Monday, July 31, 2006

Amnesty International “letter pad”

The letter pad was mailed to Amnesty members. On opening the pad the barbed wires change to writing lines demonstranten what writing a letter could do. Save a life.

Agency: Ogilvy&Mather, Budapest.

Anxiety awareness week.

The National Phobics Society is the leading charity helping sufferers with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD). This year, they couldn't afford an advertising campaign. So, they set out to achieve their aims by generating media interest in their activities. They focussed media attention on the Press Launch of "National Anxiety Awareness Week." To do so, they targeted journalists in broadcasting, national newspapers and magazines specialising in Health and Lifestyle issues For example: one mailing contained a word processor keyboard with the invitation to write an article about OCD. On closer inspection, the keyboard's keys had all been rearranged to be in perfect alphabetical order (a very common form of OCD). For another mailing, they tracked down the last article the journalist had written and returned it to them having filled in every single letter 'O' and 'o'. (Another common compulsion for OCD sufferers).

Agency: Harrison Troughton Wunderman, United Kingdom.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Zonex “Pierced man”

In India there’s a cult of traditional entertainers who pierce various body parts. They hired a few of them to advertise their client Zonex’s promise of instant pain relief. These entertainers had their backs painted with the logo and benefit. They did this outdoor activity in high traffic occasions of Mumbai.

Agency: Idiots, India.


The headlines “Tsimay, Atsay, Inday” are derogatory words in Philippine language meaning maid or household help. The copy at the bottom reads: Dignity of more than 5,000 women are stepped on every year. Report any form of abuse. Teodora.

Agency: DDB, Philippines.

5FM “Lonely finger”

Radio station 5FM (known simply as 5) needed to attract younger, typically MTV generation listeners. They needed a campaign to appeal to them in a very specific manner using unexpected media. Coming out of the brand slogan ('Life's better with 5') we created an underground campaign around the website: the home of Lonely Finger. Using ambient and guerilla tactics we drove people to this site where they could interact with finger and download teaser movies to PC and mobile phone. Lonelyfinger was not linked to the station 'til 3 months later, where the finger found happiness with 4 other fingers, stating that Life's better with 5. The reveal changed the site to a happier one where the 60" film could be downloaded. It was also flighted on TV and Cinema. Lonely Finger achieved cult status in South Africa in under 3 months. The site got over 108,472 unique visitors.

Agency: Net#work BBDO, South Africa.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pedigree "Dog's love Pedigree"

The goal was to come up with a remarkable idea to put Pedigree in the spotlight on world animal day. We placed stickers in the shape of a dog barge in front of supermarkets and pet stores. These stickers were treated with essence of Pedigree dog food and therefore irresistible for every dog passing by. They ran towards the sticker and began to lick, sniff and wagged their tails. Dog owners immediately knew what to buy.

Agency: TEQUILA\Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

Auteco Boxer Motorcycle “Labyrinth”

They needed to communicate in a different way and through an onconventionele medium, the economy of the new Auteco Boxer Motorcycle. For this reason, they designed a place mat with a labyrinth game on it to be used in restaurants. This labyrint is very easy to fill out because it only has one possible way to reach the end. At the finish point, there is a copy reads: 254 kilometers per gallon.

Agency: Gomez Chica EURO RSCG Medellín, Colombia.

Malaysia Airlines "Best of both"

The brief was to convince airline companies that the Malaysia Airlines Flight Crew Training Centre offers the best of both worlds - world-class training in a world-renowned tropical paradise. And thus, increase bookings for training. 150 mailers were sent to pilots of various airline companies. The pack was an intriguing attention-grabber - from the opening teaser on the box cover to the moment the recipient discovers that the shirt inside is a reversible pilot uniform-cum-holiday batik shirt! Perfect for both flight training and holidaying in Malaysia.

Agency: Arc/Leo Burnett Advertising, Malaysia.

