Friday, August 31, 2007

Weight Watchers "Bacon boomerang"

Would you prefer it if the fat didn't come back? Weight Watchers. Get it off and keep it off. This Weight Watchers boomerang was handed out to people in the street.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp, Belgium.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hyundai "Revolving lantern"

Today consumers are widely exposed to all kinds of information. they need a funny and impressive presentation to make consumers aware of the fact that Atos Prime is a low gas-consumption vehicle. Borrowing from China's traditional revolving lantern, it delivers the selling point that the Atos Prime needs very little heat to be driven. The heat of a little candle can run Atos Prime 5000 m. The funny and creative gadget directly explains the gas-saving character of the product. It can be widely exhibited at bars, café and restaurants to communicate and interact with the targeted consumers directly. "Believe it or not, a little heat makes Atos Prime run 5000 meters! Want to try?".

Agency: Guangdong Beijing, China.

Volkswagen "Test drive before you test drive"

To launch the Eos Convertible, Volkswagen wanted people to experience the beauty of open top motoring, and of course, encourage them to take a test drive. They gave potential customers a preview of what it was like to test drive the new Eos Convertible. They were each sent a pack containing three large format posters, featuring beautiful shots of the sky. The instructional booklet asked them to wind down their windows and attacht the posters to the ceilings of their cars, simulating the joys of open top motoring in an Eos Convertible.

Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia.

Virgin Mobile "Exciting ads need exciting offers"

Virgin Mobile wanted to involve as many people as possible in its exciting new retail offer. To do this they decided to run an extremely boring ad then give the viewers the ability to vote on how they could make the ad as exciting as the offer. The initial TVC invited them to a website to vote on wich genre, music, costume and co-star they would like to see in a new ad. The most popular options were then used to create the new and improved campaign.

Agency: Host & The Glue Society, Australia.

Super Glue "Car wheel lock"

The challenge was to raise the level of knowledge of the Super Glue brand in a market with unavailable buget for traditional media. They hired a fleet of vehicles that were placed in high transited points in the city. A boot was attached to them, like the ones the traffic police attach to infractors. The boot was designed in a way so that the vehicle looked like if a tube of Super Glue was attached to stop it from moving.

Agency: BBDO Guatemala.


Fish Bowls is a new project by designer Roger Arquer that presents 15 variations on the standard fish bowl including Do Not Piss Me Off (below), which “tells us about the power to decide between the life and death of the fish”. The Fish Bowls will be exhibited in London this September as part of an exhibition called Conversational Spanish 02.
  • Fish Bowls

  • Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    Nike "Gone Running"

    These "Gone Running" signs were given to runners.

    Agency: Wieden + Kennedy.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    Rex Theater "Blood under the door"

    This communication was targeted at the college hostels and PGs in areas around MG Road. The exercise was conducted a week before the Horror Film Festival at Rex Theater. The target group comprised film buffs, who look forward to film festivals and enjoy horror films the most. These transparent sheets printed with red colour were slipped under the door, to make it seem like blood was "seeping" under the door. The exercise was a huge succes. All the shows were completely sold out. moreover, after the festival, college students used the device to play a prank on unsuspecting friends.

    Agency: Rediffusion Dyr, India.


    This stunt was for P-Mates a disposable, biodegradable product that makes it possible for women to pee standing up. To drive trial where the product was most needed (i.e. dirty public toilets), we reversed the men¹s and women¹s washroom signs at a local bar. Stepping into the washroom, women were met with signage on the floor, over the sink, the urinal and in the stall. With free P-Mate samples mounted on the signs and trial offer coupons printed on nearby toilet paper, it only took a few brave women to spark a chain reaction that spilled out of the washroom, onto the street and into neighboring bars.

    Agency: Big House Communications, Canada.

    Monday, August 27, 2007

    Sport Batel Gym "Elevator"

    Control your weight. Get in shape at Sport Batel Gym.

    Agency: Fuego Comunicação Criativa, Brazil.


    Security is an worldwide issue nowadays, and concerning your home while an alarm system will let you know if someone has broken in it won’t do much to stop a determined intruder once they’re inside. So the designer James McAdam created Safe Bedside Table. When not in use it looks like a normal bedside table but in the middle of the night if you think there might be an intruder the table turns into a club and shield giving you somewhat of a fighting chance.
  • James McAdam

  • Sunday, August 26, 2007

    Alliance Theatre "Cuttin' Up"

    To promote the Alliance Theatre's production of Cuttin' Up, a play about the culture of the African-American barber shop, they created a guerilla campaign based on a classic icon that figures prominently in the play - the afro pick. They hired Atomic Props to produce a series of five-foot-tall afro picks and then they set them in large shrubs and bushes around the city. Their goal was to generate buzz and ticket sales, and they got both – five stories on the local news, and a 60% increase in ticket sales.

