Monday, June 30, 2008

HomePlus "Subway"

Publicize the grand opening of the HomePlus Supermarket branch in Chamsil district. This particular branch was connected directly to the Chamsil subway station. Since LotteMart, a rival supermarket chain, already had a store close to the subway station, agressive and effective camapign was neccesary to put the grand opening of the HomePlus Chamsil branch in the spotlight. Stickers were applied to the subway station pillars in order to make them look like life-size HomePlus supermarket stands. The intended effect was to make the people entering the subway station feel like they were stepping into the HomePlus supermarket. HomePlus outdoor campaign began a month before the store opening. No TV/Print ads were carried out for HomePlus. As a result of this unique outdoor campaign, the sales for the opening day exceeded the expected sales by 550%.

Agency: Cheill Worldwide Seoul, South Korea.

Gorge Grown "Carrots"

They lined a city block with six big carrots for a local farmers' market. The images kind of speak for themselves.

Agency: Owen Jones & Partners Portland, USA.

Sunday, June 29, 2008 "Foosball"

In a pub, one of the figures in a foosball table is replaced by a ballet dancer figurine, and she is never able to kick a ball. When people play, they can experience the problems of a job mismatch and be reminded to look for the right job using the best plattform -

Agency: JWT, Hong Kong. "Ballet Soldier"

To remind people of the problem of being stuck in the wrong job and to reinforce as the best platform for finding the right job. In a pack of tiny toy soldiers, a ballet dancer is found taking up the role as a soldier. The ballet dancer is completely out of the place. This reminds everyone not to get stuck in the wrong job and that is the best platform for finding the right job. After DM distribution, new IP visits increased by 40% and new registrations increased by 30%.

Agency: JWT, Hong Kong.

Die Arche, Christian Child and Youth Aid "Bag"

Create a cost-saving means of promotion that helps the "Arche" (Christian Child and Youth Aid) to generate food donations for needy Berlin children. Where better to execute that than inside a grocery bag- where fresh food is usually put into. Chosen partner is a bio market in a city district where consumers are not only highly-involved but also well-funded. The social promotion led to a considerable increase of click rates of about 25.000 clicks during the promotional time frame. But most important: it helped to raise the donations by almost 20%.

Agency: Atletico International Berlin, Germany.

Women Against Genital Mutilation.

Creating a campaign with a little budget to make women aware of the need to collaborate with Association of Women Against Genital Mutilation (AMAM). They produced hygienic protectors for women's swimming costumes with an image of a razor blade (as used in genital mutilation practice) and text saying: "very year two million girls worldwide are unable to avoid genital mutilation". During the activity we registered a 72% increase in web visitors, resulting in a increase of phone calls to the association.

Agency: Contrapunto BBDO Barcelona, Spain.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Red Cross Argentina "Flood"

For the first time, a home was built inside a lake in downtown Buenos Aires next to the Planetarium, a neuralgic urban and tourist point. A sign read: The North of Argentina needs your help. Thousands of people saw it on their way to work. The entire country learned about it on TV news shows, on the radio, and in the most important journals. Over 60,000 calls and an increase in donations were achieved. And most importantly, the citiznes became aware of a situation that until then seemed remote.

Agency: Leo Burnett Buenos Aires, Argentina.

LG "Smile, you're being filmed!"

To communicate the excellent video camera of the LG Viewty mobile phone. They simulate that the actual mobile phone is filming the passers by. A live filming & reproducing system was created using a video camera and a 71" plasma screen. The camera was in the disembar located exactly behind the mobile phone lens, and the plasma where the phone screen would be. The outdoor was implemented in the disembarkation corridor of Lisbon Airport, wich means thousands of people see it daily. With just one piece, LG managed, not only to communicate the features of their new mobile phone, but also to create an immediate empathy with the brand, generating good spirit, gags and commentaries between passengers. When passing in front of the outdoor, people look and smile, interact and have a laugh with the piece.

Agency: Uzina Lisbon, Portugal.

Advance Pet Food "Tongue"

Convince pet owners that premium Advance Pet Food gives pets the nutrition they may be missing. Drive them to their nearest Advance stockist.They didn't want to get lost in the clutter with other DM material. So this piece used the letterbox space in a new, innovative way. Rubber tonques were left hanging out of mailboxes - mimicking hungry dog's tonques. Stuck to each tonque was a card explaining how Advance Pet Food can give pets all the nutrition they crave. A web adress with a store locator drove purchase.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Australia.

Feed SA "Trolley"

Feed SA is a charity dedicated to feeding disadvantaged people throughout South Africa. Despite the rapidly growing numbers of homeless and hungry people on the streets, more fortunate citizens tend to drive by and ignore them. They were briefed to help Feed SA target consumers more efficiently in order to increase contributions. They placed decals of hungry, begging street children at the bottem of supermarket shopping trolleys bearing the Feed SA website and the line. "See how easy feeding the hungry can be?". Any food placed into the trolley appeared to be given to the child. Collection tins were also placed at the till points and bins for food contributions were positioned at exits. Their message was seen by hundreds of shoppers every day for the cost of a few decals, resulting in a marked increase in donations and a significant boost in website traffic.

Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg, South Africa.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

IKEA "Balcony"

IKEA Bigger storage ideas.

Agency: Ogilvy Frankfurt, Germany.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lynx "Get in there"

50% of people online in Europe have asked someone on a date using email, 20% of guys between 16-24 met their girlfriend online. Guys are spending more and more time playing the seduction game online. This posed a threat to the brand promise. We needed to encourage guys to get back out there chasing girls in the real world, by equipping them with the right knowledge and tools. Using the mobile phone is the best way to do this. Guys have it on them all the time and it's with them when they're out chasing girls. Their challenge was to encourage boys who flirt online to get out there talking to real girls, where the Lynx product can play a role. A series of 6 mobile applications were created, the first 2 are sonic tools aimed at a girl's laughter spot: Lynx FX - a smorgasbord of witty sound effects to your night out. Fit Girl Finder - sat-nav for your love life. A honey radar & heart beat monitor rolled into one. The Lynx Get In There UK campaign officially launched in February of 2007. There have been an impressive 40,000+ downloads of the mobile content from and through viral spread. Silver Media Lions Winner.

