Thursday, June 19, 2008

Voltaflex "Silicon Body Parts"

The objective of the promotion was to create awareness amongst the over 50 age group that they no longer have to put up with joint pain. Thanks to Voltaflex, their joints will have that 'well-oiled' feeling so they'll be ready to take on anything. Display units containing realistic new body parts were placed in prominent pharmacies to demonstrate that after using Voltaflex your body would feel new again. 16 unique body parts were individually handcrafted with every strand of hair carefully placed on these body parts and then painted to look either male, female, white, African or Asian. On each display box there was an individual story to identify with their more elderly consumer. For example - New Elbow. For the 'trying to be Roger Federer' type. Or. New Wrist. For the 'writing the next best seller' type. Traditionally their elderly market frequent pharmacies more often than normal consumers. So this was the perfect medium for them. But inside pharmacies, consumers are bombarded by ads so they needed something completely different to get cut through. The promotion is in its
infancy stage. But from the initial pharmacy manager's feedback, not only have enquiries into Voltaflex risen but also sales have increased dramatically. Not to mention the elderly blocking the aisles, reading the different stories on each box! So from this, Voltaflex is considering creating more of these new body parts display units for the future. Bronze Promo Lions Direct Winner.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Simko Geneva, Switzerland.