Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Think Centre "Missing"

Missing a piece?

Agency: The Alchemy Partnership, Singapore.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Channel 4 "Big 4"

17m high, 18 ton steel structure in front of the HQ in London. A year long installation, with four different artists/designers invited to customize the structure. First up, they worked with acclaimed fashion photographer, Nick Knight – whose interpretation, ‘Heart’, symbolizes Channel 4 at heart of a multicultural Britain. Using lenticular lenses, they created the impression the structure gently breathes as you move through and around it.

Agency: Freestate London, United Kingdom.

Monday, October 29, 2007

NOKIA E65 "Real Time News"

They use a stand of mobile phone to renovate the newspaper shelf. The idea that they are trying to send in this piece of work is; if you have NOKIA E65, you would be able to read the latest news simply through your phone.

Agency: Bates Taiwan, Taipei.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

91 Rock Calendar "Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die"

Turning a common gift into something extraordinary. That’s how the 91 Rock 2007 Calendar emerged. A tridimensional gravestone, with the name of 12 rock stars, dead between January and December. In the back of each month, details about the artist and the intriguing facts surrounding his/her death. The creative line of the piece – Rock ‘n’ roll will never die – is lined up with the main proposition of the radio station that emphasizes rock as a cultural phenomenon that guides to ways of life, creates tendencies and brings information and entertainment.

Agency: JWT Brazil.

Betzler's Personal Training "The Heavyweight Brochure"

To produce a promotional brochure for personal trainer Sieglinde Betzler. This heavyweight brochure had solid steel plates in its cover. To lift, open and read it, people therefore had to put in a bit of effort: it weighed 2 kilograms. 200 mailings were sent out to a target audience of senior decision-makers in November 2006. As of 23 December 2006, 43 requests for an introductory training session had been received. In January 2007, a follow-up mailing was sent.

Agency: BBDO Stuttgart, Germany.

Uli Sela Setphotographer "Always Behind the Scenes"

To introduce the setphotographer Uli Sela to film producers and establish his credentials among this target group. They used semi-transparent materials printed on the back to symbolize how setphotographer Uli Sela knows exactly what goes on behind the scenes. The mailings enjoyed a response rate of 14%, significantly increasing the number of commissions Uli Sela received.

Agency: BBDO Stuttgart, Germany.

Like A River Brand Agency.

Professional Snowman This is their Christmas gift to friends and clients. As always it involves fun, drinking and this year everything you need to produce a ‘whoop-ass’ snowman. Size 250 x 290 x 100.

Agency: Like A River Brand Agency, United Kingdom.

Orthodontist Dr. Rathenow "Uncorrected Teeth Pacifiers Promotion"

The orthodontist Dr. Rathenow specialises in early diagnosis and correction of children’s defective jaws and teeth. To promote this service, specially designed pacifiers were handed out to parents of small children. The pacifiers gave the parents a funny, but very remarkable impression of how their kids could look with uncorrected teeth. The doctor’s business card was attached to the pacifiers. Headline business card (front): Take your kids for a check-up of their jaws and teeth before it’s too late.

Agency: Leo Burnett Frankfurt, Germany.

Wilson "Staff Distance Driver - Give Away Golfball"

The new Dd6 Distance Driver from Wilson Staff sets new distance standards for a golf club. As a supplement to classical measures, this message was to be communicated to the target group in new and surprising way. To golfers who borrowed the Dd6 to test and to interested regular customers, golf balls were given that were printed with: “The person who finds this ball is requested to return it to the address below.” Space was left to fill in the owner’s address, which made every ball an advertisement for the high performance capabilities of the Wilson Dd6 club.

Agency: Publicis Zürich, Switserland. "The Instant Vacation Floor Sticker - Skilift"

This promotion was aimed at bargain hunters who pick their travel destinations rather spontaneously. While they were waiting for boarding, our floor stickers gave them an impression of what their next vacation could be like - at a very reasonable price.

Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin.

Beate Uhse "Glasses"

People buying products at Beate Uhse Sexshops receive the practical incognito-glasses for free as a give-away. So they return to the street whitout being recognized. As the sticker already claims: Beate Uhse. The discrete Sexshop.

Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Helsingin Sanomat "AdMan's Blues"

Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat wanted to inspire creatives to make better print advertising and revive interest in this “old-fashioned” medium. So it arranged a seminar for Finnish creatives featuring a talk by award-winning adman Lorenzo de Rita. The direct mail invitation challenged creatives to ask themselves whether agencies moaned too much rather than looking for solutions. The mailing looked like a classic blues LP cover. Inside it there was a concert poster and a CD featuring the song “The Adman’s Blues”.

Agency: Hasan & Partners, Finland.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mini "Mini curves"

Love these mini curves.

Agency: Jung von Matt, Switserland.

Durex Performa.