Agency: BBH London, United Kingdom.

Peugeot "The car is the star"

In a category where a strong TV presence is deemed essential, their approach was to differentiate Peugeot from the competition, by using TV in a genuinely distinctive way. They developed a long term partnership with leading terrestrial Channel 13 show, Argentines Par Su Nombre, a show characterised by its fast-paced content, in which host Andy Kusnetzoff, travels around Argentina reporting live from different locations throughout the country. With the car such an integral part of the show, we were able to showcase the Peugeot brand in the most dynamic way, effectively positioning it as the 'star' of the show. The car was customised with six interior cameras, effectively becoming the TV set across an eight month period (27 outings in total). This meant that it was the focal point throughout, from the opening sequence to the final frame. Although Kusnetzoff regularly stops en route, the car remains a constant presence throughout; delivering a strong branded presence which they believe could never have been achieved as effectively using traditional TV advertising. Aside from the strong editorial link between the 'on-the-go' style of the show and the car, the show was chosen because it has a huge youth following, with Kusnetzoff particularly known and liked amongst 20-45, higher income consumers, who are the core desired audience for the 206. For the cost of a single 30 second spot, they were present in more than 80% of the show (visually or audio) across the 27 shows. This equates to an on-screen presence one hundred times higher than the equivalent exposure, had they paid for traditional advertising in the break. Bronze Media Lions Winner.

Agency: Carat Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Peugeot "Picky Hitchhiker"

Make Peugeot owners feel privileged by placing very picky hitch hikers. On big cardboards it reads that they only want to drive a Peugeot. The Picky hitch hikers were placed in heavy traffic spots in all major cities. This meant high visibility and under the radar communication from an unfamiliar source. The hitch hikers looked and where believed to be real and as Peugeot owners stopped to pick them up they where told that they owned a very nice car and received a box of chocolate from Peugeot. And since the market leader Peugeot holds an app. 10% share of all cars in Denmark it made sense to encounter the target on the road. 89 hitch hikers where on the streets. The campaign ran two times with an estimated 1.21 million car owners (half of all car owners in the Denmark) reached. The campaign was featured in national news as well as nationwide magazines. Bronze Media Lions Winner.

Agency: Uncle Grey Aarhus, Denmark.

Nokia "Movie Star"

The communication goal consisted of transmitting to the consumer that the Nokia N95 contains, in a single phone, the many functions available in different types of equipment, especially the ability to shoot and edit video at high quality and speed. The new approach consisted of making the consumer the protagonist of the action. In order to do that, the consumer was approached while in line at the movie theatre and invited to partake in the "next Nokia movie theatre commercial," which was shot on the spot with the Nokia N95 and run minutes later, before the feature film. The impact took place when the targets, who had been approached in line, were surprised by their image on the movie theatre screen, revealing the filming and editing attributes of the phone. The same astonishment also reached the audience members who had witnessed the entire process while in line. This, in addition to the speed with which the scenes were put up on the screen, captivated the spectators. The media idea evolved from the conventional movie theatre commercial to something more elaborate, where the consumer became the protagonist of the commercial, experiencing the tools available in the Nokia N95, and bringing them closer to the concept of brand experience. This target-product interaction was broadened and ended up reaching the other spectators in the room. The impact generated was superior to that of a conventional commercial, due to the participation of the public. Despite the operational complexities, the investment was equivalent to that of a conventional action, but with superior results, thanks to the higher impact and recall index from this media innovation. Bronze Media Lions Winner.

Agency: Lew Lara\TBWA Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Volvo "Interactive cinema gaming'

As well as experiential and social networking, cinema provides a live and exciting media creation of Volvo's Global strategy of togetherness. This first ever in-cinema game provides a fun and unique way to bring this to life and help consumers share a happy, positive experience together. Using motion sensors cinema audiences became willing human joysticks where their movements controlled the action in a game on the screen. The more they worked together, the better they handled the Volvo in the Cinema Driving Game. Living proof of Volvo's Global positioning: Life is better lived together. 12 cinemas across the UK we're given the chance compete against each other. This live event made history being the first time cinemas had ever competed together anywhere in the world. The enjoyable event generated incredible PR, prompting Brand Week magazine to name it one of the top creative ideas of 2007. Please watch the case study to see how the media idea was received by the audiences taking part. The event generated massive press interest. The event was featured in over 40 separate articles in press and online commending the world's first live interactive cinema gaming experience. This idea was showcased in the UK and is now being considered by Volvo's Global Markets. Bronze Media Lions Winner.

Agency: Nitro London, United Kingdom.

The Mainichi Newspapers "Plastic Fish"

The Mainichi Newspaper is committed to environmental issues. This year, they decided to curb the use of plastic grocery bags to decrease the number of cases in which marine creatures mistake grocery bags for fish, swallow them, and suffocate. The Mainichi Newspaper is committed to environmental issues Fish made of plastic grocery bags (stickers) were produced to make aquarium visitors aware of the fact that dolphins and whales mistake plastic grocery bags for fish. Several hundreds of these "fish" were placed inside the aquarium as an installation ad.. This year, they decided to curb the use of plastic grocery bags to decrease the number of cases in which marine creatures mistake grocery bags for fish, swallow them, and suffocate. Visitors could wander through the site and take on the perspective of a dolphin or whale, simulating accidents caused by plastic grocery bags. The communication, which also involved the distribution of newspapers featuring stories about plastic grocery bag pollution and canvas tote bags, primarily targeted family groups. In one month, over 50,000 people experienced the campaign. And scenes from the campaign event received major coverage in newspapers and on cable television, successfully generating overwhelming PR effect for the cause. Bronze Media Lions Winner.

Agency: Hakuhodo Tokyo, Japan.

