Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blackberry "Reliance mobile direct mailer"

Blackberry from Reliance Mobile was launched in India in August 2007. Being the only Blackberry in the country powered by CDMA technology, it was undoubtely the fastest and supported maximum data related applications as compared to Blackberrys offered by GSM providers. Hence, it was positioned - as the smarter way to live. The client, Reliance Mobile, wanted them to create a direct mailer to be sent to the CEO's of top companies. The objective was to have something that a CEO finds smart and has a relatively long shelf life. "7 habits of highly effective people" is a famous book. They thought that if if they sent across a message connected to the original copy of this book, it will invariably make it to the CEO's book shelf and stay there for long, reminding him of Blackberry from Reliance Mobile each time he see the book. Hence they came up with the idea of sending the book with a custom-made bookmark.

Agency: Tribal DDB, India.

Science World.

Pressing a button activated a spritz of water and this voiceover: "ACHOO! Did you know that a sneeze can travel 12 feet and hover for 3 hours? It's true. And gross. But hey, you've learned something! Science World. We can explain."

Agency: Rethink Vancouver, Canada.

SEB Bank "Street golf"

In order to really embody SEB's sponsoring of the renowned Solheim Cup, they built a 9-hole street golf course in the town centre. Using the adshels not only to get the sponsoring message across, but to give the citizens of the hosting community a golf experience of their own. The required golf equipment was borrowed at the local SEB office, located just a few yards from the street golf course. By treating the public to some street golf they succeeded in making the tournament more accessible, in showing their committment to golf, in activating SEB's green brand color and in making the most out of the pre-booked adshels.

Agency: Storåkers McCann, Sweden.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Homeless Youth "Height Chart"

On any given night 23,000 people in Victoria are homeless, 7,000 of them are young people aged between 12 and 24 years. Their task was to raise awareness about youth homelessness in the city of Melbourne.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Australia.

Mini "Splash Diving World Champion"

A few years ago a 300-year-old traditional sport from Hawaii established itself in Europe as the "Splash Diving World Championship" The reigning World Champion has created a jump known as the "Open L-Vis". Good enough reason to get him together with the Mini Cabrio Always Open. Mini Switserland invited the reigning World Champion to jump into the Mini cabrio using the splash-dive style that he is best at: from a height of 10 meters. The stunt was captured on video and photos, and distributed virally. Onlookers at the event each received a card inviting them to try the splash-dive themeselves or take a test spin in the Mini Cabrio. An emerging cult was integrated into the world of the Mini and laid claim to before any other automaker could get a look in. The claim was demonstrated in a unique manner.

Agency: Lowe Zurich, Switzerland.

Scream TV "Get scared more often"

There are more television channels than ever in Canada. And new ones are emerging faster than ever before, Scream TV offers thrills. But unfortunately, they don't have anything close to the advertising dollars that the big networks have. The weeks approaching Halloween seemed ideal to create a city wide phenomenon for 50,000 dollar. For three weeks in September, they had a ghost "haunt" an old Victorian house in Toronto Thousands of onlookers saw her appear at various times throughout the night. She was illuminated by a holographic projector and programmed to perform forty different actions such as walking, looking down or skipping from window to window. The buzz crew further after they: Released online videos of the ghost from both inside and outside the house. Laked the house's adress. Started online discussions revolving around the ghost's background. In early October, the ghost revealed a message: "Get scared more often, Scream TV". People saw her raise this sign at the house, in a television spot, and online. For only 50,000 dollar, over 2,1 million people discovered the campaign online, while millions more read about it in major Canadian publications like the National Post and thousands saw her first-hand at the house. For a station that had a hard time getting subscribers, Scream TV saw an immediate subscription increase of 29%.

Agency: ZIG Toronto, Canada.