    Agency: BBDO Atlanta, USA.

    HSBC "Notes"

    This is part of a massive campaign in which the approach to insurance advertising is very different, with a very dark sense of humor. People seem to know what's going to happen to them and they don't even seem to care. These notes were placed at homes or on cars, warning the owners that they were going to be robbed, even asking them to leave the windows open or the keys in the ignition to make it easier. In the end of the note, signed HSBC Insurance, Life gives no warning.

    Agency: JWT, Mexico.

    Nivea "Cinema Curtain"

    Find the most economical way possible to achieve the following aims: Raise the awarness of Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 plus Day care among the target group "urbane women from 40 upwards". Explicitly and clearly communicate the products benefit: smoother skin in short time. Caus the highest request possible for free samples.Movie theatres targeting a mature audience were chosen. To achieve an impact a high as possible neither the commercial, nor time and place of the airing was conventional. The commercial already started when people took their seats. For several minutes the portrait of a women was projected onto the curtain. The draw of the curtain emphasized the product benefit. After the show 85% of the interviewees spontanously named Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 plus when asked about the comercials shown before the movie. The rate of return exeeded all expectations: Approximately 15% of the female viewers ordered free samples via the internet.

    Agency: TBWA\Vienna, Austria.

    Tuco and Manuco "The Last Party"

    Tuco and Manuco, famous comic characters of the ecuadorean theatre were having their goodbye show named "La Ultima Farra" (The Last Party). Tuco and Manuco are two elders that enjoy making funny remarks about the country's situation from their unique perspective as dirty old men. The show uses the concept of a party as an excuse to involve the audience. The request was to create an invitation for the show's opening addressed to important opinion leaders in the community. In order to involve the audience they used a bottle that's commonly used for strong sugar cane liquor, the traditional drink in ecuadorean parties. In the label they put a humorous copy and the sinopsis of the play. But the special detail was inside the bottle. There, they put a picture of Tuco and Manuco printed in a transparant paper, that showed them swimming in alchohol, wich as the play states, keeps the body well preserved. In the opening the teatre was completely sold out.

    Agency: Norlop JWT Guayaquil, Ecuador.

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    The Stella Artois "Gold Room"

    The brief was to create an innovative brand experience for the screening of a classic film, and its audience recruitment. With the brand playing an integral role, the communication had to maintain Stella Artois Screen's global strategy- "Fanatical about film." Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" was chosen with to weeks to recruit the core target in a cool and original way. The creative idea was to take the famous bar scene from the film and recreate it exactly, with the consumer stepping into the role played by Jack nicholson in the film. Both recruiters on the street, and the characters inside, were presented in formal dress and spoke in a manner that was true to the scary film. The experience was very disconcerting for the passers-by, whom on entering the bar, were confronted by an actor who maintained the role of Lloyd, the bartender from the film. Lloyd acted as if he was from 1920's and served Stella Artois, where Jack Nicholson's character had been served Bourbon. The small groups of quest would drink a beer at the bar while Lloyd would purposely try to make them uneasy. A 1929's waltz played in the background to up the sinister feel inside the bar. To get their invitation to the screening, quest had to follow precisely planned steps: Follow Lloyd's directions to room 237, leave their contact details with an attendant, then register online in their own time, at witch point they would finally discover what the invitation was for and the details. The screening took place shortly after at brisbane's old museum wich was also refitted to look like film's Outlook Hotel. The event was a succes with a 205% over-subscription for the screening. Huge talkability was generated in the area, attracting attention from local press. The free PR of the first day contributed to a surge on the second night. After two busy nights, the bar was closed as miysteriously as it had opened.

    Agency: Lowe Hunt Sydney, Australia.

    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Coffees of Hawaii.

    Make consumers aware that can deliver amazing choices of coffees to them in frequency and quantity he or she chooses. Define desired neighborhoods and selected popular tourist areas and then drop off coffee samples attached to parachutes with a little note and a friendly reminder that coffee can arrive indeed quickly to desired locations.

    Agency: Guerrilla Communication, USA.