Monday, June 23, 2008 "Fast news"

The goal was to establish as the fastest news website in Germany. To achieve this, they combined a promotion in a movie theatre with a cinema ad. First, something relevant to the news happens in the cinema audience. Only two minutes later, an ad for in the same cinema deals with just this event. In the middle of a cinema, shortly before the main feature. A pregnant woman in the audience gets contractions. She gets up, shouting in pain, and leaves the theatre with her husband. The Cinema Ad: While the audience is still discussing this event, the following cinema ad is screened: Chart and Announcer: "Now on" The chart is followed by a screenshot of the website with a photo showing the woman and her husband in the foyer of the cinema with newly-born twins in their arms. Announcer: "Twins born at cinema in Hamburg." Chart and Announcer: "News has never been this fast." The target market is composed of young, Internet-savvy people, who are easily reached in cinemas. By combining the cinema ad and the promotion they didn't only claim that is especially fast - but also proved it. And our target audience witnessed this fact firsthand. As the promotion was unseen and surprising, word of mouth generated a significant spread. Hits on increased significantly after the promotion. Gold Media Lions Winner.

Agency: Grabarz & Partner Hamburg, Germany.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mercedez Benz "On a mountain top"

The G-Class is the toughest off-road vehicle from Mercedes-Benz. With its 4-wheel drive and V8 engine this car has mud in its genes and is built for any kind of terrain. Real off-road drivers are generally active people with a love of nature. Their aim was to connect with this special target group and show the off-road abilities of the G-Class in a new, surprising way. The G-Class is able to take-on any terrain. They wanted to point out that the G-Class reaches places that others can't. Therefore, they had to bring their ads to places no other ad had been before: to the highest mountaintops in Germany. On every mountain in the German Alps there is a summit log book for climbers to sign when they reach the top. A team consisting of an art director, copywriter and an illustrator climbed five German peaks, and drew advertisements for the G-Class in these summit log books. As a result of the exclusive placement of these ads, they reached our special target audience in the right environment and caught their full attention. In every ad we displayed a phone number of the Mercedes-Benz hotline. There by you could directly contact your local dealership to make an appointment for a test-drive or to get further information. As a result of the promotion around 190 customers contacted the dealers and took test drives within three months of the launch date. Even more importantly the 'Summit Log Ads' became the talk of the town. The ads were discussed in various blogs and the pictures appeared on Local newspapers, off-road publications, and mountain climbing magazines wrote articles about it. Thus, they achieved broad media coverage with a small budget. Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: BBDO Stuttgart, Germany.

IPÊ "Bird nest sticker decals"

IPÊ mainly implements environmental consciousness projects among rural residents living close to forests and jungles in Brazil. They were tasked with raising awareness for IPE's anti-deforestation drive among urban residents living in Brazil's larger metropolitan cities, encouraging them to use only certified wood and not wood illegally obtained from Brazil's jungles and forests. For that matter, the promo consisted in creating sticker decals that realistically resembled bird nests with birds living in them. They were then stuck on every wooden door, gate and fence - recreating their natural habitat in an urban environment. Upon closer exploration of the sticker, people would read: "Deforestation destroys the natural habitats of many animal species. Make sure that all the wood you buy is legally certified. IPÊ - Ecological Research Institute -". Since our budget was minimal, typical outdoor messaging was not possible. They had to create an alternative media that would still draw attention to the cause. The decals were stuck specifically in and around retail districts inside the metropolitan cities, well known for selling wooden goods (doors, windows, furniture), helping the message to reach its main target: wood shoppers and retailers. In just 2 weeks following this promotion, IPÊ reached its projection for metropolitan cities in Brazil, having increased its website page-views by over 8%. Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: FabraQuinteiro Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Absolut Spirits "Absolut Disco"

To stand out in the cluttered trade environment and act as a natural choice for those who really want to party. Make a disco ball, shaped as an Absolut bottle, with a hook on top and put on all Absolut bottles during the campaign period. Once the vodka bottle on the inside is removed, the disco ball can be hung in the ceiling and danced around. Visibility and number of facings rose dramatically. In many markets, sales were up more than 1000%. Most markets sold out their Absolut stock to the last drop. Visibility and number of facings rose dramatically. In many markets, sales were up more than 1000%. Most markets sold out their Absolut stock to the last drop. Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Family Business Stockholm, Sweden.

Voltaflex "Silicon Body Parts"

The objective of the promotion was to create awareness amongst the over 50 age group that they no longer have to put up with joint pain. Thanks to Voltaflex, their joints will have that 'well-oiled' feeling so they'll be ready to take on anything. Display units containing realistic new body parts were placed in prominent pharmacies to demonstrate that after using Voltaflex your body would feel new again. 16 unique body parts were individually handcrafted with every strand of hair carefully placed on these body parts and then painted to look either male, female, white, African or Asian. On each display box there was an individual story to identify with their more elderly consumer. For example - New Elbow. For the 'trying to be Roger Federer' type. Or. New Wrist. For the 'writing the next best seller' type. Traditionally their elderly market frequent pharmacies more often than normal consumers. So this was the perfect medium for them. But inside pharmacies, consumers are bombarded by ads so they needed something completely different to get cut through. The promotion is in its
infancy stage. But from the initial pharmacy manager's feedback, not only have enquiries into Voltaflex risen but also sales have increased dramatically. Not to mention the elderly blocking the aisles, reading the different stories on each box! So from this, Voltaflex is considering creating more of these new body parts display units for the future. Bronze Promo Lions Direct Winner.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Simko Geneva, Switzerland.

Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mother's Association.

In Hong Kong, most people know that breastfeeding is best for babies. However, without enough public nursing rooms, mothers who choose to breastfeed can only feed their babies in public toilets. The promotion is to fight for legislation to create public nursing rooms. On Dec 1 2007, the Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers' Association invited all of the government officials, including the Chief Executive Mr. Donald Tsang, to experience what it is like to eat a meal in a public toilet. Official invitation letters were sent to all government officials, including the Chief Executive Donald Tsang. Invitation cards were then sent to the media regarding the attendance of the Chief Executive. Posters were put up to call for the public to witness and support the event. Guerrilla marketing stickers on the toilet doors, seats and paper dispensers were put up in order to bring to the public's attention the fact that babies are taking their meals in public toilets. Banners had links to the website to arouse awareness and provide information online. A press conference was held for the media. All the above led up to the event day on December 1 2007. Even after the event, the cause was promoted in newspapers, through blogging and on websites. The Chief Executive Donald Tsang did not show up for his meal. However, after the long meeting inside the legislative council, the government has agreed to put the topic on their official agenda. Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: DraftFCB Shanghai, China.