Expresspost “Emptying post boxes”

To inform Post Box users that they can, upon request, have their Post Boxes emptied by SwissPost and the contents delivered to their homes. The message should be cost effective, and be conveyed in such a way that it cannot be overlooked (not hidden among letter post). They simulated the process by affixing our flyer (itself showing an empty Post Box) immediately behind the Post Box door. The reverse side of the mailing carried all relevant information concerning the special service.

Agency: Langgysiknoll, Switserland.

Tooheys Dry Beer “Ted on tap”

Tooheys Extra Dry beer had been growing strongly in the Australian market appealing to youths in their 20s with its clean, crisp taste and urban credibility. Their task was to migrate the exclusivity of only being sold in bottles to the mass appeal of now being on tap in pubs and clubs. As part of our strategy to maintain our distance from other beers, Tooheys Extra Dry on tap was to be launched with a specially designed and highly desirable glass. This naturally led to the premise of the 'Stolen Glasses' campaign. The creative leap was born from the insight that our drinkers are well known to illicitly 'souvenir' beer glasses from pubs and clubs. The campaign included highly targeted media such as posters, press, venue ads, a website ( and over 100 'Stolen Glass Recovery Unit' patrol cars cruising the streets of Sydney and Melbourne.

Agency: BMF Sydney, Australia.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sparkasse “Calendar of dreams”

Develop a mailing which invites savings bank customers to a consultation with their investment consultant. They used a calendar to illustrate the principle of investments. The invested money only grows slowly. But each day you get a little bit closer to your dream. If you combine the individual days of the calendar, you can realise beautiful dreams such as a convertible or a sailing ship. In the accompanying letter, the customer was invited to the consultation.

Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany.

Tesco “Winback campaign”

To win back customers who had previously been loyal to Tesco, but who have not shopped there for 12 weeks prior to the mailing. We didn't know the specific reason why they'd stopped using Tesco, so we had to tread very carefully. To let people know we missed them as customers, in a way that was unexpected and charming we sent them a till receipt from 'Till No4'. It arrived in an unbranded envelope. The receipt included a money-off voucher (£5 and £10 variants were tested). When the vouchers were redeemed, the till replied with a personal 'Welcome back' message ('Hooray! You're back. We missed you!'). 56% redemption across the two offers, bringing more than 4,500 lapsed customers back to Tesco, and uplifting their average basket value.

Agency: EHS Brann London, United Kingdom.

ASB Bank “Bootscraper”

Research identified that relationships were key, along with a real hands-on knowledge of farming. ASB already had a great reputation for this: when floods hit the North Island, ASB bank managers waded in to rescue livestock and salvage property. So people knew they were prepared to get their hands (and their feet) dirty to help farmers. To get a foot in the door with new prospects, we mailed a cast-iron bootscraper, with the promise that an ASB bank manager would walk the length of their farm to find about their business, before stepping inside (with clean feet!) to chat.

Agency: TEQUILA\Auckland, Australia.

Feria Ticket.

Feria ticket is a concert ticket provider. Ticket Master is the leader in the market. The advantage of Feria Ticket: is that tickets can be purchased by internet, which is easier and faster. Additionally, clients are able to choose the location, and receive tickets comfortably wherever they choose. They were asked to communicate this in the invitation for the launch event. To achieve this they focused on that the process is so easy that they even tear the ticket for you. The people invited to the launch event received half an invitation. They then had to enter the feria ticket site to find the information for the event. Where, when, place, giving them the opportunity to experience the site and buying tickets on the web.

Agency: OgilvyOne, Chile.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Navy Page-Turner.

The brief was to create a DM pack to help the Republic of Singapore Navy recruit teenagers as Naval Systems Specialists. They needed a pack that could leap out of the letterbox, and grab hold of target audience - teenagers with very short attention span. The solution is based on something the 'competitors' can't provide - the chance to lead an exciting and adventurous, "page-turning" life. The kind novelists such as Tom Clancy and John Grisham write about. And since the most powerful way to get anyone's attention is to engage them individually, the books were highly personalised. The first reveal inside: "If your life was a book, would anyone read it?"

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore.

Walt Disney.