Witness for Torture "Freedom"

Witness for Torture is a human rights group that has been relentlessly campaigning for the closure of the Guantanamo detention centre. With little resources at their disposal, the group wanted to increase awareness of its cause. The strategy was to find an economical medium that was engaging and had longevity. So, elevator doors were used in an innovative way to dramatize the plight of prisoners who are held in islolation and in violation of international laws. The campaign launched in Dubai and will soon break in New York. Traffic to the group's website ( increassed by over 35% and so did subscriptions to its news feed. A higher click through rate was also recorded for links to allied sites, including ACLU's "Close Guantanamo" intiative and Amnesty's "Tear Down Guantanamo" campaign.

Agency: TBWA\RAAD Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jelly Tots "Experiential Elevator"

Jelly Tots, adventure is anywhere.

Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg, South Africa.


Jennifer Maestre is an artist who uses pencils to create her sculptures.
  • Jennifer Maestre

  • Wallnuts Climbing Centre "Climbing Monkeys"

    The placed branded plush toys - specifically monkeys (from orangutans to gorillas) around the city to spread the word about Wallnuts Climbing Centre. The wallnuts monkeys, featuring suction cups on all four "paws" were strategically stuck in hard to reach (but easy to see) locations around town.

    Agency: Target St. John's, Canada.

    AXE "The skunk direct mail"

    To communicate the irresistible fragrance of Axe in a relevant manner to the young hip trendsetters. In order to communicate the full extent of "The Axe Effect", and create word of mouth, a DM tool was sent out along with an outdoor party invitations to trendsetters. Those who received the DM material shared it with friends, and as a result, word of mouth created even more hype around the idea.

    Agency: JWT Cairo, Egypt.

    Monday, January 28, 2008

    Sa7 El Naom "wake up"

    To spread the creative thinking culture in advertising inside the agency. in order to communicate the creative thinking methedologies in advertising, a "knowledge culture" was spread inside the agency through an email announcing a new software (Sa7 El NAOM wich means "wake up" in Arabic) that will give you all the worldwide creative exposure you need while you are sipping your coffee every morning for free. They used google news reader as vehicle and designed special newsfeed for the agency updating its content from the best advertising blogs on the web. A lot of employees implement the idea on their computer. A lot of ideas was used as references in briefing session. Some people reply back wanting updates or adding new blogs to feed.

    Agency: JWT Cairo, Egypt.

    Microsoft "Shhh... no one will know"

    As organizations grow, their IT infrastructure must grow as well. However, most organizations try to make do with their existing base by adding an application or functionality. This puts added pressure on an IT person, who then spends most of his time trouble-shooting instead of innovating or adding value to his IT infrastructure. The task was to tell him about a new server and tools system from Microsoft, without revealing too much about it. The objective was to get him to log on to a website and register to find out more. An IT person spends most of his time running between people’s desks and the server room managing the system and making it run smoothly. They wanted to tell him that installing this system would mean that his workload would lessen and he would have more time on his hands. To help him make sure that no one really notices his newfound state of freedom, they sent him a stick-on computer rearview mirror, so he could quietly be warned of people approaching his desk and act in a suitable manner. Out of the 1000 mailers sent out over 10% registered on the website. These became strong leads for the sales department. The mailer was well-received and on sales visits the rear view mirror was spotted on quite a few computers.

    Agency: Wunderman ME, United Arab Emirates.

    Sunday, January 27, 2008

    Caritas "Homeless robot"

    A romote controlled robot generates awareness for homeless people! This strange Figure aroused a lot of curiosity in german pedestrian zones. Through it's irregular movements and the attached music instrument. When taking a closer look, everybody discovered small cards to take-away with the following copy: "Curiosity doesn't feed anyone. Donations do." Plus the bank details for donations to Caritas.

    Agency: BBDO, Germany.

    Pratidin "Recycle"

    The paper industry is heavily dependent on trees. Their aim was to spread awareness about the necessity of recycling paper to stop deforestation. The reader of the magazine comes across two pages that are joined together at the ends. As a natural instinct, the reader cuts or tears the pages apart to read what is inside. He finds that "chopping" the pages apart has resulted in "chopping" the tress that are pictured inside. Alongside the "chopped" trees is the message: "Every second 12 trees are cut to manufacture paper. Recycle paper". The very act of cutting the page drove the message home to the readers of this widely distibuted magazine.