Yoga Festival "Stretch Festival"

To announce the Puducherry Yoga Festival and create a buzz in the neighbouring cities. Location: Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai, Cochin & Hyderabad. Since Yoga is the ancient Indian art of stretching the body and mind we decided to own the visual language of stretching and called the promotion "Stretch Festival". But they needed to stretch the communication to shock, stimulate and bring alive the 15th international Yoga festival in the most simple but unforgettable way to the men and women on the street. So, they hired 108 Yoga Gurus & Yogis who could perform complicated yoga poses and dressed them up like your regular characters on the street. The results were stunning. There's nothing more impactful than Stretched Street Theatre: Familiar street characters were suddenly seen striking unfamiliar Yoga poses in their usual positions. Traffic Cops, Flower Sellers, Rikshaw Pullers, Coconut Vendors, Ticket Collectors, Pedestrians and Lifeguards on the beach, all causing traffic jams in their weird positions. A traffic cop giving directions with his feet? Pedestrians walking on their hands? A flower girl selling flowers on her feet? Lifeguards on the beach crawling like crabs on all fours? to announce the Puducherry Yoga Festival. And the man on the street was thinking Yoga for ever after. The Results: This campaign achieved media headlines across all leading newspapers and resulted in a huge surplus of participants and health tourists from the targetted cities. In fact this years festival was the biggest ever with over a million tourists hitting Puducherry during the festival week. The Government Of Puducherry awarded its highest honour to all employees of the Tourism Department after the success of the festival. Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: JWT \ Mumbai, India.

Nikon "Picturetown"

To promote the new Nikon D40 as a Nikon Digital SLR designed to make it easy for anyone to take an incredible digital picture. Since most people associate both Nikons and Digital SLR's with pros, they knew they have to overcome consumer intimidation. It wasn't enough to say, "easy-to-use" - they had to prove it. So they created a campaign around real people with little or no picture-taking experience getting in touch with their "inner photographer." Crucial to pulling this off was finding the right town. They wanted a small place, with a diverse population and picturesque surroundings. What they could have never planned on was how welcoming the people of Georgetown were. The success of the project was determined in no small part by the incredible enthusiasm the participants brought to it. People with full-time jobs and families still found time to shoot tons of pictures and share them with them. It's one thing to say "easy-to-use." It's another to show it. So they gave 200 D40s to ordinary people in Georgetown, South Carolina with almost no instruction and let the results speak for themselves. Participants and their photographs were used in print ads to show that anyone can take high-quality pictures. All the photographers' images are also featured in an interactive gallery on our microsite, where visitors can browse photos, discuss, and learn about the camera and its features. Increased market share by 30%, reaching near equal share with its primary competitor, Canon. Increased purchase consideration, making Nikon the brand most likely to purchase across all main category competitors. Changed Nikon's perception from a 'complex camera' 'for professionals only' to a company making 'easy to use' cameras 'for everyone.' The website generated meaningful entanglement with end users across all core content. 666,000 site visits from May 9th - July 31st, 2007. 9.5 million pictures viewed in total. Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: McCann Erickson New York, USA.

Dodge "Dare Days"

Dodge dared us to introduce the all-American car brand Dodge and 3 new models to the Belgian market without placing one single ad, without broadcasting one single television commercial and without sending out one single direct mail piece. Since showrooms lost their attraction, we chose to bring the showroom to the street. In a never-seen-before way. The Dodge Dare Days: a very visible road show that toured along 10 Belgian cities with a truly unique attraction: a 50-meter Dodge Viper Bungee with onboard camera to film your scary face. These movies were posted on the campaign site, ready to be sent to friends. Special, interactive banners guided people to the website. A contest worked as extra bait. Today, a new car model isn't enough to attract people to the showroom. And even with three new models at the dealer, the introduction of a completely new brand on the Belgian market would require an extensive (expensive) media campaign. With a limited budget and a hard-to-impress audience, Dodge faced a double challenge. The Dodge Dare Days however offered thrill-seeking car fanatics a memorable event with free Bungee-Viper jumps, Rodeo rides and a tour through the Dodge range, while spending only a fraction of the budget for a traditional multi-media campaign. - Over 10.000 people attended one of the 10 road shows - Almost 500 daredevils wete their pants in a breathtaking 50-meter bungee drop in the Dodge Viper - The onboard camera capturing their fearful expressions resulted in 500 viral movies and generated over 50.000 views on YouTube and GarageTV - Site traffic boomed, with over 35.000 unique visitors: over 10% opted-in, 5% requested more information, 1% visited the showroom for a test drive - Loads of free media coverage in newspapers, online car sites and blogs - And finally an utterly satisfied customer. 2x Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Proximity BBDO Brussels, Belgium.

Unilever/Kibon "Ipod in the popsicle"

Create a promotional action that could replace Kibon's traditional prize in the stick promotion during the most important sales period of the year: the summer. What prize would be even cooler than another popsicle? An iPod. How to award this prize? In place of the popsicle. A replica was made of the popsicle an EVA cradle and a resin mould for the iPod to protect it against the low temperature and moisture. 10,000 iPods were distributed throughout Brazil. Whoever finds one will receive the accessories at home plus a real popsicle. They created a new promotional mechanism, without any complications, without exchange stations and without lines. The consumer won the prize immediately and also received all the iPod accessories and a real popsicle at home. iPod on a Popsicle was a huge success in Brazil. It grabbed free space on the main blogs around the world. Even Gizmodo published 2 posts about it, raising the attention for the brand/promotion. Blogs and YouTube videos generated by winners kept the attention during the promotional period and helped to achieve an historical sales increase record. In 3 months, it reached 90,000 points-of-sale and sales volume grew 31% compared to the previous year. 2x Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Bullet Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grand Prix Outdoor Lions "Voyeur Projection"

