Saturday, April 28, 2007


Specially-designed cans were distributed to pubs for use as part of an "enjoy responsibly" campaign.

Agency: BBDO Toronto, Canada.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Crushed Pack.

A mailpack in the form of a crushed box, with an official red stamp on the outside saying, Unfortunately this package was slightly damaged in transit. Inside, a photograph shows the risks of level crossings. A highly targeted piece, sent to people with level crossings on their private land.

Agency: IRIS, United Kingdom.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hyundai "Surprise"

Hyundai surprise.

Agency: Guangdong Advertising Beijing, China.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


JWT devised a simple and low cost solution in order to reach Think Centre's target of financially independent adults at a time when they would be most motivated to react. The idea was to grab the attention of diners in restaurants during Chinese New Year, a period of great feasting and celebration. 650 specially commissioned chopsticks packs were placed at tables all around the country. When the diners opened the pack in order to tuck into their food, they found that one of the chopsticks was broken. Attached to it was the message, 'Landmine victims find it difficult to feed themselves', with a website to visit to make a donation.

Agency: JWT Singapore.


Wet your finger and rub to find out what millions of women feel. Over two million girls suffer genital mutilation every year. After following the instructions, thanks to a special ink, the word NOTHING appears underneath. The AMAM association has very few members and strictly limited funds, for which reason it had to run a campaign with few resources but convincing, with a high profile. This is why a free postcard was chosen, to be distributed at strategic points where the target audience was to be found: arthouse cinemas, theatres, galleries, etc. The postcard’s impact was visible very quickly, with donations, e-mails and even mentions in the media.

Agency: Contrapunto Barcelona, Spain.

Powerhouse Healthclub.

This is a satire of the need to work out. A t-shirt with a small inlet-outlet rubber is attached to the t-shirt.


Anacin "Calendar"

To communicate the effectiveness of Anacin in a amusing and fresh manner to the young and urban audience using a non traditional media. A table-top calendar was designed with each day carrying a different sex position, with the last page bearing the message. “No headaches. 365 days a year”. Thus putting a new spin on the age-old exuse. “Not tonight honey. I’ve got a headache”.

Agency: Rediffusion DYR Delhi, India.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Aba Association "Help"

Mailing sent before contacting them personally, to the managers of media centers and institutions sensitive to the probleem of anorexia, bulimia and obesity. In order to obtain communication support. The idea is based on the same mechanism used in the print and tv campaign in wich food products become the language through wich the suffers of these illnesses express their need for help.

Agency: DDB Milan, Italy.


Suprising the consumer at the parking lot entry of shopping malls by changing the standard greeting recording. When people stopped at the gate, instead of hearing the usual greeting they heard the same voice coughing and speaking in a hoarse tone. At the gate, a poster presented the medicine.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Brazil.

Monday, April 23, 2007

National Geographic "Earth´s Day"

In order to communicate Earth´s Day and show National Geographic's Channel (NGC) concern for environmental issues, a presskit was sent to media buyers, partners and press.This press kit was composed by a 2007 reserve mineral water bottle, highlighting the fact that this natural resource will become a luxury good due to its scarcity.

Agency: Torke Lisbon, Portugal.

Droga Raia.

In the Ibirapuera Park, there were vaporizers placed to refresh visitors. On the sides of these vaporizers, there is a place designed to propagate publicity. They used visuals of people coughing and sneezing with the message that “the flu is in the air”.

Agency: QG, Brazil.

Idea Cemetary.

Idea Cemetary is the latest project for Getty Images in Germany.

Translation of the letter:

Dear Mr. ,

It is with deep sadness that we acknowledge the death of your idea. Beloved ideas are often torn from this world far too soon, and whether these unexpected farewells are at the behest of consultants, creative directors or customers, the pain is always real.

Perhaps your grief will be easier to bear if you know that others share in it -thousands of ideas die each day. Join our large, grieving community at and commiserate with friends over the grandeur of your idea. To find peace, please use the enclosed memorial park, which will make your desktop a place of solemn reflection.

