Tuesday, April 29, 2008


People who are looking for a place to live in Amsterdam, were confronted in a unique way with the private sector housing. On Amsterdam Central Station billboards were transformed in a modern looking notice board. The 'notice board' existed of a large amount of little ads in the housing sector, printed on a new kind of 'statically' paper. The paper with static characteristics glued on the smooth surface of the billboard by itself. People who passed by could look at the offers and easily take their house of interest of the board. The promotion is the beginning of a new
campaign of Rooftrack.nl. A initiative of 'WoningNet'(a house corporation in Holland) and several housing corporations in the Amsterdam region.

Agency: L'eau Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

HP Advanced Photo Paper "Ripped"

HP Advanced Photo paper quarantees true-to-life image quality. To highlight this benefit, a standee was customised to give the impression that someone actually walked through a gigantic piece of paper and caused it to tear. Several of these standees were then placed at strategic locations to demonstrate to passers-by that what's real to their eyes is actually a reproduction using HP Advanced Photo Paper.

Agency: Publicis, Malaysia.

Condomi MaxLove "Early Climax"

Surprising communication of the product message: Condomi Max.Love helps avoiding premature ejaculation. To showcase the problem of premature ejaculation they produced the detective novel "Deadly Rhododendron". The climax is the first sentence on page one, followed by sixty pages of nothing but apologies. On the last page you get their product message: "Reaching the climax to soon? Condomi Max.Love can help." We cooperated with several bookstores and displayed the books as give-aways at their sales counters. Their placement was for free. Their detective novel was exhausted after two days and over a 1000 re-orders were placed. Sales of the product rose by 17% during the month following the campaign.

Agency: Cayenne, Germany.

Blistex "Rough car park ticket"

Nearly all car park visitors put their car park ticket in their mouth. That's why they produced car park tickets with a rough sandpaper surface for Blistex lip balm. So when car park visitors put their ticket in their mouth, they immediately had the feeling of rough, dry lips. Surprised, they then looked at the ticket and discovered the solution to the problem: "Rough lips? Blistex lip balm helps."

Agency: Cayenne, Germany.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Metalac weight lifting club "Think you can do it?"

To create a low-budget campaign for weight-lifting club "Metalac" from Zagreb, Croatia. The aim is to support the club's tradition while promoting athletic disciplines requireing weights. An actual 40 kilo weight was placed in front of a popular Zagreb shopping maill. Altough it looked like an ordinary weight, it was welded down to a pair of massive steel poles drilled deep into the ground, making it impossible to lift. As soo as the weight was positioned, it turned out to be quite an atraction. The action was well-received by the public eye and the number of new subscriptions for the club doubled within a couple of weeks time.

Agency: Luminus Creative Zagreb, Croatia.

WWF / Earth Hour 2008 "Light Switch Stickers"

Earth Hour is a global campaign, held and supported by WWF. The main goals were to raise awareness about climate change and to get homes and businesses to reduce electricity use and turn off non-essential lights for one hour, on March 31 2008 (8-9pm). Light Switch Stickers were strategically placed all over city streets and public spaces: walls, lampposts etc. The stickers were always placed at a height where one would normally find a light switch but on places where you never find one. The Light Switch Sticker's layout was so real that passersby, just to double check, would often press it.

Agency: Publicis, Switzerland.
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  • Mackenzie University "Trash"

    Trashcans wrapped and spread around Mackenzie University campus. "This is how those who use drugs fill their head".

    Agency: Publicis, Brazil.

    Genesis Pro Gym "Tae Kwon Do belt"

    There was a need to report within the neighborhood now gym classes taught Tae Kwon Do. A new service that the people were ignorant, why should generate impact, wich would give new enrollment and visits to the gym. They utilized poster cables, lighting and trees. These were placed a black belt, the same as that recorded at the waist practitioners of Tae Kwon Do. At the end of the belt was loaded with the logo of the gym next to his contacts. In the first two weeks will generate a 33% increase in visits on the website, called and visits to the gym also grew a significant percentage. What led to the first license plates to practice Tae Kwon Do.

    Agency: Ogilvy One Santiago, Chile.

    Weight Watchers "Slim screen"

    Going to the movies is a pretty lazy recreational activity. That's why movie theater audiences are the perfect target group for a Weight Watchers promotion. The perfect timing: Right before the movies starts - when people are eating their ice cream and popcorn. Introducing the first cinema commercial that interactively uses the surrounding of the movie theater! Most movie theaters in Germany close the red curtain after the advertising block at the beginning of their screening. When the main feature starts, the curtain opens again. The Weight-Watchers commercial is always placed at the end of the ad-block and uses the sliming movie-screen for the advertising.

    Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf, Germany.