In order to impact perceptions among an already positive audience, it wouldn't be enough to tell super-fans that they are the leaders at cutting-edge, innovative storytelling - they needed to show them. HBO Voyeur took the act of watching, already an integral part of the HBO experience, and intensified it. The viewers became essential players within the story - their gaze the very essence of the concept for HBO Voyeur: sometimes the best stories are the ones they were not meant to see. It encouraged viewers to seek more, become a part of the story and engage with the content. In order to encourage the participation beyond passive viewing that is so critical to super-fans' experience with the brand, HBO Voyeur was expressed as a multi-media, multi-platform program, each touch-point acting as an invitation to engage with the project as a whole. It began with a life-size projection on the side of an apartment building in downtown Manhattan, creating the illusion that the wall had been cut away and allowing viewers to experience the story by seeing the lives inside. The campaign extended to, HBO On Demand and HBO Mobile, with each content experience uniquely tailored to its platform. Also Grand Prix Promo Lions & Gold Design Lions Winner.

Agency: BBDO New York, USA. "Enjoy the game"

Create a brand campaign for that tells people what they do. Existing promotion is restricted to football shirt sponsorship, and as a result, consumers are in the dark over what are all about. It's human nature to see how an outcome evolves. They tapped into this by using the same mechanic that real life casinos use, and turned the world into a virtual casino. Billboards and taxi sides became a version of roulette. Tube cards became a game of chance. Press ads got people to make an educated guess. Online, two games mimicked casino play. One was a form of roulette, as giant pieces of toast were tossed off the top of high rise buildings, with a 'jam side up' or 'marmite side up' outcome. The other game showed a dog chasing four items - a bone, a stick, a ball and a string of sausages, to see who would get caught first. They filmed every possible outcome a number of times, and used the same technology as a casino does to randomise the result, making it a game of pure luck. The campaign really involved it's audience. As well as using more progressive media, they got people to actively engage with traditional media again. This meant the clients budget could be spent in a cost effective way. As a result of their campaign, sign up of members on the site kept reaching record levels month on month. Giving a massive membership base, contributing to them being voted online casino of the year for 2008. Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: CHI & Partners London, United Kingdom.

Dietrich "Golf"

Every year, the Dietrich company organizes an exclusive golf tournament for its premium clients. The challenge consisted in letting these clients know about the upcoming edition of the tournament in an original and eye-catching manner with the final goal of getting them to register and compete. In the two weeks leading up to the tournament, clients began to receive emails every two days containing a video with information regarding the tournament as well as an invitation to register electronically. Each of the seven videos showcased two golf clubs representing two graceful feet having fun and enjoying themselves on a golf course. The campaign ran under the concept: "join the clubs". The response was immediate. Just three videos were needed to completely fill the tournament's openings. Dietrich not only received numerous emails congratulating it on its creativity but the videos also became the talk of the tournament. Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Grey Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cancer Research UK "Ashtray to vase"

On July 1st 2007 a smoking ban came into effect in every pub, club and restaurant across England. It made enclosed spaces cleaner and healthier for everyone. Their brief was to raise awareness of the efforts to create healthier environments and make the ban more positive for everyone in England whilst encouraging further donations to cancer research. They knew that ashtrays in pubs, clubs and restaurants would become redundant and thrown away. So they decided to take them and transform them into something that would benefit everyone's environment. This initiative would turn the negative associations of an ashtray into a more environmentally-friendly positive. Glass ashtrays were collected in specially-designed door-drop bags and transformed into unique handmade flower vases by a master craftsman. They then auctioned the vases on eBay, with all proceeds going straight to Cancer Research UK. PR then built on the story of this unique endeavour. The first vase sold for £86.00 in a 5-day auction. They are continuing to sell the vases on eBay, for an average £77 a piece. Subsequent auctions will be ongoing throughout 2008, so full results of all activity will not be known until all the auctions and activities are complete. Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Ogilvy London, United Kingdom.

United Nations "Voices Project"

The United Nations wanted to find an engaging way of talking to modern day Australians, particularly the youth, and making them aware of the many and varied issues in today's multi-cultural society. The problem is the people who really need to be heard are the ones who don't normally have a voice. So by using revolutionary digital image recognition technology they could make a poster and press ad talk for the very first time and actually give everyone a voice. In a small market like Australia, over a 2 week period, more than 35,000 people "listened" - making this the country's most successful UN brand campaign to date. Due to its overwhelming success next year the UN is going to roll it out globally in all major cities. Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, Australia.

Alsergrunder Stamp Exhange "Stamp"

Once a year the client organises a collectors meeting for philatelists, the so-called "Alsergrunder Collectors Exhibition". And every year the invitation worked the same way: a letter with an invitation card inside. Well, no surprise that the number of visitors hadn't really grown in recent years. That's why the client wanted to change something and assigned the agency to create a new invitation. The only condition: The invitation should be sent to the philatelists by mail as every year and at the same price! The solution was to catch the interest of the philatelists with the help of something they are really interested in: stamps! Therefore the invitation for the 4th Alsergrunder collector's exhibition was placed on the envelope where the stamp is normally found. The invitation read as followed: "Extraordinary postage stamps can be viewed at the 4th Alsergrunder collectors exhibition on the 1st of March 2008 at Seegasse 11, 1090 Vienna." The envelope itself remained empty. The collectors meeting was patronised very well, the guest list of the organiser showed, that over 80% of the invited philatelists accepted the invitation and visited the collectors meeting. Furthermore relatives and friends of the invited guests came to the meeting, too. The explanation for this: even non-philatelists where teased because of this uncommon invitation and wanted to take a look at the extraordinary stamps on location. Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: TBWA\ Wien, Austria.

German Foundation for Monument Protection.