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, India.

    Blondes Salon "Fresh Hairstyles"

    "Blondes", a salon in Kolkata, introduced new and innovative hairstyles for the fashion-conscious youth. Their aim was to communicate this to the college-going crowd of the city. Clay plant pots resembling human faces were placed across popular hangouts of Kolkata. Hairstylists worked on the bushes in these pots, trimming them into intresting "hairstyles". This activity drew attention and generated a great deal of enthusiasm amongst the fashion savvy people in Kolkata. "Fresh haircuts" at Blondes soon became a rage in the city.

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, India.

    Julian Day School "Talpatar Sepoy"

    Julian Day School authorities began aerobics classes for childeren. The aim was to communicate the same and generate enthusiasm amongst the students. Talpatar Sepoys were distibuted in every class by respective class-teachers. The puppets were an instant hit. The kids began to play with them and took them home as the day ended. The message "Get Flexible - Children's aerobics classes in school" was succesfully conveyed to the childeren and their parents, leading to 90% students enrolling in the aerobics classes.

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, India.

    Calcutta School of Music "Learn to appreciate"

    Every year Calcutta School of Music enrolls students for classical music classes. Their aim was to generate awareness and enthusiasm about thes classes. Nations of bach, Haydn and Mozart were made visible across busy junctions of the city by using overhead wires and staves. The notes were also played through the kiosks, evoking an instant responce. The message was immediately communicated to the music enthusiasts and prospective students across Kolkata.

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, India.

    Egaro "Freedom Sale"

    Khadim's Egaro, a popular department store in Kolkata, had a special Freedom Sale on India's Independence Day. Prices were slashed radically as the store offered discounts of up to 50% on every purchase. Their objective was to announce the drastic fall in prices. Thousands of price tags were dropped over busy junctions of the city. The message instantly reached the citizens, when they picked up the price tags and found the following lines on them: "Prices fall. Get up to 50% of the Freedom Sale".

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, India.

    Saturday, January 26, 2008

    Topvar "Bottle or Trumpet"

    They wanted to connect beer Topvar with hockey and show in live TV transmission, that hockey fans like Topvar. Plastic dummy of Topvar bottle worked as a trumpet. They have been giving away these special bottles before the international hockey tournament, which was broadcasted in television. Fans could support their team and in addition in TV they looked like, as they ware drinking from Topvar bottle. They succeeded, even though drinking beer from glass bottle at stadiums is forbidden.

    Agency: Istropolitana D’Arcy, Slovakia.
  • I believe adv

  • Friday, January 25, 2008

    KWI "Plant more"

    To make people aware that planting trees is one of the effort to stop global warming. This work is one of the series of Plant More Trees Campaign. This creations is going to participate in the Global Warming conference that will be held in Bali on Dec 3-14.

    Agency: Creative Center, Indonesia.

    GTA Autoglass "Envelope"

    Redeem this coupon by December 31, 2008 and receive 10% off windshield replacement.

    Agency: Marshall Fenn Toronto, Canada.
  • Adsoftheworld

  • WWF "Hot Water"

    WWF wanted a simple ‘take-away’ to make an impression at the important United Nations Climate Conference in Bali last December. Made with a special ceramic coating, as a hot beverage was poured in, the graphic of the world's land mass vanished under the rising sea, symbolically showing the effects climate change may soon have if action isn't taken. Fortunately action was taken in Bali. During the event, were 250 of these cups were given out of the most influential attendees. Dutch Environmental Minister Jacqueline Cramer said, "the WWF cup dramatically captured the critical nature of the global warming issue".

    Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Beijing, China.

    Thursday, January 24, 2008

    Havaianas "Flower Bed"

    In an effort to push Havaianas’ floral-print flip-flops, flower-bed installations were planted in locations where they were sold. They also served to remind people of Havaianas’ unique aesthetic of color, design, and the brand’s connection to nature and the outdoors.

