Tuesday, June 17, 2008

7-Eleven "D'oh Thank Heaven"

7-Eleven wanted to partner with a summer movie property to create a program that would not only support its proprietary products, such as Slurpee, but also leverage the popularity of a partner brand to differentiate 7-Eleven from a highly competitive set.
From concept to implementation, the entire process took more than 18 months. It began with Agency ideation and consumer testing, but ultimately had to be sold in to Fox Studios, Gracie Films, 7-Eleven Marketing, and 7-Eleven Franchisees and Executives. The Agency then worked with 7-Eleven partners to begin product development and packaging design. Additionally, the Agency worked closely with The Simpsons (Gracie) to create exclusive artwork that would be executed in both exterior design and interior point-of-purchase elements. Two Agency employees were then deployed to each location to manage the conversions and oversee all promotional activity. By creating a branded experience, they were able to bring new customers, as well as lapsed customers, in store to introduce them firsthand to the many products and services that 7-Eleven offers. Additionally, by creating a completely animated world, each customer was able to experience the brand in a way that was fun and engaging, leaving them with a newly established 7-Eleven brand personality. Through both product development and providing a sweepstakes grand prize of being animated into a Simpsons episode, 7-Eleven was able to provide customers with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that had never been offered before. Consumer reaction to the Simpsons promotion exceeded all Client and Agency expectations. The first day, all twelve stores were sold out of most Simpsons products, with replacement product needing to be flown in from around the country. Lines, more than an hour long, began wrapping around the stores, lasting in some cases until 3am. Within 48 hours, customers had posted thousands of pictures and videos online, and a consumer Kwik-E-Mart blog had been created, documenting activity throughout the country. Total merchandise sales doubled, Slurpee (Squishee) sales increased fivefold, and other proprietary products saw increases ranging from 100-500 percent. Gold Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Tracylocke Dallas, USA.