Germany's historical monuments can only be saved from disrepair at great cost. For this, the German Foundation for Monument Protection urgently needs donations. The challenge: In the first place, people need to be made aware of this, and then of course, they should donate money. They let those bag for donations who are most directly suffering from the disrepair of historical monuments: those sculptures that are an integral part of the respective historical buildings. Replicas were made from the original sculptures. These sculptures were placed in subway stations and pedestrian underpasses, begging for "their" historical monuments. Preferably in the direct vicinity of those historical buildings for which they are collecting their donations. Throughout the time of the promotion, the German Foundation for Monument protection registered 40% increase in donations. Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Ogilvy Frankfurt, Germany.

The British Council "Meet your hero"

To Increase the awareness and also the number and quality of submissions for The British Council of Australia's "Realise Your Dream" scholarship programme. This is an annual competition that rewards six artistic young Australians with a trip to the UK and a mentorship with the creative guru of their choice. They produced an integrated campaign based around the thought, 'Determined to meet your hero?' For young Australians simply getting to meet, let alone work with one of Britain's creative leaders (like Stella McCartney or Damien Hirst) is potentially a life changing opportunity and a prize their target would do anything to win. They dramatised this passion by showing the extreme, possibly psychotic lengths some people will go to, to meet their hero. And, in turn, highlight how you do much better entering the British Council's Realise Your Dream programme. In 2007 The British Council campaign reached over 2,000 000 people across Australia. They received more submissions than ever. Over 20,204 unique visitors to the website became 875 officially registered entrants (up 12% on 2006). Perhaps more importantly, this year's entries were of a far higher quality than previous years. The 6 lucky winners ranging from a rap artist to an indigenous art curator are already living and working in Britain. 2x Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: M&C Saatchi Sydney, Australia.

ESPN "Eyeballs"

ESPN's up-close camera coverage and commentary attracts the highest number of TV sports-viewers in Asia. Their brief was to create a Direct campaign that informed media-buyers of this. They re-designed actual sports-balls to look like "HUMAN EYEBALLS"!; a basketball, football and baseball. Each ball had a message on the back which read "ESPN. You can't get closer". They were sent with a letter (detailing the up-close camera coverage and ratings), inside a box titled with the name of the ball. This DM exercise resulted in achieving extremely positive reactions from the targeted media community and the awareness for the key statistics showed a very positive increase. It facilitated in creating a very favourable environment for the subsequent sales process.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore.

Bosch Lawn & Garden "Lawnmower Calendar"

To get selected dealers and distributors excited about the new, special high-performance, battery-operated Bosch Rotak 43 LI lawn mower - with the help of an exceptional calendar. Every page in the calendar is cut in a special way to initially create the individual impression of a wild and untended lawn. The recipient becomes part of the action and tears off a calendar page every day. By doing this, he is actually continuing to 'mow' day by day and so, bit by bit, he has a perfectly cut lawn in front of him at the end of the year. It's an authentic and unique mowing experience, because the width of the calendar corresponds exactly to the width of the lawn mower. Thanks to its surprising idea, the calendar quickly became a coveted collector's item. Since its publication in the middle of December 2007, the battery-operated Bosch lawn mower has been a topic of conversation within the national German dealer network. Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg, Germany.

Toyota Hilux "Motion"

Take Toyota Hilux's brand promise "Unbreakable" to a new generation of consumers. Encourage these consumers to visit the showroom and/or arrange a test drive. Develop a screensaver, using the motion sensor built into the latest generation of laptops, to deliver a truly interactive experience and demonstrate the "unbreakability" of the 2008 Hilux. Distribute this to a database of potential Hilux buyers, and encourage them to forward it onto their friends. This allowed users to click through and arrange a test drive at their local dealership. Marked increase (above 60% in some areas) in Hilux enquiries reported by dealerships. Corresponding increase in actual test drives. Informal dealer feedback described the campaign as "compelling", "entertaining", "very engaging" and "really helps to reinforce that a Hilux is unbreakable". Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland, New Zealand.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Direct Agency of the year.

Given to the agency in one country that obtains the highest score for entries in the Direct Lions section, irrespective of whether these have been entered by the agency or another party.

2. JWT INDIA, Mumbai
3. SAATCHI & SAATCHI, Auckland

NTT Resonant "Social media save the earth"

The aim is to get members of "goo home", a social media, in the launch of a new service. "mixi" is the biggest and most overwhelming social networking service in Japan. People seek social media for the quantity of members, because the value of social media lies in "connecting with others". So, it is very hard for followers to attract many members in this market. They needed to give the social media a brand-new value. The new value they created is "the social media where people can improve the environment by connecting to others". According to studies, corals have effect on CO2 absorption. For every 30 new members for "goo home", one real coral will be planted in Okinawa's sea. Each planted coral will be pictured with a card printing 30 members' registered nicknames. Members can view the picture of "their coral" on "goo home". Thus, environmental action is now a direct motivation to join social media, instead of just expanding networks. Recently, consideration of the environment has risen in the Japanese. And social media have the power to improve the environment by connecting with others. So, they changed the reason for joining social media from just expanding networks to participating in environmental action. "goo home" acquired 51,360 members in just 3.5 months. This communication got publicities worth over $1,420,000. 1,712 pieces of coral have been planted in the Okinawa's sea to date, and they are contributing to the decline in CO2. As this project goes on, the planted coral will lay eggs in 2 years and will multiply naturally. Silver Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo, Japan.

ASICS Europe "Triathlon"

In 2007, the Triathlon World Championships were held for the first time in Germany. ASICS was one of the event's main sponsors. The sponsoring activities should stand out among the flood of typical sponsoring activities and go far beyond perimeter advertising. ASICS doesn't yet manufacture swimsuits or bicycles. Therefore, emphasis is to be placed on highlighting the company's core competence; running. Triathlon consists of three types of sports, but in the end, it all comes down to who has the leading edge in the last discipline; running. For this reason, ASICS sent three support runners into the race. Swimming: ASICS sends three runners in inflatable running globes onto the Alster lake. Cycling: The bicycles feature running shoes instead of tyres. Running: The core competence of ASICS. In the end it's about running. ASICS is the number one brand in the functional running shoe segment. The promotion's core message transports a simple, but relevant message: in the end, it's about running. This message demonstrates ASICS' core competence in a strinking manner and highlights the final competition of the Triathlon World Championships. After an overtake manoeuvre in the home stretch that would be difficult to top in terms of excitement, the ASICS athlete Daniel Unger sensationally secured the World Championship title in his home country. And in the other positions on the winner's podium: nothing but ASICS sports shoes. Hours later, three support runners cross the finish line, far behind and completely exhausted. Silver Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Nordpol + Hamburg, Germany.