You’ll realise how good it feels to let go. Wonderful days with beautiful new ideas lie before you. Our online catalogue ‘One Life’ will show you the latest and most important visual trends and will inspire you to fresh, stunning ideas.

With best wishes for your creative future,

Horst Zsifkovits
Vice President of Sales
Central and Northern Europe

Agency: HEYE121, Germany.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Conservatoire de Musique Ilyes Jaryan "Violin"

To target potentional clients, the music school “Conservatoire de Musique Ilyes Jaryan” and the agency decided to communicate during la Semaine de la Musique Instrumentale, a famous music festival in Tunis. The idea was to make flyers and place them on the windscreens of the cars parked in the car parks dedicated to the event as well in the near area of the concerts.

Agency: Memac Ogilvy Label, Tunis.

Meastro Limpio.

They created an action wich consisted of slipping a transparency under front doors with the claim “more shine for your floors”. When people entered or left their homes, they noticed how much shinier their floors could be when using maestro Limpio.

Agency: Grey, Argentina.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A mailing in the form of a little envelope with a very, very big letter inside.

Agency: TEQUILA\Auckland, New Zealand.

  • TEQUILA\Auckland

  • Papillon Beauty Salon "Helmet"

    Intresting massages emphasizing the importance of wearing a helmet were printed in reserve on Salon Aprons. When youngsters, predominantly bikers, frequented the Salon for hair styling, streaking or colouring, the massages on the mirror literally hit them in the head. Result being, most of them realised that wearing a helmet is indeed a cool thing to do.

    Agency: Quadrant Communications Pune, India.

    Monday, April 16, 2007

    SMS Bandi.

    The guy starring in the video is SMS Bandi, a man whose profession is playing music on weddings and other similar events. He decided to break the record and sing non-stop SMS texts 30 days long with the help of a piano, a guitar and many more instruments. Send him an SMS and he will write music for it! The performance is live! The link:

    Agency: Leo Burnett Budapest, Hungary.

    WWF "Black cloud"

    While the Chinese economy is booming, the skies above its cities are darkening. One of the biggest causes is the phenomenal growth in the number of cars and exhaust emissions. To kick of their ’20 tips for sustainable development’ campaign and drive people to their mini-site, WWF expressed one tip in dramatic fashion. Along with an increase in new volunteers, WWF recieved coverage of the event in a number of Chinese newspapers as well as on CCTV 9, Beijing TV, Phoenix TV; even international news stations as far away as Deutsche Welle Broadcasting in Germany an Al Jazeera in the Middle East. The copy on the balloon: Drive one day less and look how much carbon monoxide you”ll keep out of the air we breathe.

    Agency: Ogilvy Beijing, China.

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007 "The Ass-Kisser Project"

    Terrible working conditions, low wages, a whole generator of interns: Stop it!, one of the biggest German job exchanges, shows you the way to a better job. At the 8th of December a sign was set for better working conditions in Germany.

    Agency: Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, Germany.

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007


    Mirrors replaced by cameras in shopping malls and business centers. Polaroid. Instant Images.

    Agency: Santa Clara, São Paulo, Brazil.

    eBay "Cardboard box"

    A cardboard box was sent to office workers to tempt them to resign from their current jobs and start a business of their own at The cardboard box is the symbolic, stereotypical box, office workers use to pack thier work things in when they resign.

    Agency: M&C Saatchi Sydney.

    Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.

    The Sydney Dogs Home also re-houses cats. Or tries to. But because of their name, no one associates them with cats. As a result over 65% of cats were being put down. So the Sydney Dogs home changed its name to the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home. This DM was sent to media influencers to make them aware of this change in the hope that it would generate free media coverage. Within the first week of mailing, five articles had been written and a story was run on a local current affairs TV program (free coverage worth $85,000 from a mailing costing a total of $269).

    Agency: M&C Saatchi Sydney.

    Monday, April 09, 2007

    Vodafone "User Manual"

    Direct marketing piece to promote Vodafone's new wireless broadband modem, which was called 'vodem'. Installing the modem is simplicity itself. To reflect that six of the eight pages in the 'User Manual' are blank.

