Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yoga Festival "Stretch Festival"

To announce the Puducherry Yoga Festival and create a buzz in the neighbouring cities. Location: Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai, Cochin & Hyderabad. Since Yoga is the ancient Indian art of stretching the body and mind we decided to own the visual language of stretching and called the promotion "Stretch Festival". But they needed to stretch the communication to shock, stimulate and bring alive the 15th international Yoga festival in the most simple but unforgettable way to the men and women on the street. So, they hired 108 Yoga Gurus & Yogis who could perform complicated yoga poses and dressed them up like your regular characters on the street. The results were stunning. There's nothing more impactful than Stretched Street Theatre: Familiar street characters were suddenly seen striking unfamiliar Yoga poses in their usual positions. Traffic Cops, Flower Sellers, Rikshaw Pullers, Coconut Vendors, Ticket Collectors, Pedestrians and Lifeguards on the beach, all causing traffic jams in their weird positions. A traffic cop giving directions with his feet? Pedestrians walking on their hands? A flower girl selling flowers on her feet? Lifeguards on the beach crawling like crabs on all fours? to announce the Puducherry Yoga Festival. And the man on the street was thinking Yoga for ever after. The Results: This campaign achieved media headlines across all leading newspapers and resulted in a huge surplus of participants and health tourists from the targetted cities. In fact this years festival was the biggest ever with over a million tourists hitting Puducherry during the festival week. The Government Of Puducherry awarded its highest honour to all employees of the Tourism Department after the success of the festival. Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: JWT \ Mumbai, India.