    Adidas "The Left Right Project"

    To celebrate and pay tribute to the iconic Superstar, adidas Originals produced a pair of giant, SUV-size exact replicas, down to the fire-hose shoe laces. Housed in separate studios, we invited friends and artists at Surface2Air (NYC) and Upper Playground (San Francisco) to celebrate their own originality by customizing these huge sneakers – the right shoe for the East Coast and the left shoe for the West Coast. For three days, the artists’ collectives (Surface2Air featuring Gordon Hull, Daniel Jackson and Alexia Stamatiou and Upper Playground featuring Sam Flores) went to work. Upon completion, the shoes were put on a flat bed truck and the two parties set off to meet in Venice Beach, CA. The showdown on the boardwalk drew L.A.’s finest “originals.”

    Agency: 180 Los Angeles, USA.
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  • Stihl "Coupon"

    To promote Stihl professional chainsaws, they put a coupon and an actual chainsaw on a billboard. After a couple of weeks, they added a performance element: a guy showed up one morning, cut out the coupon and left with it. The board then stayed up with the hole in it.

    Agency: Rethink Communications, Canada.

    Friday, April 25, 2008

    Wafels & Dinges "The big waffle"

    Over the past year, the Belgium Wafels & Dinges truck has become a familiar sight in New York City. To gain some extra attention for the mobile vendor, They took to the streets with a bucket of acrylic paint turning city's grills into Belgium waffles.

    Agency: Duval Guillaume New York, USA.
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  • Unicef "childeren only have to be this tall"

    UNICEF reports that there are well over 250.000 children in armed forces around the world and about 2 million have been killed in the past decade alone. Their objective was to draw attention to the issue of children being recruited, either forcibly or voluntarily, by armed forces and military groups around the world. With the intention of driving people to the UNICEF website where they would join and contribute to the Coalition To Stop The Use Of Child Soldiers. The way to get the attention of any parent is through their children.

    Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Thrifty Car & Truck Rentals "Puzzle"

    The world's first giant interactive sliding tile puzzle illustrated the difficulty of finding your way around a city. It was placed in-store to advertise the benefits of upgrading to a Satallite Navigation system when renting a car.

    Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008


    Turn the handle on the side of the bench and the seat will rotate to expose the dry side of the seat, and you will be able to sit without getting wet.

    Designer: Sungwoo Park, Yoonha Paick, Jongdeuk Son, Banseok Yoon, Eunbi Cho & Minjung Sim.

    McDonalds "Outdoor Puzzles"

    Outdoor posters were turned into large interactive push puzzles that consumers could solve in order to "sort your head". This was done to promote McDonald's Large Coffee for only 1 Euro.

    Agency : DDB Stockholm, Sweden.

    Dermasolutions "Fat Mailing"

    Impossible to open this mail piece without "eliminating" the perforated lovehandle, emphasizing the innovative benefit of Dermasolutions Fat-Reducing Patches.

    Agency: Rapp Collins Bogotá, Colombia.

    Admcom "Business cards"

    A limited edition of boxes containing 365 different business cards, one for every day of the year. Each business card are personalized with the addresse's name. "Be the change you want to see in the world".

    Agency: Admcom Bologna, Italy.

    Eatalica restaurant "Just in case"

    Eatalica wanted to spread some excitement about its new juicy burger to its existing customer base. On a limited budget. A direct mailer was devised, wherein the juicy burger and a "Just-in-case" pouch were home delivered to selected customers. The pouch had a complimentary stain remover sachet in it, encouraging customers to indulge on Eatalica's new juicy burgers without worrying much about the stains. Suprised customers called back and had a laugh. Word of mouth quickly spread. In fact, some customers referred their friends and requested the DM to be couriered to them. Subsequently, walk-ins doubled in the following weekend.

    Agency: 1pointsize Chennai, India.

    Nando's "Flame"

    To leverage the hype of the Olympic Torch Relay and reinforce the Nando's brand personality of cheekiness and irreverence, by harping on the "connection" between the Olympic Flame and its Flame-grilled chicken. Nando's introduced its own "Flame of Glory" torch and announched the "arrival" of the flame prior to the actual day. It's mascot ran with the flame on the day of the actual event along with "supporters" on, not the official route, but the route of youth hangouts and popular joints. Posters at Nando's proclaimed itself as the "Home of the flame" and even had a wall of Flame photos. Tremendous coverage in the local press, with one newspaper even starting that the "Olympic Torch" arrived at Nando's! The cockerel run was the talk of the town and photographs clicked on mobiles were shared across the city. Customers walking in days after the run also mentioned the event.

    Agency: Asha Advertising & Marketing Agency LLC, Oman.