Migros Underwear "Singles"

For the past two years Migros Mode has been advertising its fashions using people like you and me. Migros Mode's fashions purposely feature models that aren't models at all. Heidi Miller, not Heidi Klum. Kate Moser instead of Kate Moss. Ordinary people, in other words, with ordinary jobs. Migros finds it hard positioning itself as a provider of cool fashion amongst young people, who tend to favour well-known brands. Moreover, grabbing the youth market's attention demands out-of-the-box thinking. To bring Migros underwear to the attention of young people, in spring 2007 they created a platform for unattached singles by advertising for people who were seeking a partner. The successful candidates were featured in TV commercials and media ads wearing Migros underwear. Every ad carried that particular 'model's' email address (e.g. and the campaign website address The website gave details of the underwear featured and a short profile of each of the unattached singles, allowing the public to get in touch with them. The fashion sector is experiencing mounting competition, with a glut of stores offering fashions, branded or otherwise, at cut-throat prices. Moreover, Migros traditionally suffers from an un-hip image amongst young people. Migros was therefore looking for a novel way of capturing their imagination. The campaign's effect was amplified by large numbers of media keen to cover the campaign story. Suddenly Migros stopped being a boring, old-fashioned outlet. More than 700 unattached single people responded to the casting call, and over one hundred thousand messages were forwarded to the Migros 'models'. There was lively public interest in the campaign: hundreds of national and international media covered the story, with the effect that the Migros underwear campaign and its single 'models' were on every lip for weeks. The promotion attracted plenty of positive reaction via emails, blogs and interviews. Silver Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett Zurich, Switserland.

Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre.

The Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre has been described internationally as the world's best World War 1 aviation museum. Due to its somewhat remote location, however, it has poor awareness in New Zealand. To coincide with Omaka's one-year anniversary, they wanted everyone in Wellington to realise that the most authentic WW1 aviation experience on earth was right here in New Zealand. To highlight how authentic Omaka is, they created a low-budget campaign that was itself an authentic World War 1 experience. In this era of new technologies and new media, their solution was low-tech: they sent their message out using carrier pigeons. To achieve this we employed 289 prized racing pigeons to transport a billboard from Omaka in the South Island of New Zealand, across the notoriously wild Cook Straight to Wellington in the North Island. The billboard was built message-by-message in a campaign designed to generate as much buzz and PR as possible. The idea was perfect for the product because it required the message to be sent in the exact same way they sent out important messages in World War 1 - the era depicted in the exhibition. It was every bit as authentic as the exhibition itself. The campaign was an enormous success, turning a humble little billboard into an international news story. It was covered in Australia and the US, but most importantly generated constant coverage in New Zealand on TV, print, radio and online. And although the entire campaign cost just $12,000, Omaka has enjoyed an incredible 30-percent increase in visitors since the promotion began. Silver Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington, New Zealand.

Freixenet "The key to reserva"

Every Christmas in Spain, Freixenet runs a promotional campaign for its sparkling wine, Carta Nevada. For 30 years, this has been a highly anticipated TV spot which each year features a different A-list celebrity (Paul Newman, Demi Moore etc.) and only runs for a month. In 2007, a changed was needed. It was decided to switch the emphasis from image to product, though keeping the glamour and sense of occasion. To create a piece of cinema felt like the answer. But this time, we'd shift the spotlight from in front of the camera to behind it, from actor to director. Martin Scorsese was chosen to direct the film. His attachment increased expectation and sense of occasion. The film would be just under 10 minutes, much longer than the previous spots and lending to the feel of a cinematic event. Over November, they announced the date of the premiere to the press, produced trailers that ran on TV and turned viral on the web, and then premiered the film on the Freixenet site. In December they screened it 516,043 times in 150 cinemas and distributed 380,000 DVDs. Within 30 days it had been seen by over a million people on the site and you tube. Twentytwo television stations asked to air the film for free, as content and not as an ad. More media time than they could ever buy. And the client managed to maintain the volume sales while supporting a 30% increase in its price. Silver Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: JWT / Barcelona, Spain.

Puma "Palermo 180"

Consolidate the link between the goal scoring sensation Martin Palermo and Puma, in a setting where Nike has huge budgets and owns the image and sportswear of the team Palermo plays on: Boca Juniors. Spread the fact that Palermo has four goals to go before reaching the mark of 180, and pay tribute to him when he achieves this milestone. One hundred and eighty pairs of special edition cleats were developed, one for each goal, and each one containing an inscription of the facts of the goal it represents. The special edition cleats will be launched the day he scores goal 180. They may only be obtained by registering on The 180 pairs will be given away by hiding them somewhere within the city of Buenos Aires and on the internet. The authentic pair 180 was donated to UNICEF, and as part of the tribute, the Palermo subway station was adorned as Martin Palermo Station. The main thing was that this campaign was running live. Waiting for the goal 180 created huge expectation for the cleats and the way it would be launched. The cleats had a huge impact, playing an important role in the image of the player and became an icon of the brand. The most prominent newspapers, blogs, radio stations and TV news broadcasts included the campaign as news. The campaign generated a mark valued at US$1,200,000, having invested a mere US$150,000. The Press & Media edited their versions of the 180 goals. 93% of internet site visitors were registered, generating a database of 75000 people. 35.000 took part in the search for the cleats throughout the city. 47% of those registered. Puma developed a new line of products following the campaign. Cleat 180 raised record values at the UNICEF auction. 2x Silver Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: DDB Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Children of the World "Help me read this"

To get a largely indifferent city to participate in a literacy initiative, aimed at educating street children. Our client 'Children of the World' needed to generate both funds and volunteers for the programme to be successful. They observed that most of the street children who were illiterate, ironically spent their day selling magazines and books to commuters at traffic signals. The rest of the city spent a fair amount of time trying to navigate these same roads. They used the magazines these children were selling as the medium and urged people to help the kids read them; by placing tear-off, self-stamped envelopes on the jackets of the magazines with the message 'Help me read this'. Within the first week itself, enquiries and donations started pouring in. Post the campaign period, Children of the World received over 300 sponsors for individual children, a number that far exceeded results in previous years. Their client also managed to set up makeshift schools across the city There were also many call-ins from people, many of whom are now volunteers for the programme. Silver Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Contract Advertising New Delhi, India.

