Sunday, September 09, 2007

Heineken "Speaker Crates"

Develop a premium that underwrites ‘music’ as one of the biggest sponsor properties of the Heineken Brand. -Is a big wannahave. -Supports the dynamics of the Heineken brand. -Fits the new Heineken theme: Serving the planet. -Increase sales during action period The Heineken Speaker Crates are small speakers (68 x 115 x 87 mm) that look like the crates in which Heineken sells 24 bottles of beer 30cl. The biggest SKU (volume wise) in the Netherlands. You can add the Speaker Crates to every PC (with a USB cable) or plug any MP3 player into them and use them wherever you want (by inserting batteries). They are small but sound great! The Heineken Speaker Crates come with 6 cans of Heineken 33cl in a special pack. And are sold for no more than €9,95. The promotion runs from 20 august 2007.

Agency: Combinatie van Factoren Amsterdam, The Netherlands.