    Agency: BBDO New York, USA.

    Havaianas "Welcome mat"

    Limited-edition welcome mats were produced and distributed as a unique way for people to store their Havaianas. When leaving for the day, people simply slid their feet in and stepped out of the mat. When returning home, the flip-flops were popped back in. Because Havaianas are impervious to bad weather, the mat can be kept either inside or outside. Keeping the mat inside further solidifies Havaianas connection to nature by essentially "welcoming" people to the outdoors when they leave for the day.

    Agency: BBDO New York, USA.

    Nissan Interstar "Sun visors"

    They were asked with finding an inexpensive yet innovative way to promote the Nissan Interstar's carrying capacity. Their solution was to create custom-made sun-visors that had different warehouse interiors printed on them. When placed in the windscreen of the Nissan Interstar, it gave the impression to passers-by of the vast amount of space within the truck.

    Agency : TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Smart fortwo "Test-drive glasses"

    Experience all the advantages of the new Smart fortwo with this test drive inside your apartment. Put on. Drive off.

    Agency: BBDO Duesseldorf, Germany.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Lufthansa "Cart"

    PartnerPlusBenefit is a customized online corporate loyalty programme of Lufthansa created exclusively for business travelers. The programme not only offers loads of benefits to the company, but also to the employee. The brief was to inform key decision makers of top Indian corporates about the programme and comunicate its benefits to them, and in turn drive enrolments. With so many corporate benefits programmes in the market, the challenge was to break through the clutter, hence the idea of having a luggage cart. It served two purposes. a) First, convey the "cartload" of benefits that the programme offers to the audience. b) Second, since the miniature airport luggage cart was sent to top executives of corporates, it found a permanent place on their work tables in the form of a cellular phone cum business card holder, this becoming an exellent tool for brand recall. The audience was further enticed with 800 free miles on enrolment. The complete details about the programme were provided through a booklet wich was inserted inside an envelope resembling a Lufthansa ticket jacket.

    Agency: MRM Worldwide New Delhi, India.

    Tuesday, January 22, 2008


    It seems like the average fan has only a limited range of possibilities to chose from. You are either for team A or team B, you are with or against it. So what is inbetween? Schalalala is a fan-scarf remix project, offering you a multi-valued articulation tool. Use the remix interface to turn existing fan-scarfs into your own personal message. Then download the automatically generated knitting pattern, and go ahead and knit it. We will gladly include your scarf in the gallery. Schalalala is an open format for fans and fashion victims. A knitting at a time, a decentral scarf collection of recombined names and places is evolving. If you spare some good words and knitting talent, come and join the stand. Wool to the people!
  • Schalalala!

  • 3M Post-it "Memory"

    To reinforce 3M Post-it as the top-of-mind choice for reminder notes. The ubiquitous yellow 3M Post-it was innovatively repackaged with mock book covers to resemble memory boosting self-help books. Copies were dropped into mailboxes. The takeaway message was simple: To improve your memory, you simply need a Post-it.

    Agency: DDB Worldwide, Singapore.

    Hero Honda Glamour "Simply magnetic"

    In their showrooms across India, Hero Honda displayed a bike called the Hero Honda Glamour plastered with Post Its that had fictitious names and cell phone numbers of girls, exhibiting that it was the ultimate chick magnet.

    Agency: JWT New Delhi, India.

    WWF "Map"

    Be a part of the solution before it's too late.

    Agency: Fortune Promoseven, UAE.

    Monday, January 21, 2008

    Zoo Salzburg "More than zebras"

    Developing an economical yet attention-catching promotion idea for the Salzburg Zoo. The replace traditional zebra crossings with a new version belonging to the animal kingdom: "tiger crossings". Yellow stripes painted across the streets indicate pedestrians right of way in different places of the city of Salzburg. Accompanying text: More than zebras. Salzburg Zoo.

    Agency: .Start Munich, Germany.