Feel like a kid again. Walt Disney Classics.

Agency: FCB, Brasil.

Telecom NZ “Rubbish Film festival”

To captivate youth in New Zealand and encourage them to use their phones more often. Rubbish Film Festival. It was the first ever online mobile film festival. They simply had to shoot their own 20 second movies using 027 mobile phones and then upload the films to where the public could view and vote for the films. A panel of industry experts then judged the category prize winners and best overall entry. The winners were sent to Hollywood. There was a massive 1,850,000 visits to the site over the campaign period. (there are only 4 million people in New Zealand.)

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand.

Gauloises “Theatre en Route”

The nature of the promotion meant that those selected for the audience were so excited they championed the brand themselves, promoting Gauloises and associating it with unusual, nonconformist ideas. "Theatre en route", the world's smallest theatre, was a French car that drove through the night-time city streets. An audience of three would sit in the back and watch a production in which it was never totally clear where fiction ended and reality began. All in all, it was a truly unforgettable experience.

Agency: Kolle Rebbe Werbeagentur, Germany.

Volkswagen "Short but fun"

Take 6 funny trick films that manage to tell famous film classics of the present - within 30 seconds! Give them the claim "shortbutfun - the fox" and a matching URL. Then let the whole thing run at one weekend only at MTV and VIVA hourly, supported by Edgar Cards and the viral machine works. However, this action has also been furnished with a "send to a friend" option that enables the user to get in touch with his buddies and tell them all about shortbutfun. Thus, this action also serves as a viral kind of direct marketing.

Agency: Tribal DDB, Germany.

Berlin Recycling Calendar.

Create a valuable give away for special clients, and of course for institutions and companies that Berlin Recycling desires to work for in the future. Every six to eleven years the calendar's dates match with the same weekdays: June 3rd 2005 is a Friday as well as June 3rd in 1994 or 1983 and even 1898, etc. They started research and bought over 150 calendars from the last 150 years on ebay. From this amount of calendars, we created a new and valid calendar for 2005. The best thing is: the calendar will recycle itself! It will be valid for 2011, 2022, 2033 and so on. So we can be sure this give away will not be thrown away after the year is over!

Agency: Oysterbay Werbeagentur, Germany.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

MODS "Improved Account Manager"

MODS is the Swedish market leader in retouch and graphics processing. The best way to tell someone how great you are is to show it. That is exactly what Mods are doing here. A picture of an Account Manager at an Ad Agency is "accidently" sent to an Art Director working there. On the picture there are things that the AM want to improve to be better looking. The finished proof is also attached. The pictures are tailor-maid for each Agency. The aim is that the art director shows the mail to the other Creatives to make fun of the AM (and as a consequence talk about MODS and how skilled they are).

Agency: Akestam.Holst, Sweden.

Equal Rights Organisation “Parking Ticket”

Too many people still park in parking spaces reserved for disabled drivers. The Brussels Equal Rights Organisation wanted to give handicapped people a voice and send a clear message to stop this antisocial behaviour. 46.000 tickets were distibuted to handicapped people so they could put the ticket under the windshield wipers of cars that were parked in their spaces. Disabled drivers were not only glad to have someone take the issue seriously. They had a way to send a clear and powerful message themselves to the people causing the problem.

Agency: LG&F, Belgium.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Amnesty writing campaign.

Join the Amnesty letter writing campaign to stop the torturing and murdering of political opponent. Your letter could save countless lives. To help, visit and stamp out violence with a stamp.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Petaling Jaya.

Donor Foundation “Valentine’s Day”

Valentine's Day and makes a powerful connection with people at a time when they are already thinking of others. Using a greeting card display and e-Valentine mails on Valentine's Day enabled us to engage with consumers at a time when they are thinking of others and feeling a little nostalgic. This heightened the impact of the appeal. In-store cards were placed within greeting card displays to suprise the consumer with an unexpected call to action. Consumers received anonymous e-Valentine's leading them to believe they had a secret admirer where the actual message is that someone has become an organ donor to save their life.