    Goodyear "RunOnFlat"

    People don't have so much knowledge about "run on flat tyres" in Turkey. Drivers need to be aware that "run on flat tyres" resist the effects of deflation. It's always easier to gain the attention of current customers than the others. That's why they wanted to place special dart boards in the waiting rooms of Good Year shops where customers spend sometime. They produced a dart board with "run on flat tyre" surface. Many customers throw darts to the board, then see the logo and read their claim at the bottom of the board when they pick the darts up: "The first tyre to keep going after a puncture". The board is not damaged. It's just like "run on flat tyres". Customers were curious about it. The dart board attracted their attention. many of them played dart game and found out the USP of the product while having fun.

    Agency: Grey Istanbul, Turkey.

    Fiat Ducato "Trolley shelter"

    The client asked for a fresh way of communicating the unique selling point of the Fiat Ducato: a lightweight truck with lowest loading height in its class. The rear of the Ducato appeared on parking places of hardware stores and big self-service wholesalers as a frame around the entry of a retail trolley shelter. Each time a customer removed or returned a trolley, they experienced easy loading. The USP was written as a headline on the ground, and brochures were offered inside the trolley shelter. Thousands of customers experienced the Ducato's loading ease without ever having to step inside a showroom. Contact details of the nearest Fiat dealer were printed on the brochures. Fiat reported a significant increase in Ducato inquiries.

    Agency: Leo Burnett Frankfurt, Germany.

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    Manpower "Glassworker wanted"

    Manpower, a "360 solution provider" in human resources management, has sometimes been victim of objections and vandalic actions. The creative idea is to communicate how Manpower is able to turn problems into actual job opportunities. The ambient media activity conceived to convey this concept is based on two simple materials: a transparent sticker that simulates a crack in the window, and a sign saying "Glassworker wanted". This two materials will be stuck on the windows of all Manpower branch offices.

    Agency: Grey Milan, Italy.

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    AEG-Electrolux "Noise awarness"

    In local cities all over Europe are people already paying attention to the giant AEG-Electrolux posters, which are measuring and displaying ambient noise levels. In London, the kids are deliberately shouting at the poster to raise the noise levels! AEG-Electrolux and blow UP are hosting this campaign to raise awareness on the issue of noise in and outside of the people’s homes and offer AEG laundry products as a solution to minimise it.

    Agency: Pronto Communication, Sweden.

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    www.mdzol.com "Say it"

    One image. Thousand opinions. The online newspaper of Mendoza.

    Agency: SV+ Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Head & Shoulders "Point of view"

    Head & Shoulders gives the Argentinean consumer a rude awakening: a bird’s-eye view of his or her scalp, right in front of a dandruff shampoo display. When shoppers stand under an aerial camera, they can view the top of their heads on a TV screen in front of them and, if they don’t like what they see, reach out and grab a bottle.

    Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina.

    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    Dan's Chelsea Guitars "Groupie"

    Nice ambient work for Dan's Chelsea Guitars. "The value of a guitar is rarely indicated by its price".

    Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein, USA.

    Dare magazine "Cards"

    Dare, a new magazine for entrepreneurs, wanted to convey to its readers and advertisers that by reading dare, anyone can realize his or her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. They sent a direct mail containing 12 visiting cards. The visiting cards were of the very person who was receiving the direct mailer. And in each visiting card the receiver was the head of an entrepreneurial venture, from chatered airlines to online businesses. These visiting cards not only gave the receiver a real feel of being an entrepreneur but also awoke in them any latent desires to become an entrepreneur. The final message was with dare magazine you can make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

    Agency: M&C Saatchi, India.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    13th Street "Blood Bath"

    To promote the exclusive thrillers and horror films on 13th Street, the toilet of a nightclub in Hamburg was specially prepared. Just after entering the room, the light suddenly goes out and the room is bathed in Black light. And now a bloody crime scene becomes visible on the floor and walls: "See what others don't see. 13TH STREET. The Action and Suspense Channel".

    Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany.

    Pro20 Cricket Series "Blasting Announcement"

    Find a unique way of announcing cricket matches during the Standard Bank Pro20 Series. In addition to traditional street pole announcement posters and flyers promoting the game, they decided to hijack blasting announcement signs that surround the various Gautrain constuction sites (the underground railway in development around the greater Johannesburg area).

    Agency: TBWA\Tequila Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    NGO "Ice Made Animals"

    To bring awareness to society on the mayor issue of polar melting due to global warming. To place ice sculptures of polar animals on seven of the main and most visited public parks in Bogota. Over 8.000 people witnesses the activity, with an overwhelming increase of the visitors at the NGO website and at the least 1.500 e-mails of people inquiring about action plans and prevention of global warming.

    Agency: DDB/Key People, Colombia.

    Monday, April 14, 2008

    AMP "Human energy"

    A bike rider, fueled by AMP Energy Drink, powered the billboard's lights by riding a stationary bike hooked up to a generator.

    Agency: BBDO New York, USA.

    Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer "Woodoo doll"

    Working woman don't take falling hair seriously, thinking it's natural. Falling hair can be fatal! A DM that shocks woman into waking up to the consequenses of falling hair. Voodoo doll black magic draws its power from personal items like nails, clothes or hair. They sent working woman a Voodoo doll, complete with pins and a tangle of hair. The idea was summed up with a card that read "Weak hair can be fatal" Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer with Vitamin H therapy prevents any harm to you or your hair.

    Agency: Rediffusion DYR, India.

    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Cancer Patients Aid Association "Smokers' survey"

    To make smokers aware of the high risk of cancer that they face. A basic cigarette manufacturer's survey from, the kind they use before they introduce a new ciggarette brand, will be handed out to smokers at ciggarette shops, pubs, discos and bars. Asking them their preferences, through a series of smoking related questions. The twist is the fact that there is another form directly under the survey form wich is a medical report. The answers on the survey form get inprinted onto the medical form by the virtue of the paper used a smoker's form wich happens to be carbon less sheet. So any smoker who will fill this form unknowingly will be filling his own cancer report. After wich they hand it over to the respondent. Most of the people were shocked when they saw the cancer report in front of them. Especially when they noticed their own signature on the report. Some got irritated but at the same time the report made them think that it can happen to them.

    Agency: Grey Worldwide, India.

    Pepto-Bismol "Laundromat"

    No matter what you throw in your stomach,Pink's got you covered. Pepto-Bismol.

    Agency: Publicis New York, USA.

    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    St Elmo’s Pizza "Glow in the dark menu"

    They have to come up with a relevant, tactical execution to promote the St Elmo's USP of wood fired pizzas, while simultaneously increasing brand awareness and driving sales of St Elmo's Woodfired Pizza. South Africa has been experiencing daily power outages due to a national energy crisis. Their client is unaffected by this as their pizzas are wood fired. So, their solution was to inform people of this fact by creating what looks like a normal menu, but it glows in the dark as soon as the light go out. Client maintained sales through power outages when other business suffered. Client was very happy with the end result and consumers were fascinated and intrigued.

    Agency: Lowe Bull Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Zandu Nityam Churna laxative "Dispenser"

    Zandu pharmaceuticals, one of the India's leading manufacturers of ayurvedic products needed a retail solution for Zandu Nityam Churna (laxative) that not only broke through on-self clutter but also reinforced the brand message. A dispencer was modeled on the simple mechanism of a clutch pencil. A little push on the top of the dispencing tube pushed a bottle of Zandu Nityam Churna out from the bottom. Reminding the consumer of the brand's end benefit even at the point of purchase.

    Agency: Everest Brand Solutions, India.

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    darylstock.com "Watermark"

    Make www.darylstock.com every advertising and media person's stock photography site of choice. Their idea was to own an element synonymous with stock pictures - the watermark. Two weeks before the launch party watermark stickers appeared across windows of advertising and media companies. As though they were giant stock photographs. As the launch event, mirrors in the bathrooms were also branded. Soon after, as a reminder to visit the site, those who attended recieved branded pictures of themselves at the party. Cost of producing stickers & postcards USD 2,000. First month sales USD 45,000. 45% rise in visitors to site.

    Agency: JWT Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Marisa Schmidt "Business Card"

    Marisa Schmidt, a couple therapist, had low budget and the need for a new, simple and direct publicity to reach new clients. Therefore, they decided to create a business card that would have the same impact as publicity piece.

    Agency: Master Promo, Brazil.

    Monday, April 07, 2008

    Tabasco "Hot stops"

    Their brief was to raise awareness of Tabasco as the generic hot sause. Research showed that most of their target audience relies on public transport. Their solution was to create a winter-based ambient campaign designed specifically for the commuter market and combined with the USP of Tabasco's legendary heat. They indentified key commuter locations and then they created a serie of heated bus shelters featuring Tabasco branding and powered by small generators built into the back of each bus shelter. By making Tabasco an integral part of consumer experience and providing a free and useful service, not only did they communicate Tabasco's direct benefit of heat, but they also created an immediately positive association with the brand. In addition to commuters, hundreds of drivers going past were also exposed to the work. Responce measures showed 91% brand recollection amongst people who had just seen the bus-shelters and they featured in the local press. As part of a wider campaign, and together with a competitive price drop, the piece helped to raise quarterly sales of the standard 60ml Tabasco bottle by 13%.

    Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Eskom "Mug"

    South Africa is currently experiencing an energy shortage wich has resulted in massive rolling blackouts across the country. As a result our national electricity commission "Eskom" has embarked on a country wide initiative to save power. To promote energy saving in the massive business sector, the following mugs were distributed to company canteens nationwide. When filled with hot water the black fades to white revealing a message that reads "With your help, we can achieve it. Please conserve electricity"

    Agency: DraftFCB Johannesburg, South Africa.