    TUI "Hawaiian-Shirts"

    To call the attention of a solvent target group for the TUI travel offers to Hawaii. Working in cooperation with dry-cleaners they printed floral Hawaii-Shirts on the protective plastic covers. On the bottem they printed the offer and the price. This suprisingly aroused the attention of potential consumers when they picked up their business shirts, wich become a brightly-coloured holiday dress.

    Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg, Germany.

    Sunday, January 20, 2008

    JWT "Donate your coat"

    Every year JWT has a coat drive where they try to get people to donate their old coats for the homeless. They wanted to create a piece of communication to help hammer home why, and stir people into rummaging through their closets again. So they created an installation. The idea was to paint a giant homeless person on a wall and place coat hooks on the upper half of his body. As people hang their donated coats on the hooks. A giant coat is formed, clothing the giant figure. In the end they ran into the problem of perhaps being a little too successful. They had too many coats to cover the figure in the end. About four times too many. It’s a problem they can live with.

    Agency: JWT New York, U.S.A.

    Museum des Sciences Naturelles "Greetings"

    To send New Year greetings for 2008, the communications team at the dinosaur museum sent colleagues and main sponsors a highly original package. Inside was a block of plaster and a hammer & chisel with an invitation to amateur paleontologists to dig, not for the bones of a mighty T-Rex, but to find the museum's greeting card.

    Agency: McCann Erickson, Belgium.

    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Friends of the Earth "The sticky poster"

    The poster is blank with a clear sticky coating over the headline and visual. Over time, dust and dirty particles on the street get stuck on the poster, gradually revealing the message. In doing so, they let polluted air speak for itself.

    Agency: JWT, Hong Kong.

    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    FOX Channels "House-Masks"

    In order to communicate FOX’s 4th Season of House in Portugal, several statues were covered with medical masks containing the info about the premiere.

    Agency: Torke Lisbon, Portugal.


    A new and unique way to stand out from all the clutter ads that are found on Berlin streets and notice boards. They pinned up as many of these around the city specifically in BIO supermarkets notice boards & local parks. In a week the clinic was fully booked for months in advance.

    Agency: BBDO Germany.

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    Drink & Drive "Man trapped under pint glass"

    In order to show the isolating consequences of being caught drink driving at Christmas, Leo Burnett London trapped an actual convicted drink driver under a giant upturned pint glass.

    Agency : Leo Burnett London, United Kingdom.

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008


    Céline Shenton designed "Bird Estate" a collection of nestboxes for small birds in an urban environment. Big Bird is watching you works as a dummy surveillance camera but really offers refuge to birds.
  • Céline Shenton

  • Chupa Chups "Happy Sad Kid"

    They developed an ambient piece to remind consumers about the fun and delight of the Chupa Chups brand of lollipops. The ambient display features the same neutral expression in all the photos but depending on the angle you view it, the face is happy or frowning.

    Agency : Creative Juice\Sil, Malaysia.

    American Red Cross.

    The agency has released the latest phase of the aggressive “What do we have to do to get your attention” campaign for American Red Cross. It follows up last fall’s “Super Crack” and shaking camera bus shelter ads, and the mobile billboards last spring.

    Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney San Francisco, U.S.A.
  • Coloribus

  • Air Canada.

    Several pedestrian safety signs pointing to the sky had written: "People working above. 25 flights a day to Toronto. Air Canada"

    Agency: Marketel McCann Erickson Montreal, Canada.

    Monday, January 14, 2008

    BBC World "Missing countries"

    Hundreds of giant map pieces were placed strategically throughout target cities. At bus benches, on the beach, in parking garages, even in trees, everywhere you look you'd see the parts of the world that your current news isn't covering.

    Agency: BBDO New York, USA.

    Gold's Gym "New shirt"

    Build awareness and recruit none gym gores through targeted media and minimal funds. Most of the men dream of a good looking, healthy and strong body, but very few do something about it. To emphasize the importance of the looks, they associated the perfect healthy body with fashion and new cloth. When their audience by a new shirt from selected places they will discover how sexy the shirt will look if they go to Gold's Gym.

    Agency: JWT Cairo, Egypt.