Medecins Sans Frontieres "Text a coffin away"

Every year, 5 million children die due to malnutrition. However, they don't hear or read about it because it happens every day. This is a forgotten catastrophe with no news value. The brief: Put malnutrition on the agenda, make people contribute and strengthen the brand of Médecins Sans Frontièrs in Sweden. Since people tend to close their eyes and ears when they see or hear about starving children, they needed something different. During one week over 1,300 child coffins were spread around Stockholm. Every coffin had the message "Save a life, text a coffin away". As part of the campaign, child coffins containing information on malnutrition were sent to news stations, delivered straight to the editor-in-chiefs. The campaign kicked off with a silent march through Stockholm made by the employees at MSF (everyone carrying a coffin), that way they gathered the whole organisation. The march ended up at a huge coffin pile, in the middle of Stockholm's shopping and financial district, where an informal press conference was held. As people donated money with their cell phones, the coffins were removed from the streets one by one. The people of Stockholm could literally see that they were saving lives. The campaign got over 15 minutes of tv-time. In September, 164 articles about MSF were published (compared to a monthly average of 66,5). Over 80,000 euros were donated. The face-to-face donations increased with 25 percent (results last year went down). The long-term results will be very positive. Silver Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm, Sweden.

IKEA "The 3-D Cover"

The IKEA catalogue is, next to the Bible and Harry Potter, the third most printed publication worldwide. Their objective was to advertise the new IKEA catalogue with an innovative consumer event that involves a lot of people and boosts IKEA's brand appeal. The consumer event should work with the motto "Fashion for your most beautiful home in the world." This was the motto of the annual IKEA campaign in Germany for 2007. They transformed the two-dimensional IKEA catalogue cover into a three-dimensional installation by creating an exact replica of the living room on the catalogue cover. Their 3-D Cover went on tour throughout shopping malls in 24 German cities. Everyone had the opportunity to have their picture taken on their catalogue cover set. A few days later, participants in the photo shoot could go to IKEA and pick up a catalogue featuring themselves as the cover model! In this way, they made a lot of people a part of the new IKEA catalogue. A total of 7,120 people had their pictures taken and 4,039 of them picked up their personalized catalogue at IKEA. That's more than 56%! The consumer event not only boosted IKEA's image, but also increased traffic and sales in IKEA furniture stores! Silver Direct Lions & Silver Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg, Germany.

Gothenburg Homeless Aid "Return to sender"

Gothenburg Homeless Aid is a voluntary organisation that helps the homeless, substance abusers and other vulnerable people. People are a bit more generous around Christmas and tend to give more to those less fortunate than themselves. That's why Christmas is a very important time for the Gothenburg Homeless Aid, a time when a large proportion of the entire year's funding is collected. But what can be done to stand out in the onslaught of mailings and Christmas cards? Actually, they created another Christmas card. To draw attention to all the people with no fixed abode in Gothenburg they sent out the Christmas cards in envelopes addressed to: "Lasse Persson, a doorway/tunnel/stairwell, Hisingen (a part of Gothenburg)" and wrote the details of the actual intended recipient on the back of the envelope. Obviously the Swedish post office couldn't find Lasse because he has no real address. The mail therefore had to be returned to the 'Sender' address on the back of the envelope with a post office stamp saying 'Not known at this address'. The yellow label on the envelope not only highlights the fact that there are people in Gothenburg who have nowhere to live. It makes it virtually impossible for the recipient to simply discard it without opening it and seeing what it's all about. The yellow label on the envelope not only highlights the fact that there are people in Gothenburg who have nowhere to live. It makes it virtually impossible for the recipient to simply discard it without opening it and seeing what it's all about. The Christmas card was sent to 20,000 people in Gothenburg, in the days before and after Christmas. The campaign raised SEK 1.6 million (around EUR 170,000), which is more than any other campaign for Gothenburg Homeless Aid. The result was also an increase by 60% compared to the previous Christmas campaign. Silver Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Goss Gothenburg, Sweden.

SEGO "Monument"

Cervical cancer kills two women everyday in Spain (over 700 per year). It's the most common cancer after breast cancer and almost no one is aware of this. Three months ago, a vaccine was created that can prevent it. This is the first vaccine to prevent cancer and six scientific associations lead by SEGO (Spanish Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics) began an awareness and prevention campaign with the following objectives: - Raise awareness of the seriousness of the illness. - Publicize the existence of the vaccines and promote preventative practices. These vaccines will prevent the deaths of thousands of women. The idea should allow the campaign to transcend in time and LASTS FOREVER so that their daughters and our daughters' daughters can always remember that they were able to beat cervical cancer. A groundbreaking way to honor an important moment in history making this news more viral than the virus itself: Raise an actual monument in a public park and inscribe the names of the first 25,000 people who helped to virally spread the news using the Internet, Online Buzz, Mailings, Ambient Marketing, TV, Print, etc. Many more women are getting vaccinated. According to IMS (Pharmaceutical sector source -, following the campaign, the demand for vaccines preventing cervical cancer increased by 556%. 470,605 women reached by viral email (9 times the objective!) Post-Test Nielsen (Available to jury): 60% remember the campaign 47% of those who remember the campaign intend on getting the vaccine (35% more than those who don't remember). 67% of mothers say they'll take their daughters in to get the vaccine after the campaign. Silver & 2x Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Shakleton Madrid, Spain.