Durex Performa condoms contain benzocaine (a mild anaesthetic), wich helps men last longer in bed. To highlight this product benefit they distributed limited edition pilowcases alongside performa condoms at New Zealland's biggest anual sex expo, Erotica. As a result the Durex stand was inundated, increasing sales by 28%. The pilowcases proved such a hit with the guys that hundreds more were printed and sold in D.vice sex stores as a continuation of the promotion.

Agency: DDB Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Adsoftheworld

  • Nivea "Bubble-wrap"

    Nivea good-bye cellulite.

    Agency: TBWA Toronto, Canada.

    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Zoo Aquarium "The snapping Shark Mat"

    Their target group families love sport-festivals as much as the zoo. For this reason the zoo aquarium Berlin advertisis at the international pole-vault-meeting near Berlin. Branding the mat with a shark with his jaw wide opened you can feel the excitement of visiting the zoo and it gives you spectacular press-photos.

    Agency: Scholz & Friends, Germany.

    UN "Ashtray"

    To support the UN in its fight against child violence, these ashtrays were placed in restaurants, bars and clubs around Mexico City.

    Agency: Young and Rubicam, Mexico.

    Smart fortwo "Smallest Turning Circle"

    The smart fortwo is the car with the smallest turning circle in his class. Communicate the feature in an emotional and suprising way. A smart fortwo was printed on screw caps of Pepsi bottles. Effect: When opening the bottle the smart fortwo turns around demostrating the message "smallest turning circle". As a part of the 2006 sale campaign all smart fortwo were sold out - long before the launch of the new model in 2007.

    Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany.

    Service 24 Austria.

    Service 24 Austria is a break-down-Service that is there for its customers around the clock. To advertise this service, a car with a mechanic working underneath it - represented by two plastic legs sticking out - drove around the city.

    Agency: Jung von Matt/Donau, Austria.

    Vonnegut CD.

    Rethink created this cd case, which transforms into a house. You can than take out the bands characters and actaully play with them. A nice way for the consumer to interact with the cd.

    Agency: Rethink, Vancouver.


    Eco-minded street artist Edina Tokodi is putting a new spin on green guerilla tactics in the trendy art enclave of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tokodi’s site-specific moss installations of animal figures and camouflage outgrowths create a unique approache to urban intervention. Tokodi's work is meant to be touched and felt.

    Haribo "Sweet Escalator"

    The two handrails of an escalator look like enormous strings of liqucrice that end up in an over-dimensional liqucrice fruit wheel. The wheels turn and roll up the strings of liqucrice.

    Agency: Serviceplan München/Hamburg, Germany.

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  • Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Lowes "Coasters"

    Nice creative coaster for Lowes.

    Agency: BBDO New York, U.S.A.

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Smart Link Satellite Phone "Fold-out map"

    Smart Link Satellite Phones help seafarers contact their families even when they're in the middle of the ocean. The company is now expanding its coverage to reach the entire Indian Ocean, Asia, Middle East and parts of Europe and Australia. The print ad has a real paper boat glued on the newspaper itself, showing the limits of the seafarer's world while at sea. When unfolded, it reveals the expanded coverage of Smart Link, effectively expanding a Filipino seafarer's world while he is sailing the oceans.

    Agency: DM9 JaymeSyfu, Brazil.

    NRDC "Cup"

    The external surface of the cup is printed with a second layer of heat sensitive ink that is revealed when hot water is poured into the cup.

    Agency: Dentsu BeiJing, China.

    Moopak Interior & Furniture.

    Nice stationery for Moopak Interior & Furniture.

    Agency: DDB Singapore.

    Formula Toothcare "Toothpicks"

    Demonstrate a visually arresting idea in a non-traditional, yet relevant environment, to communicate how Formula toothbrushes can effectively remove annoying food praticles between your teeth. Place real toothpicks as bristles in a large scale Formula toothbrushes and put them on restaurants tables in food courts instead of regular toothpicks holders.

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Indonesia.

    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Volkswagen Eos "Shadow Poster"

    Increase the number of test drives of the new Eos convertible. Target group: Men and women between 25 and 59 years of age, better educated and better off. Who is more qualified for advertising a convertible than the sun itself? Therefore the got the sun to invite people for a test drive by shining through the world's first shadow poster. Everywhere we put it up, the shadow poster not only caused a stir but also increased the number of test drives by more than 12%. Thus the 2,000 Euro poster caused a positive PR in value of about 200,000 Euro.

    Agency: DDB Düsseldorf, Germany.

