Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ASICS Europe "Triathlon"

In 2007, the Triathlon World Championships were held for the first time in Germany. ASICS was one of the event's main sponsors. The sponsoring activities should stand out among the flood of typical sponsoring activities and go far beyond perimeter advertising. ASICS doesn't yet manufacture swimsuits or bicycles. Therefore, emphasis is to be placed on highlighting the company's core competence; running. Triathlon consists of three types of sports, but in the end, it all comes down to who has the leading edge in the last discipline; running. For this reason, ASICS sent three support runners into the race. Swimming: ASICS sends three runners in inflatable running globes onto the Alster lake. Cycling: The bicycles feature running shoes instead of tyres. Running: The core competence of ASICS. In the end it's about running. ASICS is the number one brand in the functional running shoe segment. The promotion's core message transports a simple, but relevant message: in the end, it's about running. This message demonstrates ASICS' core competence in a strinking manner and highlights the final competition of the Triathlon World Championships. After an overtake manoeuvre in the home stretch that would be difficult to top in terms of excitement, the ASICS athlete Daniel Unger sensationally secured the World Championship title in his home country. And in the other positions on the winner's podium: nothing but ASICS sports shoes. Hours later, three support runners cross the finish line, far behind and completely exhausted. Silver Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Nordpol + Hamburg, Germany.