Agency: TEQUILA\Johannesburg, South Africa.

Midland Bookshop.

Midland Bookshop wanted to encourage more youngsters take up reading books as their hobby. Since they were talking about the benefit of reading books, they picked up instances where books have made all the difference and actually been profitable for people who read them. Be it in movies, politics or science. Then they decided to create books to tell these stories to youngsters of how books have helped in doing great things.

Agency: Rediffusion DY&R, India.

Kindernothilfe “Donation Card”

The task was to develop a door drop mailing for major German cities generating donations for homeless children and simultaneously proving that the donations help. The remittance slip itself serves as the advertising measure. The remittance slip on the donation card has to be pulled out of a slipcase. By doing this the effect of the donation is shown: a child is brought from the street to a safe home.

Agency: Scholz & Friends, Germany.

Volvo Inscription.

The design of the new Volvo interiors is as exclusive as the idea behind the Volvo Inscription mailing. The mailing was sent to 15,000 carefully selected adresses, all non-Volvo drivers. The recipients were asked to send back only the piece of tartan fabric in the enclosed envelope. Enough for Volvo to identify the respondent. How could Volvo do this? By using a bar code concealed in the standard frank on the reply envelope, Volvo could identify the respondent's name and address. Every new prospect received further information and was offered a test drive in a Volvo with the Inscription interior.

Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide, Switzerland.

Banco Privado “Mattress”

A dimensional mail that evoked the tradition of European immigrants, stashing their savings under the mattress (a custom unfortunately revived during the 2001-2002 local banking crisis!) The box was a "bed". When opened, it revealed a mattress. Instead of money, underneath was the VISA card. Claim: "The new VISA card from Banco Privado. Turn it into cash." The text, both emotional and playful, says: "Before going to sleep, Grandpa taught you something that you will always remember. To preserve that advice, we had it coated in plastic."

Agency: CP Comunicacion Proximity, Argentina.

IAG Landlord Insurance “Wallpaper”

The big fear among landlords is that there are strangers in their property who could do extreme damage. We chose to make their fears (almost) a reality by putting the evidence of tenant vandalism directly in their hands. We sent them a large piece of wallpaper that appeared to have been torn directly from their wall, but which reveals all the ways NRMA Landlord Insurance can make their fears a thing of the past, by giving the cover they really want.

Agency: M&C Saatchi, Australia.

Microsoft “Duster”

IT Directors spend 70% of their time maintaining and managing their system. In fact, their working day is spent in visits to the Server Room checking that everything is still running properly. With Microsoft's Management Tools your visits to the Server Room will be a thing of the past. To dramatise this, we sent the IT Director a duster. As it said, they'd be visiting the Server Room so rarely, they'd need to do a bit of dusting each time they went there. As you'll see, for added impact (and to ensure the IT Director kept our message) we printed the letter on the Duster.

Agency: Harrison Troughton Wunderman, United Kingdom.

KPB Radio Advertising Awards “Call for Entries”

Non-traditional invitations were sent to Creative Directors of Advertising Agencies, in the form of dissembled transitor radios. Each kit consisted of an empty radio case and its original parts, all seperated from each other. It challenged its recipiënt to test their radio making skills, but the instruction sheet contained a diagram and directions on how to join the Radio Advertising Awards. The message? These awards are the true test of ones abillities to make good radio commercials.

Agency: BBDO-GO/Proximity, Philippines.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Guardian “Stop Schumacher”

Can anything stop Schumacher? The 68-page Formule One guide free with the Gardian on Monday.

Agency: Claydon Heeley, United Kingdom.

Cepadol Dental Floss "Meat"

A really nice way to demonstrate Cepadol Dentall Floss.

Agency: Publicis, Brasil.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Axe Fantasy “mousepad”

To promote AxeFantasy, They created the Axe mousepad which has a bit of fun playing off the desires of men when in the presence of a short skirt. The mouse pad was placed in Internet cafes across the country hoping to reach young men.

Agency: Lowe, India.