Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Children of the World "Help me read this"

To get a largely indifferent city to participate in a literacy initiative, aimed at educating street children. Our client 'Children of the World' needed to generate both funds and volunteers for the programme to be successful. They observed that most of the street children who were illiterate, ironically spent their day selling magazines and books to commuters at traffic signals. The rest of the city spent a fair amount of time trying to navigate these same roads. They used the magazines these children were selling as the medium and urged people to help the kids read them; by placing tear-off, self-stamped envelopes on the jackets of the magazines with the message 'Help me read this'. Within the first week itself, enquiries and donations started pouring in. Post the campaign period, Children of the World received over 300 sponsors for individual children, a number that far exceeded results in previous years. Their client also managed to set up makeshift schools across the city There were also many call-ins from people, many of whom are now volunteers for the programme. Silver Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Contract Advertising New Delhi, India.