a seven page letter also differentiated Rolls-Royce from other car companies). This was a real breakthrough. Prior to this, none of the 29 Rolls-Royce Dealerships in the US had ever agreed to participate in a dm programme. Everyone of them signed up. They are only six weeks into the programme but so far there have been 15 leads. The car sells at $500,000. So you can see why Rolls-Royce are very excited about the results of this campaign.

    Agency: Harrison Troughton Wunderman, United Kingdom.

    Lotto "Millionaire"

    Experience being a millionaire:
  • Millionaire the film

  • Agency: Redurban Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Friday, September 14, 2007

    Durex "The Big Day Out"

    The Big Day Out (BDO) is the most talked about annual music event in New Zealand, attracting over 40,000 people. Durex gave DDB New Zealand NZ$7,000 to create a strong presence there and get young people talking about and using their products. You can't use condoms on your own, so they decided to do a little matchmaking. Everyone was given a lanyard (neck tag) displaying a number and told to find the person of the opposite sex with the same number. Guys were given blue ones, girls pink ones. A NZ$5,000 prize was on offer for one lucky couple. 40,000 tags were given out. Thousands of condom and lube samples were also handed out, just in case, as well as other branded giveaways. Sales increased 35% from the same time last year. Durex want to do it again next year.

    Agency: DDB New Zealand.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Mirage Travel Tours "Hammock"

    How about a tropical break?

    Agency: Impact BBDO Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    Monday, September 10, 2007

    Gabriela "Clock"

    According to a PNP study, a woman is abused by her partner every hour. This clock is given to offices and public building to help stop this disturbing trend.

    Agency: DM9JaymeSyfu, Philippines.

    Track Crossing Safety Campaign.

    Cross where it's safe. Too many didn't.

    Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington, New Zealand.


    Alex Woolley encouraging Adults to Play in the Rain. This unique, funnel shaped umbrella harnesses the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. The user can fire at will, maintaining a constant flow of water as long as rain continues to fall!
  • Alex Woolley

  • Sunday, September 09, 2007

    Quintuples Natural Drink "Served by nature"

    Quintuples Natural Drink Served by nature.

    Agency: ToroVazquezMora/Fischer America, Ecuador.

    The Bay "Boom!"

    The Bay challenges women to embrace fashion freedom for latest campaign called “Boom!” Boom! Is the latest campaign the Bay is launching to celebrate the fall season. The campaign which launched today with “fashion freedom protests” outside key Bay retail locations, is one inspired by the baby boom generation. Boomers are brand- savvy and discriminating, preferring the best in fashion, décor and electronics – all of which the Bay offers. It’s all about reconnecting with a core target audience. Boom! nods to her ‘60’s and ‘70’s history of rebellion and protest, but this time, it’s about freedom of expression, and basically, wearing what feels good now. It’s about feeling good in your own skin and wearing clothing that makes you feel and look fabulous.”

    Agency: John st, Canada.

    Heineken "Speaker Crates"

    Develop a premium that underwrites ‘music’ as one of the biggest sponsor properties of the Heineken Brand. -Is a big wannahave. -Supports the dynamics of the Heineken brand. -Fits the new Heineken theme: Serving the planet. -Increase sales during action period The Heineken Speaker Crates are small speakers (68 x 115 x 87 mm) that look like the crates in which Heineken sells 24 bottles of beer 30cl. The biggest SKU (volume wise) in the Netherlands. You can add the Speaker Crates to every PC (with a USB cable) or plug any MP3 player into them and use them wherever you want (by inserting batteries). They are small but sound great! The Heineken Speaker Crates come with 6 cans of Heineken 33cl in a special pack. And are sold for no more than €9,95. The promotion runs from 20 august 2007.

    Agency: Combinatie van Factoren Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Thursday, September 06, 2007

    Jazz Club Helicon "Piano Ticket"

    On "keys" of the "grand piano" dates of a forthcoming classical and jazz concerts were printed.

    Agency: Realpro, Russia.