    Agency: Draft, New Zealand.

    Friday, April 06, 2007

    American Lung Association "Purity"

    The American Lung Association has been organizing the Hustle Up The Hancock for 10 years now, raising millions of dollars in their quest to end lung disease. With Purity, They wanted to dramatize the perfume experience by highlighting a scent they've never experienced - clean air. By giving people an empty perfume vial, Purity caught people off-guard and drew their attention to the ALAC's goal of improving the air we breath.

    Agency: OfficeMax In-house, Naperville, USA.

    Thursday, April 05, 2007


    Supermarkets freezers are the setting for this ambient idea of Unicef in Norway. “The children of Kashmir are freezing” Support Unicef.

    Agency: Dinamo Reklamebyra, Oslo, Norway.

  • Adsoftheworld

  • Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Ford Ranger Extreme Matchbox.

    Ford was introducing the ranger extreme, a Limited Edition model with cargo bed extender that allowed for 30% more payload. The request was to highlight this feature. Many truck buyers are in blue-collar industries such as auto repair, construction and plumbing. They tend to gather in specific after-work pubs. Therefore, matchboxes could both illustrate the product benefit and bu useful to the target audience. The matchboxes were given to 5,000 potential buyers at these pubs. The box provided Ford’s website address so the curious could see what the truck looked like and book a test-drive. Over 1600 people visited the website, of wich 450 booked a test-drive. 300 finally test-drove the car. The Limited Edition Ranger extreme was sold out a month ahead of schedule.

    Agency: JWT, Malaysia.

    Land Rover Defender

    Unlike most utility 4x4s, which use part-time 4WD, the Defender's 4WD is always working. The mailing consists of a series of stout cards, held resolutely together in four corners by bulldog clips - because 'permanent 4 wheel drive guarantees more grip'. Factual no-nonsense copy and pictures of Defenders hard at work put the vehicle's credentials beyond doubt. Yellow Pencil winner 2006 at the D&AD.

    Agency: Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel, United Kingdom.

    Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    J&J Sundown “Dimmer”

    A bus shelter poster for a sun tanning lotion with a built-in light dimmer wich makes the models tan change colors.

    Agency: DDB Brasil, São Paulo.

    Gold’s Gym.

    Build awareness and recruit none gym goers through targeted media and minimal funds. Most men dream of a good looking, and strong body, but very few do something about it. While men are at the local barber, they will unexpectedly discover how they would look like if they workout at Gold’s Gym. The perfect body is printed on the barber’s apron. The logo is in inverse and can only be seen through the mirror. A card with telephone numbers and adresses is handed at the exit.

    Agency: JWT, Cairo, Egypt.

    Lentswe Poetry Project.

    They wanted to get people talking about the Lentswe Poetry Project, and to entice people to enter in a way they’d never seen. They used an important insight - people who write poetry are people who are feeling something – So they encouraged them to express that on our posters, or send us a poem! The posters boosted the online entries to the poetry competition during the time they were up. The Lentswe Project has had sell out audiences at poetry evenings, and entries from all over the country.

    Agency: FCB Impact, Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Monday, April 02, 2007

    BMX "Scary Jump"

    Come watch panic. BMX Scary Jump. 28 29 30 November Modena Park.

    Agency: Leo Burnett, Milano, Italy.

    Cañamo matchbox.

    Cañamo, being a magazine and not marihuana, is not be present during the consumption of cannabis, which leads to a significant loss of the key moments where the brand’s presence should generate a strong emotional relation and experience with the connoisseurs of the cannabis culture; thus incrementing the magazine’s subscriptions. Take over the very famous insight in this circle that are the matchboxes that transform into pipes by making a hole in them. For this purpose, they already designed a matchbox that counts with a hole already made, and an attractive and modern design for the object audience. They will distribute these matchboxes away in places where the object audience gathers: surf, rock, skate and cigarettes shops, Hip-Hop concerts and Reggae concerts.

    Agency: Base1, Santiago, Chile.