Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Grand Prix Direct Lions "Lead India"

This was part of a national initiative launched by the times of India on 1st Jan 2007, the first day of India’s 6oth year of independence. The objective was to capture the essence of a resurgent nation poised tantalizingly on the edge of redemption. And to send out a clarion call for the one final thrust that would take her from a potential nation to a kinetic power. The Times of India wanted to find a stimulus that would break the social inertia of acceptance and tolerance and galvanize an entire nation to be the face of change in India. As M.K. Gandhi said, “We must be the change we want to see in this world.” The entire effort was to elevate a newspaper from merely being a social mouthpiece to a catalyst of social change! Over 37,000 participants. The campaign website registered more than 1.3 million hits at last count. More than a million YouTube downloads. The television programme was telecast on the Star One channel, part of India’s largest television network. The programme had 7 sponsors—all leading corporations. The British High Commission has announced to sponsor a Chevening Leadership course at the London School of Economics for three Lead India finalists. More than 20 celebrities volunteered to participate free of charge. The winner will also go on to receive support to contest from a constituency of his choice in the next general elections.

Agency: JWT Mumbai, India.