    Ford Ranger "Rough road"

    The projects purpose was to allow drivers to experience the Ford pickup's attribute of softness on hostile surfaces. In order to achieve this, several floor graphics were imprinted with cracks, snow and/or mud in various city streets. Next to them, a road signal that read "This is how it feels, Ford Ranger" was placed. Drivers drove through a difficult road without feeling it; situation that led them to experience the unique softness of riding in a Ford pickup. The floor graphics were placed in lateral streets and parking areas with speed limits that didn't exceed 10 kilometers per hour, with the objective of looking out for the driver's safety.

    Agency: JWT Santiago, Chile.

    Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    Volvo XC 70 "Maps"

    Volvo has launched a new campaign site for the XC70. It’s the first campaign under the new brand theme ‘Life is better lived together’. To stress that people can take the four wheel drive everywhere, 70 XC70’s were placed on the most rugged, the most beautiful and the most remote areas all over the world. The challenge is to find all locations using Yahoo Maps, which is integrated into the campaign site. The first locations are not that hard to find, but it gets more difficult very quickly. To help people out some clues are provided.

    Start the hunt:
  • Volvo XC70 Game

  • Agency: Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Warchild "Camp Okutta Brochure"

    A team of young camp counselors were hired to hand out Camp Okutta brochures downtown and in residental neighbourhoods. "Camp Okutta does not exist, but camps like it exist all over the world".

    Agency: John st, Canada.

    Sunday, September 02, 2007

    John Caples Awards entries now open.

    Entries has opened for the 30th John Caples International Awards. This contest is based on problem solving. It is to your advantage to fully describe the real-world situation your entry had to face, such as exceptional competition, new kind of product, low budget, geographical restrictions, etc. Points are awarded based on the way your team creatively defeated these direct marketing difficulties. The entry Deadline is Sunday, September 30.

    Check out the site for more information.
  • The Caples Awards

  • Eurobest entries now open.

    Entries has opened for Europe’s leading Direct and Sales Promotion competition for creative excellence in advertising, Eurobest 2007. The entry deadline is Friday 28 September and judging will take place in London from 26-29 November. Winners will be announced at EurobestLive, Eurobest’s annual digital awards ceremony showcasing the best of European creativity. EurobestLive takes place on Friday 30 November.

    Check out the site for more information.
  • Eurobest

  • Inspiration.

    Nice photography by Thomas Allen. His photographs are inspired by his childhood experiences with pop-up books and View-Masters. He begins his process by cutting figures and images out of illustrated pages of old books and vintage fiction novels. Allen then cleverly rearranges and juxtaposes the forms to create three-dimensional scenes. Next, he carefully lights his subjects and photographs the scenes. When separated from their original stories, the figures take on fresh roles in entirely new situations.
  • Thomas Allen

  • WWF "Destruction cycle, Cup"

    Many gunshots, many canons, and more noises of sawing machine. Houses torn down, animals in danger of extinction, forests disappearing EL Nino getting serious. All those things done will eventually harm man himself. This creative is based on cycle. Paper cup as a special medium is conveying a strong message, that damaging others will be a big damage to human being himself, while the round cup is also a cycled shape.

    Agency: Shunya Beijing, China.

    Saturday, September 01, 2007

    Journal da Tarde Newspaper "Circle"

    They created big red circles, of different sizes, imitating the trace of an actual pen. Exactly as if it were a circle drawn arround a classified ad. This circle was placed in front of different objects in public areas with large circulation of people in the city of Sao Paulo. With the following phrase: Youn can find it in the JT Classified Section. This kind of intervention in the streets was developed for the very first time, creating a new type of media. Hundreds of people saw the pieces in the streets of Sao Paulo, generating great impact and comments troughout the city. A simple low-cost idea wich exceeded the client's expectations.

    Agency: Leo Burnett, Brazil.

    NIFFF "Throat cut"

    Reinforce the visual identity of the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) by creating a unique and distinctive "uniform" to be worn by festival staff during the event. White T-shirts with a "blood-stained" collar design to give the impression that the wearer has had his or throat cut. This action not only delighted the general public, but also let them know exactly who to ask for information or assistance. Many visitors even asked where they could get one ot the T-shirts for their own personal use. Unfortunately for them, the T-shirts were not available for sale, having been produced as a limited series for NIFFF staff only.

    Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Simko, Switzerland.