    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    Coffees of Hawaii "Hawaii Ironman activation"

    At the 2007 Ford Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Coffees of Hawaii introduced a new 100% Kona label called "Kona Nightingale" in the expo. They also displayed beans and served up samples, and offered "coffee cards" with a discount for website purchases. Additionally they were serving up iced espresso from a floating Espresso bar / trimaran out on the swim course during the week leading up to the race. Athletes, industry folks and media from around the world got to take a brief pit stop while doing their morning swims and stop by for a quick cup a joe and have a nice chat with other triathletes, industry folks or media. There they all also learned that Coffees of Hawaii can deliver their amazing selections of coffee to consumers in the quantity and frequency they desire. No matter where in the world they live, they can a piece of Hawaii all year by going to and picking from the great variety there. Plus learning that Coffees of Hawaii is part of One Percent for the Planet makes these outdoorsy folks feel good about the brand.

    Agency: Guerrilla Communication, U.S.A.

    Friday, October 19, 2007

    D3 Expo "Metro windshield"

    The sticker on the windscreen of the moving Metro provided commuters with the experience of being part of a futuristic video game. Just like the games you would experience at the actual video game expo - D3.

    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Denmark.

    WWF "Paper Dispenser"

    To make people realize that saving the planet starts with them saving paper, they took a standard paper dispenser and made a simple modification with green foil and the silhouette of South America. This allowed them to prove that the survival of the forest is directly connected to what people consume.

    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Denmark.

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  • Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    NRDC "An exprerience of the ozone hollow"

    As soon as you open the can, you'll have the experience the form of ozone wich grows out of nothing, and ever bigger. It reminds us that we should build up the idea of environmental protection, for the ozone hollow above the South Pole is destroyed every year in a amazing rate.

    Agency: Energysource Shanghai, China.

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Ace "Action"

    Recover the lost white.

    Agency Leo Burnett, Chile.

    Friday, October 12, 2007

    Peugeot 308 "Wooden boxes"

    58 wooden boxes were "parked" in the main Portuguese cities - including the Azores and Madeira Islands. Built to match the 308 size, these boxes were made to entice the curiosity of the people passing by. A hole teased people to peep through it. Inside, a message invited everyone to go to nearest Peugeot dealer, after September 28th.

    Agency: Torke Lisbon, Portugal.

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Sony Cycle Energy "Lost Toys"

    In order to communicate a new rechargeable long-lasting batteries, poster and flyers of lost toys that run on batteries were all around the city.

    Agency: Euro RSCG Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007 "Payslip"

    The objective was to drive traffic to the MyCareer Salary Centre, a salary resource containing data such as salary ranges and trends by industry and by region. It enables people to see what others are earning and determine if they're being paid what they're worth. They created an exact replica of an unopened payslip, right down to the flimsy stock and perforated edges. It was inserted into magazines - as though it were a mistake - and distributed accordingly. They knew that most people would open it because they couldn't help themselves.

    Agency: DDB Group Melbourne, Australia.

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007


    A nice ambient stunt for Ariel "Keep your laundry ultra clean".

    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Warsaw, Poland.

  • Adsoftheworld

  • Chilean National Television "Periscope"

    Direct Marketing action for the Chilean National Televisión Channel (TVN) Promote amongst clients and advisiors, the late night show "Animal Nocturno" a miscelaneous TV program where the contemporary Chilean reality is exposed under a completely new persprective.

    Agency: Promoplan, Chile.

    Monday, October 08, 2007

    TBWA\Tequila "Stealing Staff"

    They needed to bolster their creative department with some top young talent. Recruitment agents (headhunters) are not only ridiculously expensive but also tent to send dozens of unsuitable candidates. They needed a cheap short cut to the good staff. They decided to target the top five advertising agencies in South Africa theirselves. they reproduced the layout pads of the most popular supplier (Art book Centre) and delivered them to the agencies. They looked the same as always, apart from the recruitment ad scamped on the first page.

    Agency: TBWA\Tequila Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Sunday, October 07, 2007

    Del Monte/Disney's The Jungle Book

    Nice promotion for Disney's The Jungle Book DVD. Complete with image of a monkey. The Promotion gets points for relevancy.


    Chili Club Restaurant.

    Promotional lighters were distributed in the restaurant, as a simple way to highlight the spicy food from Chili Club Hong Kong.

    Agency: Leo Burnett Hong Kong, China.

    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Viva Magazine "Cover Model"

    Viva Magazine celebrates her 35th anniversary with a special promotion. They gave readers the opportunity to surprise them by positioning see-through abri's in major cities. The abri's only contained cover text, so readers could stand behind it and become real cover-models. Strike a pose!

    Agency: Selmore, The Netherlands.

    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    Domund "Postcard"

    A coin could make the difference.

    Agency: McCann Erickson, Peru.

    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    Sexual Abuse Awareness "Gagged children"

    The biggest victims of sexual abuse do not speak. Call 100 and do that for them.

    Agency: D/Araújo, Brazil.

    Jontex Condoms "Umbrellas"

    On rainy days, gay end straight couples walk on the street distibuting Jontex condoms.

    Agency: Mccann Erickson, Brazil.