    Peruvian Institute of Advertising "Monsters"

    These are sheets of a drawing book delivered to first-year ad students. Each sheet shows the watermarked image of a monster. To se it on a laptop screen, lean back the screan until it gets visible.

    Agency: Leo Burnett, Peru.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    Clinica Marques "Shirt"

    Due to the boom of cosmetic surgeries in Columbia there is an over offer in the mass media of plasic surgeons and esthetic centers. They put women wearing t-shirts as regular consumer in bars and clubs. The back of these t-shirts simulate the chest of a woman without breasts, (with the credit: before), and the front of them, show the result after breast implants, (with the credit: after, and the website of the clinic at the bottem).

    Agency: SSA Laicon, Colombia.


    There is more energy captured in 1 frozen frame, than a 7 second Hollywood blockbusting explosion. Pioneered by MIT’s Doc Edgerton, now worldwide people are shooting n’ shattering anything they can find, preserving tiny milliseconds of intensity.
  • Everyone Forever

  • Taxi Frankfurt "The Piss-Screen"

    The Piss-Screen - a pressure-sensitive inlay set within urinals, enabling users to play while they pee. They installed this newfangled creation in male restrooms across Frankfurt, teaming up with a variety of bars, clubs and cafés. The game itself was displayed on a screen above each urinal, and would automatically start as soon as someone began to pee. The player could then control the car whilst relieving himself – if they wanted the car to go right, they simply peed to the right (and visa versa).

    There is a whole site about this project, check out the videos:
  • The Piss-Screen

  • Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Germany.

    Semina Lubricant Gel.

    Gay Pride Parade. Come Out To See.

    Agency: EURO RSCG São Paulo, Brasil.

    Unicef "Children's Collection"

    Protect a child 8 EUR per month. For only 8 euros per month, you can become a Unicef sustaining member. And help give children around the world the protection they deserve. For more information visit:

    Agency: Serviceplan München, Hamburg, Germany.

    Hot Wheels "Binoculars"

    Kids love cars. Big or small. That's why a lot of them go with their parents to Motor Shows. And so it's a dream place to advertise for Hot Wheels. They created Hot Wheels binoculars with a special lense inside: instead of showing things big, it was showing them smaller. Cars appear like miniatures. Text on binoculars: "Now at the Motor Show, tommorrow by Hot Wheels".

    Agency: McCann Erickson Genève, Switzerland.

  • Adsoftheworld

  • Veloblitz "Bike Couriers"

    We deliver it quickly. Veloblitz. The fastest bike couriers in Zurich.

    Agency: Scholz & Friends, Switzerland.

    Monday, August 20, 2007

    Greetings from Fjällbacka.

    Four postcards and a souvenir plate with a morbid twist - used as direct marketing for the new crime book from the successful crime novelist Camilla Läckberg. Camilla Läckberg has a very vivid interest in the psychology behind violence and murder, and has combined that with her perception of life in a small picturesque sea village, Fjällbacka, where she grew up.

    Agency: Ester Stockholm, Sweden.

    Poms will whinge.

    The British Council's 'Realise Your Dream' programme awards six creative young Australians with a mentorship in the UK under their chosen British guru. One of these six awards is the Mordant Visual Arts Award, specially dedicated to visual artists. This brief was for a follow up piece once the main campaign had been launched, to remind and encourage young artists to enter this competition. They produced an integrated campaign based around the thought that 'Poms Will Whinge', because their opportunity to work alongside these leading lights was being taken by 'undeserving' Aussies. (In Australia, it is common practice to jokingly portray the English as a nation of whingers.) Part of the campaign was a viral ad featuring a disillusioned British artist George Burkett. This DM piece was sent to leading art professors at leading art colleges to remind them to encourage their students to enter this competition. They increased the number of entries by 85% while reducing the cost per application from $68 to $40. The work also generated press coverage worth an estimated $50k. Feedback from the DM was fantastic: "At first it scared the shit out of me. Then I realised what it was. Brilliant. A+." Vaughn Rees - College of Fine Arts UNSW.

    Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Australia.

    The Profiler.

    To promote one of the most reliable and renowned advertising recruitment companies "The Profiler" Advertising professionals were sent a box containig 15 of India's top advertising agencies business cards. Each business card had the addressee's name and designation printed on it, followed by a message (printed inside the box) asking the addressee to pick his or her favourite agency's card. Thus illustrating just how easy it is to get one's dream job through The Profiler. The direct mailer worked wonders for The Profiler. Almost all addressees responded and got themeselves registered.

    Agency: Vyas Giannetti Creative, India.